Chapter 445 – Harvest Festival Evaluation Meeting

The day after the harvest festival.

The villagers of other villages and guests from other places will return home.

Before that, each representative takes one of the crop offerings that are divided into three in front of the altar.

「The people of this village are to take the crops on the right. As for others, they will normally take the crops on the left.」

Ancestor-san explains.

You are free to choose which crops to bring home.

I heard that it is a first come first serve policy.

In addition, it is a rule that once the representative took a crop, they will have to go home immediately so it might be a way of driving the guests away as soon as possible.

Come to think of it, the harvest festival is at the end of autumn.

This might be a bad word to say but while preparing for winter, the guests will be on the way.

Maa, this is a normal village so we can still afford to let them stay here for a little longer….

It’s kind of lonesome to see them leave after greeting.

「By the way, what about the middle?」

「It is god’s share so it will remain there until noon today. After that, village chief must receive them.」

「I’ll do that.」


An evaluation meeting of the harvest festival was held in the meeting room of my mansion.

The participants are….volunteers.

A good number of people gathered in the conference room.

Should I think that we have a high degree of autonomy, or do they have a lot to say?

This is the first time we held a harvest festival.

It is normal for problems to occur.

I should be pleased that a lot of people have their own opinions.

「The spicy curry challenge should be stopped to a certain degree. It is no longer curry if it is only spicy.」

The demon king nodded deeply to the opinion of the Village One resident.

By the way, Beezel and Randan already went back home.

It seems like the demon king will play with the kittens until tomorrow so he’ll only leave until then.

The demon king raised his hand and spoke.

「For baseball game broadcasting, we need to instill its rules a little more.」

Certainly, the famous scene collections that were broadcast on the ring were not that well received because the people here don’t even know the rules.

「The rules of baseball are often complicated and even if you watch it, it will not be understood easily. We need someone to explain the rules.」

That was one of the civil servant girls.

「For that matter, I have an idea…..」

The representative of the broadcasting department, Irre, raised his hand.

「Let’s make a video that explains the rules of baseball. With that, everyone will learn the rules.」

「As expected of Irre. That’s a wonderful idea. You’re a genius.」

「Thank you very much, demon king-sama.」

Irre and the demon king seem to be getting along.

「There’s a performance schedule but I think it’s a bit too packed. Also, if you are watching the performances on the ring, you will not be able to go to the tents around.」

One of the high elves said so.

Many nodded to this.

「It’s a pity that we weren’t able to watch the performances because our tent was full.」

「There are indeed projections of the performances on various places that there are too few of them….」

The oni maids and the lizardmen also want to do something about it.

Next time, it might be a little better to have a little more spare time on the schedule. Or maybe, the harvest festival and the tents should be on the first day and the second day will be dedicated to performances?

Let’s think about it this winter.

「There are claims that it is unfair that only the fairy queen can eat sweets as much as she wants. Mainly from the children.」

「I told her to split it with the kids, did she not do it? Did she monopolize the sweets?」

「No, she divided them properly but the adult who accompanied the children stopped it.」

I look at Hakuren who participated in the meeting too.

「It will be bad for them to overeat so I only let them eat one per person. They’ll eat in the other tents after that.」

Hakuren did not do anything bad.

「The children’s break area was well received. 」

One of the mountain elves reports so.

However, the adult who was looking after the children had a hard time because the children always wanted to go outside.

Next year, it might be a good idea to put a toy or something that the children can play with.

「Though it was able to perform, it seemed to be difficult for the pond turtle to go up the ring. 」


The pond turtle moves fast for a turtle but going up or down the stairs can be tricky.

The titans noticed it and carried it to the center of the stage.

We should have prepared a slope in advance.

Another problem is the security system during the harvest festival.

Kierbit and the other angels and the kuros did their best to participate in the harvest festival but they weren’t able to participate enough.

As expected, we probably need to hold this festival for two days next year.


「What about the workload of the civil servant girls? Though ancestor-san took a fraction of the workload, is he going to do the same next year? 」

「It is lighter compared to the martial arts tournament. The performance schedule and the contents of the tents being reported beforehand helped a lot.」

That’s good.

To be honest, I thought that the martial arts tournament would be easier.

「Most of the residents participate in martial arts tournament and because of that, everyone’s enthusiastic about it…also, there are a lot of people who tends to be unreasonable on that day.」

I’m not the one you’re referring to, am I?

It’s Dors and Girar, right?

For now, let’s be glad first since there are a lot of people who voiced out their opinions during the evaluation meeting.

All the improvements they suggested should be implemented in next year’s festival.

「Village chief, it is still ongoing….」

One of the civil servant girls raised her hand.

「What is?」

「The bonfire made by village chief is still burning, what should we do with it? Even if we pour water to extinguish it, it will only become smaller but it won’t disappear.」


I want to overlook it but someone actually said it here.

What a troublesome fire.

Ancestor-san, any suggestion?

「How about making a stone torch and move it there and make it a village symbol?」

Let’s do that.

The next day.

A stone torch was placed in the residential area.

The shape of the torch is trapezoidal in order to prevent the fire from falling. The height is about 1 meter.

The children might come close and get burned so I put a fence around it.

「This fire, why is it not hot even if you put your hand on it?」

A beastgirl puts her hand on the fire. Although she’s okay, I hope you won’t do anything bad for the heart.

「This fire is okay but other fires will burn you. In order to prevent children from learning strange things, I put a fence around it to keep them away.」

I made sure the fence is sturdy.

There is also a water container available nearby in case of emergency.

Ah, kuros, phoenix chick Aegis, and eagle.

That’s not a drinking fountain.

No, well, if you want to drink, isn’t there a safer place?

The kuros will be fine but Aegis and the eagle should be careful.

Even if you won’t get burned….Aegis, don’t jump into the fire!

It’s bad for my heart.


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