Chapter 6 – The Race Called Hand Riding Rabbit (II)

「Hawawa! What’s this!? Super delicious desu!」

Carrot, beansprout, and wild boar meat.

Sonja shouted as she filled her mouth with sauced roasted meat.

「I’ve never eaten anything like this desu yo♪」

「Agree desu yo, I agree desu yo!」

「Are you a god?」

「Meat, meat, carrot♪ meat, carrot♪」


「Best thing ever nano desu yo!」

「Work of god nano desu yo!!」

It seems to be popular with the hand-riding rabbits.

Maa, it’s good that everyone likes it.

I also tried eating the roasted wild boar meat that was sauced with yakiniku sauce.

-uh, ugh,uuggghhhhhh!

The moment I bite it, the sweet meat juice full of umami overflowed that almost made my head melt away.

It is thick but soft, the more you chew, the tastier it becomes, and the smell of the yakiniku sauce that enters my nasal cavity is so fragrant!

While I feel like I’m rising to heaven, I tried putting beansprouts on my mouth.

The crispy texture is pleasant as it sucks the fat of the wild boar on my mouth.

And the carrot adds an exquisite sweetness as a whole….this is really delicious.

I ate it in an instant and nodded a little like what Sonja did earlier.

「It’s very very delicious desu. I unintentionally ate three times desu♪」

「Ah, I never thought it would be this delicious as well.」

「Fufufu? Do you know?」


「When I eat a lot of meat desu」


「Rabbits will get aroused desu yo♪」

Hey, we’re already doing it every night. Are you telling me you’re not even aroused back then?

Sonja sits next to me and holds my hand tightly—

—that goes without saying that doing it a number of times in a day is hard—in various ways.

-Fox eared stripper, Succubus, and Adventurer’s guild

The next morning.

To be honest, I’m struggling.

I’m almost reaching my limit by being Sonja’s partner every day.

Although I haven’t even harvested garlic yet, I planted leeks and yam.

As for the reason, leek gives lots of nutrients like garlic.

As for yam, I often heard that it is good for “stamina”.

「Skill: Seed Creation」

Do leeks have seeds? Do potatoes have seeds?

That question came to my mind but it was quickly answered.

I mean, seeds come out.

This skill is really useful.

It will grow fast and furious….

When I was working diligently on the field—-

「Who are you?」

「Ah? Me? I’m Arisa, a foxkin. An adventurer.」

Fox ears…a beastkin?

Maa, she’s like Sonja. She’s no different from a human except from her ears and tail.

As for her age, she looks like she’s in her early twenties?

Her height is around 155. She’s also flat chested but she looks healthy.

「W-what do you want from me?」

「Nothing, I’m just surprised? I never thought there would be a human cultivating a field in the forest of no return…. the border of the demon and human domain…..」

It looks like there’s also the usual ingredient of a fantasy world, demon domain.

「But niichan, are you not attacked by monsters? Looking at you….you neither have a smelly bag nor a spirit barrier….」

No, I’ve met a lot of monsters.

However, I only need to “chudon” them with my hoe and it’s over.

「Smelly bag? Spirit barrier?」

Then, Arisa took out a small bag and a piece of paper with a magic circle drawn from her bosom.

「Like its name, a smelly bag gives out a smell that monsters hate. The spirit barrier creates a spirit field that monsters hate.」

So, they are like mosquito coils?

Well, they are different but similar in the sense of keeping disgusting things away.

I guess it is similar to the amulet the first clergy gave us.

「I also have other things that make me able to avoid monsters like my garments but….how can you live here?」

「Well, I have my own measures.」

Even I told her I just “chudon” those monsters, she will not believe me.

「Right….this place is supposed to be a lair of high-level monsters after all….」

Arisa tilted her neck and stared at me seriously.

「But, why are you here?」

「Ah, I am….a stripper.」


「This place is like a dungeon but you know that there’s a more dangerous dungeon nearby, right?」

I don’t know anything about it at all but I think it is better if I go with the flow.


「That means there are corpses of high-level adventurers here. I’m supposed to strip them up of their equipment and deliver it to the guild. But as expected, it’s too dangerous to go into that dangerous dungeon alone…I can’t get in.」

「I see. So that’s what you mean by stripper.」

「Yeah. Aside from the things I can get from the corpse, the equipment will be bought by the family as a legacy of the dead and I will be paid by the guild by surrendering their guild plates.」

If there is danger, there must be a fee…I don’t know the market price but I think it’s a fairly conscientious business.

「Maa, it is hard to talk while standing….would you like to have a cup of tea at my hut?」

「Ah, I don’t really mind but, thank you.」

Arisa said “My throat is dry” with a smile when we arrived at the hut.

「Heh, this is a great herb tea.」

What she said is true. It was a herb taught by Sonja and you’ll only need to boil it.

It even has a calming effect or something similar to warm green tea.

From the information I got from her, it seems like there’s a city about 40 km southeast from here.

She said that the political situation there is unstable and peace and order is also bad….until I gather more information about that place, I will put going there on hold.

My life here with Sonja isn’t bad after all.

I’m just a little tired.

「By the way, niichan, how do you really deal with monsters…..」

And one hand riding rabbit came into the hut.

「Are you drinking herb tea?」

While jumping around, she runs up my knee and then to the table.

「Oi oi, don’t just drink my tea without permission.」

「You stuff is mine nano desu♪」

I can only smile wryly….. When I look at Arisa….

「Ha…….ha………hand……….hand ri…….hand riding rabbit….」

Her eyes are wide open and so does her mouth.

「What’s wrong?」

She stands up from the chair shivering while taking two to three steps back.

She then asked me with a voice full of fear.

「H-ho……how………….did you tame………one?」

「By feeding? If you give them carrots they’ll give you something in return.」

「You…..made…….a hand riding rabbit…….like that….with carrots?」

「It’s the first time I’ve eaten this kind of carrot…is what she said.」

While her mouth is still wide open, Arisa looks at the hand-riding rabbit again. She’s looking at her as if she’s not real.

「By chance, do you have…..devil boar….no, wild boar’s skin and tusk?」

After letting the hand-riding rabbits live here, they’ve already hunted two wild boars.

「The skin looks like it can be used for clothing or something so I’ve kept them though I’ve thought of throwing away the tusk and bones.」

Arisa suddenly became frightening.

「What! You must absolutely not throw them!」

「Wh? What do you mean?」

「Where is it! Where did you put them!」

「Are you asking about the skin?」

Arisa nodded many times so I guided her to the warehouse.


Arisa nodded with satisfaction and asked for a handshake.


「Give them to me! Skin, fangs, bones, everything! If you sun-dried the liver, I’ll buy it too!」

「…..I don’t really mind as long as it’s not the meat.」

「Negotiation concluded!」

Arisa grabs my right hand with both of her hands and shakes it.

After shaking my hands, she handed me a bag filled with gold coins.

Given its weight, it should be around 50 pieces.

Then, she sticks up four fingers of her right hand.

「Four days! Give me four days! That’s only an advance payment….give me the skin, fangs, and bones first! After selling them to the city, I’ll deduct my fee and bring back the payment with a dash!」

I don’t really understand but it seems like this boar can be sold at a high price.

While we were talking, Sonja barged into the warehouse while saying “it’s almost time for dinner”.

And the moment Arisa saw Sonja—-

「E…..eee……..even the queen…..」

After saying that, she fell down.

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