Chapter 4.10 – Teleportation Gate Expansion

As requested by Nana and Wanli, it was decided that the number of wolves and foxes will be increased so Kousuke will set up summoning circles.

On the 7th floor, he set up three <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle(10)>, 1 <Nero Rabbit Summoning Circle>, and one < God Rock >.

On the 8th floor, he set up two <Spirit Fox Summoning Circle(10)>, 1 <Nero Rabbit Summoning Circle>, and one <God Rock>.

Those <Nero Rabbit Summoning Circle> were installed a little away from the base just in case.

However, it should still be in their hunting range.

As for the < God Rock >, it is a new addition that can generate divine power.

The divine power it can generate is only 100pt a day and it is as big as a soccer ball. If you install a lot, you can recover pt immediately….probably.

The flow line from the village was also changed.

1st floor(closed to outside) ~ 5th floor(Village location) ⇔ 6th floor) ⇔ 41st floor ~ 45th floor ⇔ 51st floor ~60th floor ⇔ 71st floor ⇔ 72nd floor ⇔ 61st floor ~70th floor ⇔ 7th floor ~40th floor ⇔ 46th floor ~ 50th floor ⇔ 73rd floor ~100th floor

*(~) connected to succeeding floors, (⇔)Connected(Round trip)

Kousuke set it up so that they can enjoy the dungeon from the village of beginners → intermediate floors → beginner/intermediate dungeon → advanced floor → intermediate/advanced dungeon.

The leading adventurers seem to be finally heading to the intermediate floor so changing it now is the perfect time.

Also, it looks like he can place treasure chests from the menu to wherever he wants on the dungeon so he’d like to try it when the time comes.

He wants to produce an item that he can put on the chest first but since the adventurers haven’t reached that far yet, it’s fine to postpone it.

After working things out in the management room, he finally took Nana and Wanli to their respective floors.

His other companions are Kouhi and Sylvia.

As for why Sylvia came with them, she’ll be visiting the village later so they took this chance to show her face.

With regards to the 7th and 8th floors, there’s no particular change.

He summoned wolves and foxes from the spirit circles he set up and gave them names(he had a hard time thinking names), and watch over them if they can subjugate nero rabbits.

As expected, they can’t beat it if they hold back even a little but that doesn’t mean they can’t beat it so Kousuke decided to leave the summoning circle as it is.

As for the <God Rock>, it looks like a normal rock.

As for generating divine power, Kousuke felt that it was emitting a little divine power.

Other than that, there’s no particular change. After leaving Nana and Wanli at their respective floors, the three of them headed to the 5th floor.

—Scene Change—

The teleportation gate of the tower makes it possible for places they are connected to to communicate.

If they don’t, there’s a possibility of people from each place clashing with each other.

Communication is essential when running teleportation gates. Because of it, the temple on the 5th floor always has heavy traffic.

The staff in the temple are mostly regulating the gate to the outside world.

It will be easy to judge them there because the gate changes color depending on the people who are going to move to the place where they originally came from.

In the current village, there are about 120 people who are constantly active.

Around 20 of them are guild staff and the rest are adventurers, merchants, and craftsmen who are building buildings.

Once more buildings are completed, the number of adventurers will increase as well.

Adventurers not only came from Ryuusen but from the surrounding villages as well.

As for businesses, there’s no particular restriction in getting in and out but it was almost monopolized by Crown.

By the way, Crown has not been publicized yet.

It’s not because it’s not a good name. It’s just that Crown is not fully built yet.

Immediately after passing through the teleportation gate, Kousuke’s party headed to the office where Wahid was.

Wahid is currently working as the representative of Crown.

However, since most economic activities are left to Schmidt, Wahid’s power only encompasses things related to adventurers and craftsmen.

When Kousuke’s party comes through the teleportation gate, the staff immediately calls for Schmidt so he will be there soon.

After coming to Wahid’s office, they decided to wait for the others in the reception room.

After waiting for a while, Wahid came into the room with Schmidt.

He purposely waited for Schmidt to come before entering the room with him.

