Chapter 1.9 – Eye-Opener


「Ye-yes! What is it, ojousama!」

Dolpa was seriously terrified by Eseria who suddenly screamed and grabbed him. However, she only appealed to him so intensely that she’s even teary-eyed.

「I am!! Now!! Veerrrryyy impressed!!」


「That’s wonderful, Dolpa! Freely thinking without a sense of prejudice!! That’s not something anyone can imitate!?」


Since he has nothing else to say, Dolpa can only nod vaguely. Eseria released him and roared into the air with full power.

「That’s right! If I can’t use paper, I’ll use board! If I can’t make it stand, I’ll stab it! You’ve been trapped in stereotypes, Eseria!! Stagnation is the prelude of ruin!! Even if it is a step or a half step, the most important thing is to move forward!!」

After that, Eseria finally began to speak in her casual tone. She thanked the stunned Dolpa with a smile.

「Dolpa! Thank you for talking to me! Thanks to you I finally got what I need to do! See you later!」

「Ah, Eseria-sama! Watch your step.」

Eseria immediately packs the papers and the game pieces into a basket. Seeing that she hurriedly carried the basket and started running, Dolpa urged her to be careful but he was already too late. Eseria slammed into the ground.



However, when he ran to Eseria to help her, Eseria suddenly stood up and ran again towards the mansion.

「What’s this! Why do I have to fall down in front of you!」

「Eseria-ojousama, please wait! Where are you going!?」

Misty seemed to have always been in a place really close to her but she did not react that much about it. Misty, on the other hand, can’t help but chase after her lady in a hurry. Seeing that, Dolpa murmured to himself.

「Ojousama has become really lively even since she was seriously injured…」

After a short while, he resumed pruning the shrubs in the garden as he originally intended to do. When it was already after the duke families’ tea time, a person came out to the garden and called out to Dolpa.

「Dolpa-san, excuse me. Can I have a bit of your time?」

「Rozia-san? Yes, you can. What’s the matter?」

Rozia is the head of the handmaidens of the duke’s household so she rarely goes to the garden. Dolpa stops working and goes to her. Then, she said something unexpected.

「Can you take a break for a moment? There’s something Eseria-sama wants to tell Dolpa-san.」

「Haa, I don’t mind taking a break but, what does she want?」

「Here is Eseria-sama’s cake for today’s afternoon tea.」


Dolpa was stunned by what she just said but hurriedly declined the offer.

「No no no. It is a waste for someone like me to eat something that a noble lady would eat!」

「However, this is ojousama’s thanks. “I can give you money or things myself but they are basically my father’s possession so I can’t give you some. However, the food I set aside and did not eat is definitely mine which means I can give them to you, right?” is what she said. I don’t understand it well too but she insisted on doing it. 」

「I don’t get what she means too…. 」

Both Rozia, who explained it, and Dolpa, who heard it, looked at each other and smiled wryly. She then continues to explain with the same expression.

「Ojousama also said, “I don’t have time to relax and have tea! I’ll put together the design and concept and have it delivered to Wallace-san by the end of the day!”. After that, she shut herself in her room.」

「Ojousama sounds like a lot of trouble….」

「That’s why you should eat that cake from ojousama, Dolpa-san. Let me have tea with you too.」

Dolpa thought that he would be rude if he says more so he decided to accept the offer.

「Is that so? Then, I’ll take that special offer.」

「Alright, then I’ll set the table at the vacant place over there. Please come soon.」


The two separate at once. Dolpa prepared to take a break and then went to the place she told him earlier. At the same time, Rozia came with a tea set and a plate of cake with other maids.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」

「No, I also just arrived.」

Then, Dolpa sat down on the newly brought out chair. Rozia started brewing tea and when Dolpa saw the high-class teacup, his face paled and got cold sweat.

「Is it alright? That looks really think and well made.」

「Haa….don’t mind it.」

She laughs and calms down Dolpa who reaches out for it with fear. After staring at the cake on the plate in front of him, he can only sigh in admiration.

「Noo…I’ve never eaten such an elegant and fine confectionery since I was born….」

Dolpa, who cut the cake with a fork, brought it to his mouth and tasted it can’t help but said that with an ecstatic expression.

「This is truly delicious. If only I’m educated, I can say something more about it….」

「I’ll tell Eseria-sama that you were very pleased.」

「Thank you very much. It seems like ojousama really changed ever since she was injured.」

Rozia’s smile deepened when Dolpa said that heartily.

「That’s certainly true and since she did not change in the wrong direction, I think it’s good.」

「You’re right desu. It’s best for children to be energetic!」

While watching him laugh and eat while saying that, Rozia thought (Ojousama is a duke’s daughter so she shouldn’t be too energetic….) but of course, she didn’t say anything.

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