Chapter 41 – Rock Doll….Seems to Have Grown by Itself

I now have a large number of big yarn balls.

I look at the giant bugs who are eating leaves.

When I was looking at them, they stopped eating.

「Thank you」

There are a total of 200 big yarn balls.

They are huge but, are they fine making this much?

I wonder but they look okay so everything should be alright.

I look at the thread-making rock dolls.

It made 50 of them.

The remaining 150….ah, the original rock dolls.

It seems like they had helped before I knew it.

….are the three eyeds friends with one eyeds?

The three-eyed golems are staring at me.

Perhaps they are asking what to do next.

However, no matter how much I imagine it, it will only end up in jumbled threads.

What should I do?

I took off my t-shirt I’m wearing and showed it to them.

The three-eyed approached and checked it together.

Is that their thinking expression?

….I looked at the one-eyed and the three-eyed golems in the thread room.

They all have the same expression.

They are funny dolls, aren’t they?

However, looking at them, they seem to be really troubled.

I handed over my t-shirt to a three-eyed golem.

It turned over my t-shirt.

After 10 minutes, they returned my T-shirt.

The one-eyed and the three-eyed golems started to move.

I did not give them any orders….

What are they going to do? I don’t know.

Did the rock dolls grow themselves?

I look at boss-san and the spiderlings nearby.

Everyone’s panicking too much??

For some reason, they are staring at the rock dolls.

Those rock dols are based on a famous blue robot.

They seem to have evolved and finally became independent.

I sincerely believe that it is safe to let them do what they want.


I moved to the 1st floor and stopped by the kitchen.

There was a rock table in the kitchen.

It was still far from the kitchen I wanted.


What’s going on?

There are wooden table and wooden chairs that I was thinking of making.

The countertop was originally made of rock but now it is wooden.

Or rather, the place to cook and the place to eat are now separated.

……8 golems are still working.

2 golems are in the thread room.

Eh? What is happening?

Certainly, I talked about what I wanted to do with the kitchen 2 days ago saying I want a dining room in the kitchen.

I talked about that to Koa and the others but I’m sure one of the one-eyed is there too.

Come to think of it, why is it even there that time….

Maa, they are doing what I want so it’s okay.

Even so, they’re amazing. My ideal dining area is about to be completed.

Speaking of which, why are Koa and the others at the corner?

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