Chapter 39 – Giant Bug…Spinning Thread

The giant bugs turned all their gazes to me.

….I want to run away.

Why did you bring me here?

….What did I do to you, boss-san?

While my mind was thinking a lot of things in a panic, boss-san brought one of the giant insects in front of me.

It is about 120cm big. I really want to escape.

However, I believe in boss-san. This child should be safe….I’m sure.


I protected my face with my arms immediately.

Something came from the giant but to me….is it an attack?

The attack has subsided and when I put my arms down….?

Countless white things are entangled on my arms….


Countless threads are entangled in my arm.

…I see. Threads.

I definitely said I want threads.

….So it wasn’t an attack. I was surprised.

What I have in mind are cotton-like materials that I can turn into thread.

However, what I got was a giant bug that spits thread.

….well, if you think about it, it saved me the trouble of making thread myself….they fully understood my request.

Boss-san is moving restlessly to gather the thread.

How about….


I decided to bring a giant bug home.

Two giant bugs are now riding on Chai and Kurou’s backs.

Or at least that’s what’s happening on the outside….

Looking at the situation, the giant bugs seem to be following boss-san’s instructions.

What a strange scene.

When we got home, the giant bugs immediately made threads in a room on the 2nd floor.

I also brought leaves to feed them and left them in a corner of the room.

I thought of what things are necessary to process the thread.

A rod where the thread can be wound.

After that….I created 2 new rock dolls.

Wind the thread, wind the thread~

Pleased to meet you.

The rock dolls began moving.

The giant bugs freaked out when they saw the golems approaching.

Even though they are cute. I even made three eyes for them.

Two are in the place they should be at and one on the forehead.

I somehow want to make them like that.

When I was still a student, I was addicted to Japanese youkai so they made me feel nostalgic.

They smoothly wind the threads of the giant bugs to their sticks.

Spin spin.

Yeah, I secured thread.

This thread is also smooth and considerably beautiful.

If I ask the rock dolls to make clothes, can they do it….

But I don’t know the process.

I don’t even know how to knit.

I can only imagine the threads being intertwined.

That’s more complicated than making bed….


The bed-making rock doll group is amazing.

They managed to build a bed more solid than I imagined.

The board is firmly incorporated into a solid wooden frame.

There are also spaces for ventilation.

It’s a low-type bed so it doesn’t even budge even though I’m on it.

Moreover, they built for Koa and the others too.

Hnn? But I don’t have a mattress so those ventilation spaces are unnecessary.

I hastily processed another board and gave it to the rock dolls.

I’m sorry. I made a mistake in my imagination.

One of the rock dolls patted my shoulder as if encouraging me….areh?

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