Chapter 442 – For the Harvest Festival

The harvest festival is scheduled to be held after the autumn harvest is over.

It has been announced that it will be a calm festival centered on offerings of various races.

Because of that, you can see them practicing and making props all over.

The most prominent are the spiderlings in my mansion.

They are divided into five teams: the first floor team, the second floor team, the third floor team, the attic team, and the basement team.

By the way, Red Armor and White Armor are members of the first floor team.

The first floor team will perform a play but I don’t know what the other teams will do.

If I ask them, they’ll surely say but let’s look forward to it at the harvest festival.

Outside my mansion, the kuros are practicing their march.

Some of them are wearing costumes that Zabuton made.

They look good in it.

The kuros are also proud of it.

In the reservoir, the pond turtle is practicing water art.


Near the world tree, the titans and eagle are talking about something.

I don’t know what they are trying to do but I hope they won’t do anything dangerous.

Currently, the pre-festival atmosphere is rampant in the village but don’t forget that harvesting is important too.

There will only be a harvest festival once we are done harvesting.

Maa, there’s still a little time before the full-scale harvest so it’s okay to be in your pre-festival state for now.

When I looked up at the sky, I saw Ruincia returning to the village.

Instead of the pregnant Gran Maria, she’s the one patrolling around the village.

That helps.

In contrast to Ruincia, Malbit enters the kotatsu in the guest receiving room of my mansion and she’s immovable.

「I’m not playing. I’m properly doing my job.」

She said she’s test tasting the new dishes of the oni maids and the new alcohol of the dwarves for the festival.

As proof, there are countless dishes and alcohol on the kotatsu.

It seems like she enjoyed them together with the phoenix chick Aegis and the wine slime.

I don’t really mind.

「By the way, Malbit, the wings on your back is being bitten by the kittens, is that alright?」

Hearing me, Malbit flutters the wings on her back to drive away the kittens but when her wings are no longer moving, the kittens come back.

「You can freely take in and out your wings, right?」

「Just the thought of hiding my wings already makes my back itchy.」

I’m sorry to hear that.

How about I give you a hanten to protect your back?

Ruincia, who had just returned after giving her patrol report, warned me to not spoil her.

In a corner of the guest receiving room of my mansion, Grafaloon is hugging Rananon with a smile.

As Rananon grows bigger, Rasuti is no longer that clingy to Rananon.

That’s a good thing.

Grafaloon aside, the oni maids have yet to take care of Rananon so all of them are delighted.

I wonder if Rananon will transform into a dragon like Hiichirou after a little more time.

You don’t have to grow up fast.


So, what are you doing there, Doraim?

Waiting for Rananon?

Looking at the situation….I don’t think Grafaloon will let you hold her.

Doraim’s arms are lonely so someone…..

Tier let Doraim hold Aurora.

Doraim looked troubled but he can hold her just fine.

However, Ruincia is glaring at him from behind.

How about peacefully teaching him how to properly hold a baby?

Or should he not be taught….

What a headache.

A few days later, full scale harvesting work began.

The children were left to Hakuren, Raimeiren, Grafaloon, and villagers who have them….

Malbit was pulled out by Ruincia and Kierbit.

Thanks for your hard work.

Unlike spring harvest and summer harvest, we are on our own during autumn harvest. Village One, Village Two, and Village Three are also harvesting their own fields so we can’t expect any help from them.

However, this year, there are lamias, titans, and Doraim who have not left since the martial arts tournament.

They are good reinforcements.

Let’s do our best.

It took two weeks to harvest everything.

Yeah, we did well.

It’s worth mentioning that….

Something happened to radish harvesting. Hakuren tried harvesting radish too but the way she harvests radish is too rough that no leaves were left and only the radish itself is okay.

Seeing that, Doraim got mad and a battle between siblings started.

That time, we are still in the middle of harvesting so I instinctively throw the AFT in spear form to them.

Reflect, me.

However, harvest is indeed a serious job.

Since harvesting is over, it is time for the harvest festival.

After checking the harvesting situation in other villages, it was decided to be held in three days.

I have to invite Michael-san’s group too so that much time is alright.

I think it’s okay since I already informed him before we started harvesting.

No one has time to play until the harvest festival.

The civil servant girls are dividing the harvest to what should be left to us, how much will be sold to Howling Village, how much will be sold to the Goroun Company, the demon king, Beezel, and to Dors’ group.

There are many kinds of crops so it seems to be a little difficult to manage.

However, this year should be a little easier since the martial arts tournament has already been held.

But since we are going to hold a harvest festival instead of a martial arts tournament, wouldn’t the situation be the same?


It looks like ancestor-san is in charge of a fraction of the harvest festival.

He hasn’t come since a while ago. It seems like he has been preparing a lot of things.

The lizardmen are moving as ancestor-san’s hands and feet here.

I’m not sure what task he gave them so I’m working with the civil servant girls.

Thank you for your hard work.

The main venue of the harvest festival is the place where the martial arts tournament was held but there are also important events in the Big Tree Shrine.

According to ancestor-san’s schedule, after performing a series of harvest festival rituals there, we will move to the main venue.

「Village chief, is this….a bonfire?」

One of the high elves who are building it asked.

「Ah, we’re making it because ancestor-san said so. Do you think this is pointless?」

It was supposed to be continuously burning throughout the harvest festival so we built a big one….

「No, I don’t think so.」

I heard the high elf saying something so I asked her what it is.

「It’s just that…..I think it’s too big.」


It is certainly big.

I have them arrange it to a height of three meters.


I think bigger is better than smaller.

Now, it’s about time for the harvest festival.

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