Chapter 447 – A Relaxing Winter Day


It got cold.

Or is it because it got called that it is winter?

Who cares?

All I know is that it’s winter.

The eagle sometimes flies far away.

I wonder where it goes and it seems like it goes to the north dungeon of the titans.

It seems like it is using the area around the north dungeon as its feeding ground.

Shortly before the harvest festival, it talked to the titans. It seems like they taught the eagle about that hunting place.

I thought they were talking about what they are going to do in their performance for the festival back then.

Well, when we were harvesting, the eagle was working hard with the phoenix chick Aegis, the titans, and the lamias.

Who would have thought that they are not talking about the harvest festival back then?

Well, since you go to the north dungeon often, how about carrying the letters to the titans for me?

It’s a little heavy because it is written on a board so that the titans can read it.

If it’s you, you can carry it without any trouble.

I ask of you.

The reward is….are you okay with radish?

Got it.

Here’s the advance payment.

I sliced the radish into rings and threw them in the air one by one.

The eagle dexterously catches and eats them in the air.

You’re quite good at it.


Aegis, who’s already here before I knew it, told me to throw at him too.

My apologies but these are its rewards for carrying letters.

You’ll help with carrying letters too so I should throw some at you too?

Eagle, Aegis said that it will help you, do you mind?

Is it a bother?

Is that so?


Aegis, that’s the final confirmation.

You’ve seen the negotiation result but, can you do it?

Aegis replied with its eyes.

Then, go.

I threw a radish ring into the air.

I threw it as close as possible to where Aegis is.

Though I thought that I’m already being sweet, Aegis still failed to catch the radish as expected.

The one who caught the radish was one of the kuros who were with me.

It ate the radish as it is and came to me.

While wagging its tail, it has a “how about that” expression.

I can only praise it.

I patted the head of the kuro while trying not to look at the depressed Aegis.

Aegis was comforted by the eagle.

After giving the letter and seeing off the eagle that let Aegis ride on its back, I relaxed in my room.

Actually, I was thinking of doing some woodwork however, the oni maid Ann told me that I’ve been a little overworked these past few days.

I have no intention of overworking myself in the first place so I thought she’s exaggerating until she told me to learn from the demon king.

The demon king regularly comes to the village to play with the kittens.

Thinking of that, I might indeed need to take a break.

I intended to take a break too but to think that someone has to tell me to do so before I noticed it.

Reflect, me. And take it easy today too.

Now, let me sink into this large sofa.


This sofa is something I made myself.

I took time to make it while we are preparing for winter.

I had a hard time making it this soft.


This might be the reason why I was overworked.

Reflect again, me.

I enjoyed the softness of the sofa.

Even though it is still day. What a luxury.



On my belly….uooo, you’ve grown up this much huh.

The demon king said that it is about time to look for your partner but, what do you think?

You don’t need one yet?


After Miel, Rael, Uel, Ariel, Haniel, Zeruel, and Samael laid on my stomach one after another.


And don’t fight while you’re on my belly.

Your claws hurt.



I was kicked off the sofa by the cats.

And the cats finally get along on the sofa.


Perhaps you thought that that sofa belongs to you cats?

I gave up the sofa in my room and headed to the guest receiving room.

If I relax by myself in my room, the others might find it hard to bother me.

It is not because I lost to the cats, okay?

In the guest receiving room….what awaits is the kotatsu fully armed with Malbit.

She’s drinking with the wine slime even though it is still daytime.

I was told to learn from the demon king and not to learn from Malbit.

However, I can obviously see that she’s the relaxation master.

「You’re wrong. She’s just a slacker.」

When I tried to approach kotatsu, Ruincia stopped me.

Then, she dragged Malbit out of the kotatsu and threw her away.

「I told you that we are supposed to train Kierbit and the others. They are already gathered outside.」

「I already said that I won’t go.」

「Compulsory participation.」

The battle between the two, or rather, the one-sided attack of Ruincia began.

The wine slime stayed on the kotatsu while drinking alcohol.

And then, the wine slime was taken by the holy maiden Celes.



What should I do?

Should I use the kotatsu now that Malbit’s gone?

Recalling the scene where Malbit was being taken away by Ruincia, she did not resist in any way.

Let’s use this kotatsu later.

Looking at another corner of the guest receiving room, there is a brave figure of Hiichirou being projected on a white cloth screen.

It was taken from the harvest festival.

He posed while in his dragon form.

He looks so strong that I can’t think of him as my own son.

Although in their human forms, Guraru and Rananon are there too.

It’s only a five-minute-long video but Raimeiren, Dors, Girar, and Grafaloon are watching it over and over again.

Irre, the one managing the video asked for help with a troubled expression. He said that they’ve been watching it a lot of times already.

「I’ve lost the count. They have been watching it since morning desu.」

Is that so?

I can’t just tell him to give up so I think about countermeasures.

How about bringing Hiichirou, Guraru, and Rananon?

The real ones are better than the video.

「Hiichirou-sama and Guraru-sama are studying. Rananon-sama is taking a nap.」

That’s what the oni maid waiting nearby said.


「Until Hiichirou and the other’s study session is over, hang in there.」

I turned my back on Irre and left the guest receiving room.

Are the children studying?

So that’s why it’s quiet.

Then, what should I do until the children have finished studying?


The kuros are looking at me with eyes full of expectations.

The spiderlings too.



I decided to play with the kuros and the spiderlings.


I’m eating with a tired body.

「Aren’t you supposed to rest?」

Ann’s gaze is painful.

I’ll take a proper break tomorrow so please spare me today.

It was a relaxing winter day.

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      Now, if we are talking about those voluntarily allying themselves directly with BTV and can easily come and go as pleased, we are talking about the stratosphere of true power in their world. Mother spider, actual Dragons, elder dwarves, ancestor vampire, phoenix, fenrir, top 5 spots of angel population, top 5 spots of the Demon country, top of Koran religion, 9-tail fox, … these are like people out of legends that entire countries follow or worship. Realistically, there is a limited supply of them especially within close proximity. For the ones further away, due to how secretive BTV is by nature probably just started hearing about news of this divine pocket of space or still haven’t yet. When there are however, they seem to find and join BTV really quickly.

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