Chapter 456 – After the Blizzard

The day after the blizzard subsided, the sky was clear.

The sunlight is reflecting in the snow. It was a dazzling sight.

Now, there’s a problem before me….the snow piled up to my neck.

Until now, the most snow piled up is about 50cm. Now, it’s triple that record.

I was surprised when I opened the door on the first floor so I checked it from the window on the second floor…

How should I deal with this snow?

If it is the usual, we’re just going to throw this into the reservoir or river but that’s not possible now.

Can the AFT do something about it?

When I was thinking about that, a kuro jumped out of the window and plunged into the snow.

I don’t know what it did but the snow melted in the place it dived.


The other kuros dived one after another too.

They created a cute tunnel.

Will that solve the snow problem?

When I was thinking so, snow in a little faraway place dented.

The tunnel must have collapsed because the kuros are melting the snow randomly.

Are they okay?

You’re only surprised?

It looks like they are already planning to melt it.

When I was speaking to it, another snow at a distance dented.

They are already that far?

No, that’s not it.

Those are the kuros who took refuge in their sheds.

Given how it dented, it looks like they are going to my mansion.

One of them gets out of the snow to check the direction.

Perhaps they noticed me so they came out of the snow one after another and came to me.

Ah, wait.

On that place, the kuros that came from the mansion were moving under the snow.

I was late.


They’re not pitfalls.

Don’t be embarrassed just because you fell.

The snow around my mansion was melted by the kuros first.

It is now possible to go out from the first floor.

The next thing to do is to remove the snow and icicles at the mansion, especially the roof.

Icicles and snow on the roof are dangerous if they fall.

As soon as I see an icicle, I’ll immediately hit it with a stick to break it.

It’s a little fun.

The roof is slanted so the snow piled up on it is not as much as the snow on the ground but it is still 50cm thick.

When I was thinking what I should do to make it fall, the phoenix chick Aegis came out with confidence.

Since you want me to leave it to you I’ll leave it to you but….are you going to be okay?

I don’t know what you’re going to do but you can’t damage the mansion.

The eagle looks very worried too.

Got it.

Aegis, I’ll believe in your confident eyes.

Aegis, who’s now clad in fire, jumped up.


Are you going to melt the snow on the roof with that fire?


However, looking at your fire and the snow on the roof, the snow feels to be more overwhelming.

Or is it just my imagination?

Five minutes later, Aegis came back in tears.

It’s okay.

You did your best.

Eagle, please take care of him for me.

I think that the snow on the roof should be shoved off the roof.

The question is how to get on the roof.

I usually ask people who can fly like Loo, Tier, and Gran Maria to lift me up on times like this but most people who can fly have gone to Village Five.

Those who are still here are….

The other angel scouts namely Kuudel, Corone, and Kierbit.

Flora has become nocturnal after being immersed in her research so she would go to bed after breakfast.

I don’t think I should wake her up.

The rest will be Malbit and Ruincia.


I’m kind of scared to entrust it to Malbit.

Ruincia is Tier’s mother.

It’s kind of embarrassing to have her hug me to fly.

So, what should I do?

It’s dangerous and scary to climb on my own.


It can’t be helped.

Let’s change the method.

I asked Dors to transform into a dragon and remove the snow on the roof.

Thank you.

While doing snow removal work in the village, I’m also looking around for any building damage. That time, Loo came back from Village Five.

As the representative of those who evacuated to Village Five, she came back to check the village.

I’m sorry for the late contact.

I thought of getting in touch with them once we managed to get rid of a little more snow.

With this much snow, won’t they be in trouble if they come back now?

Are those who evacuated to Village Five okay?

Village Five is sunny so there’s no problem…areh?

What’s up?

If there’s a problem, just tell me about it.

Did something happen?

The children get into trouble with the children of Village Five?

The children of Village Five thought they were newcomers ….it ended in a fight.

Are they hurt?

Are they okay?

Is that so? Good.

Did Alfred do what he could?


The parents of the children who quarreled with them are very pale when they came to apologize?

Hold on, we’re talking about children’s quarrel, right?

It’s a child thing so they don’t have to take it seriously.

It ended with that, right?

No? Another thing happened?


After that fight, Ursa and Nutt beat the Village Five children one after another and made them their underlings?




T-that means they’re getting along, right?

It looks like they made a friendship group.



Maa, it’s a child thing so you don’t have to take it seriously.

Let’s break up their friendship group then.

Even children are dangerous if they have enough numbers.

Too late?

Their friendship group fought with the Village Five’s guards?

Ursa had a battle with Pirika?

When did that happen?

On your third evacuation day in Village Five?

I-I see.

Hurry up and get the children back.

We’ll have this place ready tomorrow.


It should be now?

All right.

I’ll have the snow removal on the road from the mansion to the dungeon take the highest priority.

It’s fine?

You’ll take care of it?



Loo used her fire magic to melt the snow on the road from the mansion to the dungeon.

I can even see the ground.

「With this, it is fine for the evacuated group return from Village Five, right?」


I wonder what really happened.


I wonder if it is necessary to prepare the mind.

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