Chapter 444 – Continuation of the Harvest Festival

「Hey demon king, listen. 」

「Wh-who’s talking? 」

「It looks like your show is poorly received. 」

「It wasn’t that unpopular. 」

「Are you saying that a few applause will justify it? 」

「Ugh…. 」

「Maa, good. Hereafter, you are going to be on fire. 」

「Eh? Fire? 」

「Rest assured. You won’t be hurt. Depending on the situation, please act accordingly. 」

「Eh? Fire? Hot, hot, hot….oh, it’s not. Areh? Now….why is everyone looking at me? I got it now. I got it, mysterious voice! 」

The demon king confessed while eating curry.

「I apologize for worrying you but I don’t even know what happened. 」

「You don’t know? Then why did you decide to pose and shout illusion? 」

「That time, it thought that’s the best thing to do. By the way, isn’t my curry spicier than usual? I can’t stop sweating and tearing. 」

「Since you made us worry, bear with it. 」

I will do this much.

Also, ancestor-san.

Don’t glare at the demon king just because he might have heard the voice of god.

He might have been hallucinating.

But what was that fire?

Was the demon king really blessed by that fire?


I don’t know.

The bonfire we made; its fire is burning normally.

For now, I’ll say something to the fire.

「Don’t trouble the people around you. 」


I said that to the fire.

I didn’t tell that to you, cat.

You don’t have to reflect.


You’re so cute.

We were a little late because of the illusion of the demon king but the schedule is progressing smoothly.

「Demon king-sama surprised me earlier too. 」

Though Beezel said so, he’s enjoying the performance of Frau and the civil servant girls together with Fracia.

Randan is having a meeting with the orchestra.


Shouldn’t you worry about the demon king a little more?

Even the kittens are still angry but seemed to have sincerely worried about the demon king.

No, they seem to be no different from the usual. It looks like they trust the demon king.

They don’t think that the demon king will fall with just that.

Thinking about it, I am ashamed of how I behaved earlier.

I should have been a little calmer.


No, impossible.

If I see an acquaintance wrapped in fire, I’ll surely be surprised.

I don’t have the confidence to stay calm.

That’s why I don’t like that kind of surprise.


Better make the demon king’s curry spicier.

On the ring, Frau and the civil servant girls are doing a comedic performance.

Frau is the master of ceremony.

I laugh sometimes but there are times that I don’t get what they’re saying.

「In other words, the man with the red tub is King Kasen. 」

The audience burst into laughter.

Who is King Kasen?

What did he become a punchline?

Looking around, the villagers of Village one, the lizardmen, and even Michael-san are laughing so it is probably common sense.

Like me….the kids are not laughing.

A sense of alienation.

I have lived in this world for a long time but I should reflect on not learning that much common sense.

After the comedy skit of Frau and the civil servant girls, it is time for the kuros’ drill.

They completely controlled their movement.

Even the movement of their tails.


Ah, one of them was too nervous and tangled its legs….it fell over.

Is it alright?


It got back in line as if nothing happened.

That’s good.

Thumbs up.

Good luck.

After their drill, the kuro that fell down drooped its head because it is very depressed.

It’s okay.

Of course, I didn’t forget to praise those who have done well to the end.

On the ring, a fashion show by Zabuton was held.

The models are dressed in the same theme even if they have different body shapes. The models are lizardmen, dwarves, beastgirls, titans, and lamias.

「The next theme is forest warrior. The clothes are made for warriors so that they can freely move in the forest and even fight with fashion. 」

The host of the fashion show is none other than the holy maiden Celes.

The coordinator is the beastkin Senna.

The master of ceremonies is Zabuton.


Zabuton called one of the audience.

It’s Michael-san.

The model seems to be in a hurry.

Is she going to give him clothes….no.

She’s making it on the spot.

The spiderlings cooperated and it was completed in no time.

Michael-san looks used to it and he even made a perfect pose at the center of the ring.

That was exciting.

Other than the ring, people worked hard at the tents surrounding the venue.

In the tent that serves new dishes by the oni maids, the dishes that used the recently acquired eel were popular.

I still feel like the taste is still lacking but it was highly praised especially by the lizardmen.

The fairy queen’s sweets tent was a bit different. You probably thought that the fairy queen herself would give the sweets but it is not like that.

It was a tent where you’ll eat sweets with the fairy queen while hearing her explanations about the sweets.

「It’s not that you can only use sugar. 」

The fairy queen is in her adult mode and talks like that with a serious expression.

There’s also an economic lecture tent by the angel Malbit.

She thought that if she made the content something really serious, no one would bother to come there and she’ll be able to enjoy herself there without anyone coming. However, since she had visitors, she’s in her serious mode.

Maron’s cousins, Randy and Tito, are desperately taking notes on a wooden board.

There’s also a weapon skill test tent by Gulf.

Michael-san’s guard, Milford, seems to have entered.

By the way, where did Maron go?

I hope he’s enjoying the festival.


Oh, you’re here.

Wine slime’s tent.

There’s only a table and alcohol in the tent.

While being surrounded by the wine slime and the dwarves, Maron was drinking with all his might.

Don’t drink too much.

As for your side dish….

「The broiled eel and the soy sauce grilled eel you ordered are here.」

An oni maid brought the food.

And it quickly disappears.

「Ahaha….I’ll bring more.」

Excuse me.

For some reason, the harvest festival rushed into the night.

It will be an overnight banquet but the children will withdraw.

Don’t complain.

You are dizzy because you’re still awake later than usual.

Alfred, Ursa.

Lead the children to the mansion.

Adults are crazy with banquets.

Today, I’ll have them all together to the mansion.

Hakuren, watch over the children.

I’ll pull you out when the time comes.

Hiichirou and Rananon are okay because Raimeiren and Grafaloon already took them back to the mansion.



It grabbed the phoenix chick Aegis with its talons and flew.

Ah, Aegis has fallen asleep so it will take it back to the mansion.

Take care.

However, can eagles fly at night?

Ooh, it looks like they can. Impressive.

Gran Maria, it’s time to withdraw.

You’re pregnant so don’t do something unreasonable.

If you want some food, I’ll bring you later.

Ah, okay.

Let’s go back to the mansion together.

The night of the harvest festival passed.

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