Chapter 455 – A Blizzard

The weather is quite rough so Aegis brought the eagle and hid it under the kotatsu in my room.

Why are you hiding it in the kotatsu in my room?

Aegis is of course hiding too.

No, I don’t have time to ask that.

Since even the eagle stayed in my room, it means that the weather is really rough so I contacted the villagers.

A little later, the high elf Ria and the angel Tier also verified the roughness of the weather.

Village Four in the sky also contacted me.

After half a day.

Outside the mansion has become a terrible place.

A blizzard.

The snow is raging.

It’s great that we managed to push the cows, horses, goats, sheeps, chicken, etc. into their barns.

It would be dangerous for them to stay outside with a weather like this.

They are safe inside their barns.

It may be cramped but please endure it for a while.

Of course, not only the livestock but the kuros who are active outdoors are also either in their own sheds or my mansion.

When I asked them to get in their sheds or the mansion, the kuros had a face that I’m exaggerating, but looking at the weather now, they knew they were saved.

I don’t know about Kuro and Yuki but this blizzard will be the first experience of every kuro that was born in this village.

It’s my first experience as well.

The beehives in the tree area should be okay since we added snow and wind protection boards on them before winter.

During that time, it looks like the bees are already preparing for extreme weather.

They’re good.

As for Zabuton and the spiderlings that are hibernating on the big tree, the non-hibernating spiderlings told me that they’re okay.


Red Armor and White Armor, who are the gatekeepers, have evacuated into the mansion too.


It’s okay.

Go to a warm place.

My mansion is neither strong nor weak against blizzard.

However, the part using glass window might be dangerous so we blocked it using a wooden board.

Because of that, the whole mansion can only use light magic or light magic tools as light sources….

But that’s not a problem.

We also have enough food and fuel stockpiles.

Even if the blizzard continues for a month, we’re fine.

Well, if it really lasts for a month, there will be other problems.

Because of the weather, the centaur liaison officer did not go around the villages as expected.

This is not only because of the blizzard but also the result of what we have discussed about the cancellation of their duty due to weather.

They seem to be determined to go out even with weather like this but I would prefer safety and not recklessness.

As for Village Four, they are in the sky and not affected by weather so there’s nothing to worry about.

Village Five is quite far south so the weather there is different from here. I only worry about it a little.

I’m more worried about Village One, Village Two, and Village Three.

Are they okay?

I’m also worried about the hot spring.

The ghost knights are already dead so they’re fine but what about the lion family?

In case of emergency, they can use the accommodation of the hot spring as an evacuation place…

I’m worried but there’s nothing I can do with this blizzard.

Once the blizzard has subsided, I’ll prepare my route to check everyone.

All I can do now is to pray for their safety.

Until the blizzard subsided, let’s play siege the castle.

In the hall, the evacuated kuros are playing by groups.

Chess is also popular.

However, the number of boards can’t accommodate this number of guests.

The next most popular game is ball game.

They are just making the ball roll around them and when it becomes hot and lively, they will be quieted down by the glare of the oni maids.

There was also a group who preferred sleeping and the kittens were sleeping with them.

They are on good terms.

In the guest receiving room, Dors, Raimeiren, Girar, Malbit, Ruincia, and ancestor-san were drinking around the kotatsu.

Looking at them, you might even think that the blizzard outside is a lie.

However, considering that the worst might happen, they are a reliable force.

That’s what I’m thinking so if you could drink a little less…

Especially Malbit.

I think you’re already too drunk.

Youko has stationed herself in Village Five.

With this blizzard, it is also hard to go to the dungeon where the teleportation gate is.

And the children evacuated in Village Five with their mothers.

They strongly resisted but were forced to give in.

It was not the children who resisted but the mothers.

It seems like they are dissatisfied that I’m not evacuating with them.

However, as the village chief, I have to stay in the village at times like this.

I might be lacking as a village chief but I still have a sense of responsibility.

I also don’t want to leave the kuros and the spiderlings.

I was prepared to challenge it like that however….inside my mansion and even on the houses of the villagers, the blizzard doesn’t feel strong so we’re not uneasy.

To be honest, I think it’s a little fun.

I feel like a child rejoicing in a typhoon.

Maa, the children and their mothers are in Village Five but there’s not much change because aside from them, everyone stayed.

The oni maids are preparing for dinner.

In my room, in addition to the eagle and Aegis, there were a lot of kuros along with Kuro and Yuki, wine slime, Raigiel, jewel cat Jewel, and spiderlings.

They left my seat unoccupied so I got in there again.


I’m glad that you prepared alcohol wine slime but where did you get it?

This is the alcohol I’m hiding in my room, isn’t it?

Ah, it is already half consumed.


You’re not alone?

When I looked around, Kuro, Aegis, and Raigiel looked away.


The blizzard started around noon and continued until the next evening.

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