Chapter 5 – The Race Called Hand Riding Rabbit (1)

Three days have passed since then.

I’ve been cultivating garlic since yesterday.

Hnn? Why garlic?

—because my body won’t last.

Anyway, rabbit-san is matchless.

The good night and good morning kisses are cut but…everything else is devilish.

Maa, it’s not a problem that can be solved by eating garlic but at least it has a soothing effect which is helpful.

Apart from that, I’ve learned how to use seed creation.

I learned it using carrots. I can customize its characteristics like sweetness, fiberness, crunchiness, etc.

For the time being, since there are women here, I kept the stink of garlic as unnoticeable as possible.

Today’s dinner is going to be stir fry wild boar meat, carrots, and beansprouts….

My salt and pepper have finally run out.

The yakiniku sauce has already run out during the snake-eating era. That’s even before Sonja came.

As expected, without seasoning….it’s not unpalatable but it’s too tasteless.

I mean, only the wild boar that the hand-riding rabbits hunted is delicious.

It’s not in the level of branded pork but it is near there.

For that reason, I feel more disappointed that there are no seasonings.

It would be great if I could eat it with yakiniku sauce.

Ah, just thinking of it, I’m already salivating.

While looking at the ingredients in the warehouse, I can only sigh….

「….I wish I can order seasonings from Japan….」

【Skill: Inter-Dimensional Logistics Level 10 has been activated】

That’s possible?!

My garbled skills are really cheats.

Along with the mysterious lighting phenomenon, an altar along with an offering box comes out in the warehouse.

「What is this? Why is there a Japanese style altar here….?」

『I’m the harvest—–farming god.』

A voice echoed in my head.


『You can speak with me because you are the master of farming, right? This is also fate. Let’s make your farming life better—-this is your luck.』


I don’t really know what this means.

But why did the god of harvest come out because of a logistics skill?

『It is normal for you to doubt.』

Did he read my mind? As expected of a god.

『However, as a god, I can let you cultivate the highest quality of crops—-but that’s not the only benefit for you. Given that, you will be able to live a better life. However, I don’t want you to quit farming.』

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say but, could it be that your vegetables are dangerous?

「For now, all I want is seasonings.」

『Umu. If you are saying you want to eat crops deliciously, that is within my jurisdiction. I don’t mind even if the thing you want should be taken from your previous world.』

Oh, seriously, inter-dimensional logistics is a cheat skill.

「So, how can I get it?」

『Wait a minute….fuhnn!』

….that’s a gift catalog that you can get at a wedding, right?

Now, there’s one in front of me.

『Open the catalog.』

I opened the catalog.

Then, I look for yakiniku sauce which is a seasoning.

—-Price: according to what’s written, it is 278 yen.

「You want money!」

『That’s why there’s an offering box there. Recently, the farmer who worships me, the god of harvest…. is decreasing. Because of that, I’m running out of money.』

「Maa, gods need it too huh.」

Looking at the lower right part of the cover of the catalog, there’s a digital balance there saying 0 yen.

『If you throw this world’s currency into the offering box, I will automatically convert it to Japanese yen.』

Even if you say that, I don’t have money.

I headed to the main house while thinking about what to do.

「Sonja? Do you have any money?」

When I got out of the warehouse, I spoke to Sonja, who’s relaxing in the hut.

I mean, she basically doesn’t work. All her work is done by assigning it to the hand-riding rabbits just like a queen.

「Yes desu? We don’t have a culture of trading or buying and selling but…. I have a bag of gold coins taken from the corpses of human adventurers. They were sparkling and beautiful desu yo♪」

Sonja took out a big bag from her luggage and handed it to me.

When I looked at it, there were more than a hundred gold coins. It was on a level that I couldn’t lift it if I didn’t put in a lot of power.

「Fufufu. I’ll give it to you for one carrot.」

「Your sense of value for money is amazing.」

Well, I guess gold coins are worthless for rabbits who are basically entirely living in the forest.

Then, I returned to the warehouse, took a piece of gold coin, and threw it into the offering box.

Of course, I did not forget to put my hands together and bow.

When I looked at the digital balance on the cover of the catalog, the balance was one yen.

「What a rip-off!? 」

I don’t know but, I’m sure if you cashed this out in japan, it would be tens of thousands of yen, right?

『That’s how it works.』

「No, even if you say that….」

『That’s why I’m out of money. When people are praying to the god of business or the god of safe childbirth—-I can’t help but envy them!』

Maa, it looks like the other gods are even receiving thousands in just one prayer offering.

「But, isn’t this a little overkill?」

『It took me great effort to find a duck—-you have to earn for me!』

「I’m a duck!?」

『Though I said that I will make your life better, make sure you offer money.』

「Can’t you at least say it in an indirect way!?」

Apparently, this guy is violent when talking about money.

Well, it’s a godly skill that transports goods from another dimension so it’s as valuable as thousands of gold.

Even using my common sense as a modern man, even at a rip-off price, it is a reasonable price for something that came from a different world.

『Then, let’s work together from now on.』

「Yes yes, please take care of me from now on. 」

For the time being, I deposited 325 gold coins that I received when Sonja brought a carrot from me. The balance now is 325 yen.

And then, I—-

「I’ll finally get my long-awaited yakiniku sauce! 」

Smoke suddenly pops in front of me….when the smoke cleared, there’s already a yakiniku sauce in front of me.

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