Chapter 1.11 – Negotiation Conclusion

「….effective publicity, is it?」

「Yeah. Don’t you think it’s nice to have customers coming to you without spending any extra labor or money?」

「Certainly….it is worth considering.」

In contrast to the smiling Eseria, Wallace is seriously thinking.

「We will hold events at our house. My aneesama’s birthday party will be next month and the month after that will be my aniisama.」

「Yes, I am aware. I’ll be delivering items during those times.」

「What if I tell you that I’m planning to show off the games I’ve made so far to all the invited guests? Maybe everyone will like them. And seeing the young ladies and young masters playing, the servants will also be interested saying “What are those?”, aren’t they? You can’t underestimate words of mouth, right?」

「In addition, if they hear about “Great nobles getting hooked up on them”, it will definitely attract the interest of commoners.」

He nodded immediately to Eseria’s frank question.

「By the way, how much do you plan to sell them?」

「Of course, at a price that even an average commoner can buy.」

「Then, there’s no problem. With a reasonable amount of money, they can get what nobles have.」

With a smile on her face, Eseria concluded their conversation. Wallace corrected his posture and opened his mouth with a serious expression.


「Yes, Wallace-san. What is it?」

「Please, from now on, call me Wallace. Ojousama, from now on, you’ll be my professor. Please address me with just my name. 」

Eseria was confused after being told with such seriousness.

「I don’t think there’s a need for you to call me “professor”….Mother, is it okay for me to address someone older that way?」

Miredia, who was consulted by her daughter, responds with a troubled expression.

「Of course not, however….the person himself ask you to do so so I guess it’s okay?」


After receiving that approval, Eseria turned to Wallace.

「Then, Wallace, I’ll properly work for that amount of money. Should a contract or something be written about it?」

However, he only shakes his head.

「Between the Wallace Company and the family of Duke Sjogren, a verbal agreement is enough. I will not doubt Eseria-sama’s sincerity.」

「I don’t doubt your loyalty either. Please take care of me from now on, Wallace.」

「Yes, I look forward to working with you.」

They mutually agreed with each other with a smile and talked about the birthday party that will happen next month. After a few more small talks, Wallace stands.

「Then, Eseria-sama, as soon as the prototype is completed, I’ll send it here so please point out the things that would need improvements.」

「I understand.」

「Then, from now on, I will have my son act as a liaison and have him show up here once a week. Please, share us your wisdom. I’ll talk to the duke later to get his permission.」


After agreeing, Eseria, who has never heard of this son, inquired instinctively out of curiosity.

「Wallace has a son? Is he already helping out in the store?」

Hearing her question, Wallace can only answer with a wry smile.

「No, he’s my youngest child and he’s not even 7 years old. Since he’s the youngest child, I have a feeling that he’s a little spoiled but if he were to serve Eseria-sama, I think he’ll learn a lot so please give him your guidance.」

Looking at Wallace who bowed his head deeply with that request, Eseria waved her hand and smiled.

「”Guidance” is kind of exaggerated. However, if we want to sell things to commoners, I need to know how the commoners live so I’ll ask him a lot about it.」

「Yes, I will tell that to Milan.」


「Is there something wrong?」

Eseria suddenly had an intense expression so Wallace asked her why.

「Are you saying that your child’s name is Milan?」

「Yes, I am. Is there a problem?」

「No, nothing.」

Eseria sees off Wallace with a twitching smile. She began thinking desperately while standing in the reception room.

(Milan Wallace….I’ve completely forgotten about this but he’s one of the capture targets in “Crystal Labyrinth”! Uwa, what do I do now!?)

After being intensely shaken for a moment, Eseria quickly thought it over.

(Calm down, Eseria. You are not a rival character in Milan’s route, there shouldn’t be any problem getting to know each other, right?)

After thinking like that, she forcefully made herself nod and persuade herself.

「Yeah, I’m not! Honestly speaking, I couldn’t care less about it. It’s alright, there’s no problem!」

Miredia, who was watching over her daughter all this time, spoke anxiously.

「….Eseria, what are you suddenly saying? What’s wrong?」

「I-it’s nothing, mother! Then, I’ll return to my room! Excuse me. Misty, let’s go!」

「Yes, ojousama.」

Miredia unconsciously sighed as she watches Eseria make excuses and leave in a hurry followed by her handmaiden.

「Okay….since it was a negotiation with Wallace, I don’t think Digress will oppose…but how should I inform him?」

Miredia was surprised and confused with the sudden turn of events but she’s not the only one.

「Like what I said earlier, from now on, you’ll go to Duke Sjogren’s mansion at least once a week and be of service to Eseria-sama. Milan, do you understand?」

Upon returning to the store, Wallace called his youngest son who was in a neighbor’s house, and gave him a strict order. Milan complained saying it was troublesome.

「….why do I have to go to a mansion to take care of a young lady?」

Hearing his nonchalant reply, thunder immediately falls.

「Watch your tone! Don’t you dare act like that in front of ojousama! First of all, don’t use “I”(boku) and use “I”(watashi) instead!」

「Yes yes」

「Saying yes once is enough!」


Since that time, Milan can only hear his father’s reprimand.

(Now….why did this troublesome thing even happen. Father praises her as “someone with great ideas” but isn’t she just someone with outrageous ideas and lacks common sense?)

Thus, Milan meets with Eseria with great discontent.

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