Chapter 4 – Rabbit Beastkin Eats Carrot on Crotch (II)

The hand riding rabbits.

They are creatures that don’t steal or do something evil.

If I give them carrots, they’ll bring me beast and even do chores.

I have free time now thanks to them.

The biggest pro of them being here is that I no longer worry about not having meat.

Originally, since I was living in a cave, I thought of repairing the ruined hut where the skeleton corpse I found was living.

I’ve already planted wheat and rice but it will take a month before I can harvest them.

After I’m done harvesting them, I’m going to do a full-scale search to find a human village.

Since I’m still going to stay in this place for at least a few months, I don’t want to spend those time staying at a cave.

For the time being, I cut some timber using the hoe and assembled it.

This hoe…’s very dangerous.

I wonder if it is the influence of the skill farming tool handling. I can easily chop timber as I would with a knife in vegetables.

However, I find it hard to make boards given that a hoe is not designed to do that.

I was in trouble because I don’t have nails but the hand riding rabbits made nails for me.

They call the corpses of human adventurers as mines and they seem to process metal products from their armors and weapons.

I thought they are very rabbit-like which only have animal instinct and hard and sharp teeth but they are smart enough to use fire and even process metals.

They did not only made nails for me but they also helped me out making dishes and cups from wood. That’s in addition to building the house.

Since they are tiny, they are more dexterous than humans in detailed work.

They are a great help and they are very happy whenever I give them carrots.

Well, as my honest impression on them—

—They are very convenient.

We managed to build the hut and a warehouse after one whole day.

The size of the hut is about the size of a studio-type apartment and the dishes and pots left by my predecessors were cleaned and repaired. It greatly enhanced the cooking and eating experience.

The progress of civilization has progressed a lot in a dash. I’m deeply impressed in various ways.

By the way, the warehouse, it is highly secured and 1 elite hand-riding rabbit is guarding it in shifts.

These girls are really convenient.

After spending a while at the cave, I finally moved out. That evening, I used my last solid curry to cook a feast.

Maa, I only cooked a special wild boar curry with lots of carrots as house moving celebration.

「Very delicious desu yo♪」

「Curry carrot….for this to exist.」


「Is big person a god?」

「He’s definitely a god, right?」

「Definitely a god nano desu♪」

The curry was gone fast and furious. I didn’t even notice that they had completely eaten it without me taking a bite.

The satisfied hand-riding rabbits soon began to sleep on the spot and one of them got on my lap.

It began sleeping there.

Are these folks fond of me the same way the dogs and cats are close to those who feed them?

For that reason, I also tried to pat her around her neck and back like what a normal person would to a cat or dog.

The area around her neck, her ears, and her tail… looks so fluffy. It should feel great to touch.

When I touched the tip of her tail, the hand-riding rabbit’s body shook.


「What’s wrong?」

Her cheeks are dyed red and the way the hand-riding rabbit looks at me is kind of seductive.

「…..more nano desu」

When she said that, I touched the tip of her tail again.


With a wet sigh, the hand-riding rabbit rubbed her cheeks on my lap.

Since it has become interesting, I played with the tip of her tail further.

Then, the hand-riding rabbit’s body shook again.

And she—-

「A-a-a…..amazing technique nano….. desu」

After saying that, she fell asleep on my lap as if exhausted.

Then, the next day—-

When I woke up in the morning, I wasn’t able to see any hand-riding rabbit.

I looked at the warehouse but even there, no hand-riding rabbit is keeping watch.

What does this mean….? Ah, I haven’t searched around that much yet.

Could it be….I immediately looked at the carrot storage box and the field but nothing was stolen.

「What is happening….」

Are they a nomadic race or something similar? But how can they just leave without saying goodbye… it really like that?

Maa, there’s no point in looking for those who are gone. Because of that, I continued my work on farming and dismantling and smoking wild boar that day.

Honestly speaking, I was pretty lonely but there’s no point in saying that.

And that night—

「Thank you for taking care of my children desu♪」

A beautiful girl came with 30 hand-riding rabbits.

No….I feel like she’s a human size hand-riding rabbit….I mean she’s a rabbit beastkin.

She looks like she’s 15 years old. In Japan, she would be a junior high schooler or a high schooler.

Her chest is modest but she has a great figure.

Needless to say, she’s incredibly cute.

「You are?」

「Ufufu. My name is Sonja desu. Even if I look like this, I’m the queen of the little rabbits. And I’m the only king of the race….that’s why I’m this big.」

「Then, why….are you here today?」

「We’re moving out of the burrow.」


「They discovered the production area of a superb carrot and even build a friendly relationship with the person who lives there…that’s what I heard desu yo♪」

Ah, I see. So that’s how it is.

They really love carrots huh.

「If we can provide you meat, you are willing to provide carrots, right?」

Then, Sonja smiled.

「Also, this girl….I heard something from her.」

Sonja pointed the hand-riding rabbit that slept on my lap yesterday.

「….She said your technique is amazing desu.」

Sonja licked her lips while looking at me from head to toes with her seductive eyes.


「I would like to try once….by all means desu.」

「Ah, no….」

「Hnn? What’s wrong desu?」

「Sonja is a bit….whoever looks will definitely know the problem….」

Maa, she looks like a junior high schooler or a high schooler at most.

There’s no doubt that there will be problems in various aspects.

「Ufufu. Rabbits are a long-lived race desu. In other words, I’m — 22 years old desu!」

「Eh? Seriously!?」

「Yes nano desu! Do you….not like me desu?」

「—I don’t dislike you at all.」

And then—that night, a lot of things happened.

By the way, rabbit-san seems to be one with the highest sexual desire in all of beastkins. They are in heat all year round.

From that, it can be concluded—-

—that as rumored, rabbit-san is indeed matchless.

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