Chapter 441 – Extra: Loo’s Research

At dinner, Loo was groaning.

That’s because her research about the teleportation gate is not going well.

For the last few days, her forehead had been constantly wrinkled.

While eating chestnut, her reluctant expression can be seen by everyone.

However, I can’t help her.

I don’t understand the content of her research after all.

The hurdles are too high for me whether it is about the flow of magical power, interference of spirits, and position of the stars.

However, should I really let my wife suffer because of that?

Is there anything I can do as a husband?

I talked to Loo after dinner.

「Loo, can you explain to me the part of your research that you’re in trouble with?」

「Eh? But….」

「I know that you think I can neither understand nor think of any solution however, just explaining it to others might put your thoughts together.」

This is all I can do.

Listening to her worries.

「So, there are these two numbers based on the sun but they will either increase or decrease depending on the place where you installed it. And I don’t know what’s the reason.」

「What kind of change?」

「Ehto, this is what happened. On the first location, the standard is 10 and the other one will be 1. On the second location, the standard is 11 and the other one is 2.」

「hou hou」

「On the third location, the standard is 11 and the other one is 3….the fourth location, the standard is 10 and the other one is 2. I don’t get why those numbers are behaving like that. Ah, actually, the numbers are more complex. I just said one or two in order to explain it in an easy to understand way.」

「Thanks for telling me. Since they are numerical values that change depending on the location and they are based on the sun, I think that’s just basic elements of rotation and revolution. 」

「….yes? 」

「Yes, rotation and revolution. 」

「What are those? 」

「Eh? 」


This is a fantasy world.

There’s a possibility that the sun is moving or the earth is flat.

After all, there are two moons in the sky.

「My apologies, forget it. 」

「No. Talk in detail. 」

Loo’s eyes are a little scary.

I taught Loo about rotation and revolution.

Rotation is the movement in which the earth turns.

Revolution is the movement of the earth around the sun.

I taught her easily.

It is because of the rotation with an inclination relative to the sun and the elliptical orbit with a slight deviation around the sun that there is season change.

「I want to say that it is ridiculous but it can explain various things that could never be explained until now. 」


The same Copernican theory from my previous world is applicable here.

In other words, this planet is spherical too.


「Isn’t it known that the planet is spherical? 」

「There was a time when people said that but no one could prove it….. Nowadays, there is an established theory that the world is a gentle hemisphere. 」


As a representative of the dragons that fly in the sky, I asked Hakuren.

「The planet has long been determined as a sphere. 」

Loo collapsed on her knees.

「By the way, I already taught that to the children. Did I do something wrong? 」

There’s nothing wrong with that.

However, that is one of Loo’s research topics.

Loo, are you okay?

Can you get up?

No use.

Just sleep for today.

Got it?

The next day, Loo no longer groans when eating but she’s now acting as if she’s looking at something distant.

「I wonder if I should attend Hakuren-san’s class too. 」

I don’t know how to reply so I just eat silently.

I’m sorry.

I am powerless.

It took Loo ten days before getting back into shape.

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