Chapter 4.8 – Return to the Tower

A certain corner of Nansen City.

In one of the rooms of a building, there was a person receiving reports from his subordinates.

「….you failed?」

「Yes. We tried attacking the inn where they are but there’s a powerful barrier that prevented us from even entering. We also chased them when they left the city this morning but it seems like they disappeared in front of those who were watching over them. They probably used teleportation.」

「….tsk. You’re useless…」

The man, who was so frustrated that he clicked his tongue, put the pipe in his mouth to calm down.

「Fuh….Maa, that’s fine. If they’re not here in this city, they won’t do any damage. However, when they come back to this city again….you know what to do, right?」

The person, who was reporting, nodded in confirmation to the man’s words.

「I understand.」

「Good, withdraw」

After the man gave that order, the subordinate left the room.

After smoking the pipe for some time, the man left the room too.

—Scene Change—

After leaving Nansen City early, Kousuke and his party teleported to the foot of the tower with Collete and Sylvia.

Of course, Kousuke’s group has a purpose in making them see that they teleported.

They want to give the other party the impression that they left far away from the city.

Kousuke’s party doesn’t know how many people the big guy behind the scene has but given their quick response, it should be considerable.

For that reason, Kousuke’s party escaped while those following them from the shadow were watching. In truth, they really don’t care about them at all.

It is impossible for the other party to follow their teleportation and if they stay at the tower, they won’t need to bother with them anymore.

Collete and Sylvia, who are suddenly teleported, don’t know where they currently are.

Because of that, after teleporting from Nansen, when they suddenly saw a gigantic tower before them, they couldn’t help but be stunned.

「….Is this, a tower?」

「Yeah. This is the tower at the center of the Central Continent.」

「…..!? No way, is this the Amamiya Tower!?」

「Eh!? What!? This tower, has it been always called like that?」

「No, it wasn’t called like that from the beginning but recently, there were rumors that it has been captured and the name began to spread too….」

After hearing that, Kousuke suddenly remembered that he registered it with the name Amamiya when they captured the tower.

(Ah, does that mean that the name was passed on other towers?)

In fact, in the management screen, there’s a function to display the name of the towers on other continents.

The other tower owners have also seen the name of the tower that way.

「However, the gate seems to be closed. How do we get in?」

「Ah, like this…」

As if to answer Sylvia’s question, Kousuke touched the gate.

After that, about two meters in radius around where Kousuke is standing was shrouded with a pale light.

「Go into the light….if you are left behind, monsters will attack you so make sure you’re inside.」

Hearing Kousuke’s words, Collete and Sylvia hurriedly enter the light.

Of course, Mitsuki, Nana, and Wanli are already in the light.

「….is it okay now? Alright, let’s go.」

When Kousuke said that, all of them disappeared from that place.

It was Shrine, who had just returned from the 76th floor, who welcomed Kousuke and the others who had just arrived at the management floor.

「Oya Kousuke-dono. Back already?」

「Ah, Shri, I’m back…maa, a lot of things happened.」

「A lot of things….you’ve only left for two days. As expected of you.」

Kousuke wanted to refute Shrine’s subtle evaluation of him but he noticed that Mitsuki is agreeing with Shrine’s evaluation by nodding so he gave up.

「…..I’d like to hear more about Shrine’s evaluation of me….」

「Even though you don’t have any intention, you’re like a fisherman who unknowingly catches your prey with your hook.」


「In just two days, you brought two ladies back. What part of what I said is wrong?」

Shrine said so and looked at Collete and Sylvia.

「….ugh. D-don’t say that. We don’t have that kind of relationship.」

「Is that so?….fumu」

Shrine nods once and looks at the two.

Kousuke had a bad feeling about it.

「….Kousuke-dono, let me take care of them. I’ll make sure that they won’t get NTRed. I’m good at determining those kinds of women.」

The two immediately responded upon hearing her words.

「I-I-I’m not in that kind of relationship with him.」

「Me too!」

「Fumu, is that so? …As I can see, one has already fallen and the other one is just a step away…am I right?」

As for that last question, it is for Mitsuki.

「As expected of Shrine.」


Mitsuki’s brief reply made the three reply in chorus.

However, Mitsuki said that with an honest expression and when Shrine heard her, Shrine nodded as if that’s the answer she’s expecting.

「…..How about instead of standing, let’s sit and talk?」

Since they are not moving from the room where the teleportation gate is, when Kouhi teleported in, she was shocked by what’s happening.

Collete and Silvia, who didn’t think that there would be another person who has the same level of beauty as Mitsuki, were stunned for a moment too but fortunately, no one noticed.

Fortunately, everyone followed Kousuke, who began moving(since he thought he should, given the situation) to the living room of the management floor.

Finally, a calm Kousuke looked at Collete and Sylvia and started speaking.

「Welcome to Amamiya Tower. As of now, I’m the manager of this place.」

「Ah, yeah….given what’s happening, I somewhat knew it.」


Collete immediately replied and while Sylvia nodded but before Kousuke managed to say something again, someone interrupted.

「….by the way, my lord. Is this elf…?」

「Ah, right….she’s the one chosen by Esena.」

「! Really! Great! Now I can finally part from managing that place!」

Kouhi said so and happily took Collete without even hearing Kousuke’s reply.

Collete, who’s full of question marks over her head, was taken by Kouhi.

They probably went to the control room in order for Kouhi to transfer her authority as the manager of the 73rd floor, the floor with the world tree, to Collete.

Kousuke intended to do that too so he didn’t stop her.

Sylvia was stunned seeing Collete being taken in an instant.

The role of explaining to Sylvia what’s happening falls on to Kousuke.

However, since he doesn’t think of leaving a floor for Sylvia to manage yet, he only gave her a simple explanation about the management of the tower.

For Kousuke, Sylvia’s role is to be his connection with Eris.

He plans on building a temple on the management floor.

Together with Sylvia, he tried to check the facilities needed one by one from the management screen. However, it looks like he doesn’t have enough pt to get everything in place.

In the end, they only built the minimum requirements for the temple to function. The other will be added later.

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