Chapter 446 – A Man of Common Sense, Maron

My name is Maron.

I am the next president of the Goroun Company and the eldest son of the current president.

However, my most famous title is Big Roof Shashaato’s placement man.

In addition to Marla, which is directly managed by Big Tree Village, there are many stores in Big Roof Shashaato city.

It is my job to make the final decision on where to place a store in Big Roof Shashaato thus, I’m called like that.

I’m not really intervening in any store’s placement since the location of the store is decided by draw lots regularly.

My job is not as a placement man but as a negotiator.

I mainly mediate disputes between a store and a customer or another store.

Dispute between customers is thrown to Goldie who’s in charge of security.

The right person should be in the right place.

Well, it was my father who told me to work for Big Roof Shashaato.

「I’ll take you to this year’s harvest festival of Big Tree Village.」

I immediately dashed to escape.

All I’m thinking that time was to run with all my heart.

However, I was caught by my father with an arm lock.

「I know how you feel but don’t run away.」

「I’ve said it a lot of times, I will only accompany you up to Village Five! I will never go to Big Tree Village!」

「You were asked by village chief. You can’t refuse. Prepare.」

「Even if you break my arm, you won’t break my heart!」

I can still remember the time in the gatekeeper dragon’s nest.

I was tied up by father and took me there.

I can’t forget that horror.

I had nightmares about it from time to time.

And yet, you are asking me to go beyond the gatekeeper dragon’s nest?

「It’s alright. When your fear piled up, you will no longer feel anything. You can do it.」

「Impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible! Wai, it will really break, it’s breakinnngggg!」

I was forced.


I never thought he’d really break his son’s arm….

It seems like father’s resolve when he forced his way to bite merchant competitors at the royal capital is alive and well.

I never expected that it would befall me.


It’s reassuring that my cousins Tito and Randy, as well as the guard captain Milford, will come with me.

Oh, it looks like he got your arms too.

It hurts right?

But what about Milford?

You can beat father, right?


He had you leave your weapon before talking to you and when you were talking, he pinned you down….

I apologize for my father.

Since it has come to this, let’s prepare.


Why don’t we run away on that day?


My wife and children went on a trip according to father’s instruction.

That’s right, hostages.

I will do father’s wish.

Maybe you guys should do the same.

As expected, we can’t run away if we don’t have the resolve to abandon our family.

I have no choice but to hang in there.

The day before the harvest festival.

We went to Big Tree Village from Village Five using the teleportation gate.

Father told me that the teleportation gate was top secret.

I will never say a word about it.

I wouldn’t say anything even if you force me to. That’s what has come to my mind when it was the arachne Arako who guided us.

Arako-san, isn’t she a disaster class monster?

On the contrary, I want to forget about it immediately.

After passing through the dungeon beyond the teleportation gate, I saw an after harvest vast field and a village.

Is this place really in the middle of the forest of death?

By the time I arrived at the village chief’s mansion, I felt like it really is.

First of all, inferno wolves are practicing marching.

They are lined up neatly.

That alone is enough to destroy any country.

However, next to that are, little demon spiders?

They are practicing dancing.

That alone is enough to destroy any country too.

However, isn’t that the fairy queen?

Even if you deny it, I wouldn’t believe you.

Also, she doesn’t feel out of place.

There are also some dragons flying but they don’t feel out of place too.

That big wolf….isn’t it a Fenrir?

Then, is that big eagle Hræsvelgr?

I mean, what is that very divine tree?

No way.

That tree can only be found in the angel’s village….isn’t that the angel’s chief?

I’ve only seen pictures of her so I might be mistaken.

Is it because of my imagination?

Ah, the vice chief.

She’s the real deal alright.



L-look away.

Look away with all your might.

Don’t look at these creatures.

Look at that building….areh?

The buildings of this village are made of wood from the forest of death.


Even if gold is too much, it is absolutely cheaper to build a house using silver.

No, the idea of building a house made of wood from the forest of death trees is already strange.

But this metal part….made in Howling Village?

The fabrics are made of webs of demon spiders….

If I stay here, my sense of value will collapse and I will turn crazy.

Ah, gatekeeper dragon-san, it’s been a long time.

Yes, I’m Michael’s son.


I like it.

Boil it and eat it.


I’m relieved to see the gatekeeper dragon.

I can talk normally.

My body is not trembling either.

I realized that I was still growing.

By the way, I had to change my clothes five times before meeting village chief.

I finally understood why father asked me to not eat food and drink as much as possible yesterday.

However, in order to escape from fear, I kept drinking alcohol.

I regret it very much.

Also, Tito, Randy, and Milford, who have been sleeping all this time, are a bit irritating.

The harvest festival is over.

I have little memory of what happened.

I wondered why father wore national treasure class clothes?

Ah,….I want to drink more alcohol.

The pudding was delicious.

That eel called eel….right, eel!

Why do fishermen hate them even though they are so delicious?

I suddenly thought of it.

It’s going to be a big business.

I knew father was collecting eels. Did he anticipate this to happen?

「Fufufu. You have a face of a merchant.」


「I’ve always thought that you are still immature but it seems like you have become a full-fledged merchant. With this, I can hand over the position of president to you anytime. I’m relieved.」

「Hahaha, you’re joking. I’m still immature. Father still needs to be active for the next fifty years.」

「Don’t say something so pathetic. Or rather, another fifty years is impossible. I’m human.」

「Village chief….no, if you ask any villager, they can probably do something about lifespan.」

「Hahaha…..ah, you’re serious.」

「I am indeed serious. I will never be your heir. If you want to pass your position as president, hand it over to my son!」

「I can’t bear to pass this hardship to my cute grandson! You’ll do it!」

「Never. Not gonna happen. I’ve already decided. I will not let you hand it over!」

I evaded my father’s arm lock and counterattack.

But it’s impossible.

I can’t surpass my father.

「Did you really think you can escape from my armlock?」

「Just because of sprinkling lemon juice on karaage without consent the dragon king and the dark dragon beat each other! I can only leave negotiating to them to father!」

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