Chapter 440 – Eel and Eagle

The spiderlings Red Armor and White Armor can be seen often in front of the entrance door of the mansion.

I think they are showing off their evolution to everyone passing by and it looks like they intended to be gatekeepers.

I appreciate you being gatekeepers but don’t overdo it.

Also, practice your play properly.

You’re already working hard on it?

Is that so?

I’m looking forward to it.

I head to the fruit area and harvest fruits that can be harvested.

They are mainly persimmon, orange, pear, lemon, apple, and chestnut.

How did chestnuts become fruit?

Maa, it doesn’t matter.

The harvest ends early because of the spiderlings’ help.

The hauling of the harvested fruits also ends early because the mountain elves made carts in the size that the kuros can pull.

Because of that, we can taste them early too.

The first ones to taste them are the spiderlings and the kuros who helped me.

The spiderlings wish for persimmons.

Okay, I’ll peel them off your you.

The kuros want apples.

Okay, I’ll cut them into rabbit shape.


The next day, work started in turning persimmon to dried persimmon.

Rasuti, who’s usually busy in taking care of Rananon, also comes to help quietly.

What about Rananon….ah, Raimeiren’s taking care of her.

She looks happy being with both Hiichirou and Rananon.

Since Rasuti told him so, Doraim is helping us quietly too.

Thank you.

How about we drink later as thanks.

There’s this new guy that the dwarves trained last year but already gained high evaluation with the dwarves.

Let’s eat boiled chestnut while drinking.

Unfortunately, the chestnuts are still in preparation so they will only be available starting tomorrow.

Let’s have dried squid today….I’m not sure if it goes well with wine though.

Let’s grill meat then.


Rasuti is glaring.

Let’s start working hard.

Michael-san came after a long time.

「It’s still the same old place.」


Of course. The development of this place is slow compared to Shashaato City and Village Five.

However, that’s what made this village good.

Michael-san came here for transporting seafood and for the harvest festival meeting.

His son, Maron, also came to Village Five but he left him there since he still has some work to do in Village Five.

Even his son has the character of prioritizing work.


I thought of Alfred, Tiselle, and Ursa.

As a father, should I be a little more strict?

That seems to be difficult.

Maa, I shouldn’t speak about family affairs to someone unrelated….how about bringing Maron to the harvest festival?

It may be a small festival compared to Shashaato City and Village Five’s but he’s welcome here.

I heard from Marcos and the others many times that Maron has been helping them with the operation of Big Roof Shashaato.

「Understood. I’ll bring Maron to the harvest festival even if I have to tie a rope around his neck.」


Michael-san, you’re exaggerating.

Ah, you can invite his cousins Tito and Randy and your guard Milford too.

If they have free time, they are welcome here too.

「Hahaha. They’ll be my son’s traveling companions….excuse me. I’m sure he’ll be happy to be accompanied by others. I’ll bother you then.」

Michael-san laughed and agreed with a full smile.

Yeah, let’s look forward to it.

There are countless of seafood on the water-filled wagons that Michael-san brought.

「Its body is slimy, it doesn’t taste good, and its blood is poisonous so few people eat it….It is even disliked by fishermen. Was this thing good?」

No problem.

It is something I’m looking for.

An eel.

The length of the eel is around 60cm which is normal from what I know.

Its body is….not fat because it’s still early for its season.

But this is enough.

「How many did you bring?」

「More than 200.」

「How did you catch them?」

「I asked 10 people to go into a midstream of a pure river to catch it. Since they are hated, there are a lot of them so it is easy to get that much. However, it will be difficult to give you a steady supply because their number decreases or increases depending on the season.」

Michael-san is smiling.

Perhaps he realized that this would be delicious.

As expected of a merchant.

He is shrewd.

「Stable supply is unnecessary. Catch what you can catch and sell them to me.」


「However, I still need to study the cooking method to make it tastier….can you bring one cat this winter?」

「I can. The price will be….I’ll talk about it with Frau-sama.」

Frau and several civil servant girls are already waiting.


I immediately start cooking eels with the oni maids.

I only have TV knowledge on me regarding eel cooking.

No, I also read something about it in a cooking manga when I was a kid.


Though I might be a bit reckless, I can only do my best.

「Let’s make something absolutely delicious!」

Target, broiled eel.

Now, it has done a lot of things but…

Aegis, the phoenix chick.

Who is that ferocious bird that you’re trying to hide behind you?

Looking at it….it should be an eagle.

When it spreads its wings, it is about 3 meters long.

It is several times bigger than Aegis but Aegis is trying to hide it behind him.

That’s impossible.

The presence of an eagle is too much to pretend not to see it.

Where did you pick it up?

It stopped at the top of the world tree?

It wants to build a nest and live there?

I see.

I have to confirm things first before I give permission.

Do you plan on eating spiderlings?

How about cows, horses, sheeps, and chickens of the village?


Good, seems to be safe.

For food, it seems to hunt rabbits in the forest on its own.

It looks like I don’t have to worry about it.


I allow it.

The world tree is not that big, are you fine with it?

Isn’t there a bigger tree in the village?

You’re scared since Zabuton is already living there?

She’s not scary.

Ah, you were scared since you were already caught by her web.

It looks like Aegis helped it then.

I see.

So, why did Aegis try to hide the eagle?

I won’t get angry.


He thought a new bird came so his position is in danger.


Don’t worry.

You are you.

Even other birds come, the way I treat you won’t change.

I said so and poked Aegis with my finger.

Aegis got embarrassed.

Later, I came across the scene of the eagle hunting a rabbit.


It’s cool.

While I was being fascinated by it, Aegis tackled me.

I-I’m sorry.

The scene of you attacking dried persimmon is also cool.

Doraim is also impressed with its behavior of seemingly not afraid of Rasuti.

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