The first thing the Kousuke did was to introduce Sylvia to them.

He introduced Wahid and Schmidt to Sylvia who shook hands with them.

After that, Kousuke told Sylvia what Wahid and Schmidt are in charge of and vice versa.

「….does that mean that Sylvia-dono is a shrine maiden of goddess Erisamir?」

Kousuke nodded to Schmidt’s conclusion.

「Maa, to be exact, she’s more of a princess shrine maiden.」


Schmidt was surprised by Kousuke’s additional explanation.

A princess shrine maiden is commonly known as someone who directly receives the will of god.

In addition, Sylvia is a servant of Erisamir, one of the three great goddesses.

It is normal for Schmidt to be surprised.

「No, my power is still not enough. Even if the goddess was able to descend on me, it only happened once. Moreover, it was impossible for me to do it without Kousuke-san’s help.」

「Good grief….it was certainly not a mistake that I decided to follow Kousuke-dono after all. Every day, there’s a series of surprises.」

Schmidt said so while shaking his head left and right.

Sylvia also nodded when she heard him.

Kousuke felt like the tip of the spear had pointed into him so he decided to forcibly change the topic.

「Anyway, I don’t think it’s a problem to install a teleportation gate at Nansen. However, it would be better to install it outside the city like Ryuusen.」

「Certainly. Then, I’ll make the necessary arrangement.」

After hearing Kousuke’s words, Wahid tried to move immediately but Kousuke stopped him.

「Ah, wait a minute. This time, don’t just do it in Nansen but also to the cities in the northwest and southeast….what are their names?」

「Kenersen and Mixen…all of them at once? You want to install gates on all of them…!?」

「Areh? Didn’t I already informed you?」

Schmidt held his head to Kousuke’s casual response.

He certainly said that he’ll increase the number of gates but he only realized now that he did not say that it would only increase by one.

「No….you certainly informed me….」

「Ah, good….As for why I want to expand that much, it is to reduce the dependency on each town as much as possible.」

After hearing that, it seems like Wahid sensed something to what Kousuke is saying.

「….did something happen in Nansen?」


He had no intention of hiding anything so he told them what happened in Nansen.

「I see. So something like that happened….」

「In that case, it would make sense to install them all at once as if distributing the risk. However, that would bite us back if all those cities are hostile.」

「Will that be possible?」

「….only a little. The benefit from the tower is great after all.」

Schmidt believes that it is impossible for a city to stop the circulation of goods since they don’t have the ability to manage the tower.

It’s not even necessary to enter the city to trade.

Also, the bases where the gates are installed have strong barriers so it is almost impossible for anyone to attack it. In the first place, it is impossible to send a large army that is enough to be called an army.

「Maa, there’s no point in being anxious now. Let’s just put it in a corner of our heads.」

「I agree.」

Both Wahid and Schmidt agreed to Kousuke’s proposal.

「By the way, regarding the distribution of goods, will it still be the same as you mentioned before?」

Earlier, he said that those who belong to Crown are free to use the teleportation gate while others will be restricted.

Those merchants who don’t belong to Crown can only interact with one city.

For example, a merchant from Ryuusen can only go to Ryuusen.

Adventurers will also be restricted from bringing large quantities of goods from the outside.

「That’s right. In the first place, the teleportation gate itself can recognize the people who’ll come and go using the ripples. It is not a problem to impose a limit.」

「We’re still using a temporary pass and there’s no problem encountered yet. However, I’m planning on starting using the registered card soon. 」

Wahid added to Kousuke’s explanation.

「Can we provide enough explanation when the system finally starts? 」

「Yes. Besides, once you registered to Crown, it will no longer matter. 」

If you register to Crown, you will be able to freely enter and exit the tower using your crown card.

There’s no need to wait for the issuance of a pass.

「The preparation for forming the crown is almost complete. The rest is up to the card.」

「Is that so? I’ll check that out later.」


The detailed regulation of Crown is almost decided.

The rest is only waiting for Kousuke’s approval so there shouldn’t be any problem.

The meeting ended after a few more talks about the future so the three returned to the management floor. 

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