Chapter 4.12 – Conversation with Gods

He closed his eyes and felt the presence of the “Garden of Eternal Spring”.

It is very much weaker than the actual “Garden of Eternal Spring”. It can only be called a wisp of it.

Even so, it is definitely the real “Garden of Eternal Spring”.

He focused on exploring the presence.

It spreads like a pebble falling on a calm water surface.

When he searched the “Garden of Eternal Spring” on the ripple, the ripple returned as if it was hit by another ripple.

He repeatedly did that in order to look for the “Garden of Eternal Spring”.

Even if the presence in the temple is feeble, the power of the “Garden of Eternal Spring” doesn’t change.

He only needs to go to the place where that power is concentrated.

After some time, he finally found it. If he is correct, he will definitely be able to connect that world to the “Garden of Eternal Spring”.

Although it’s a contact point, it is like a hole that can’t be opened.

Still, it exists. It is the only “place” where you can connect with the “Garden of Eternal Spring” naturally.

He was able to confirm that it is indeed the contact point to the “Garden of Eternal Spring” and he even got connected to it.

Since he was able to connect, all he has to do is to use his divine power according to what he was taught in the “Garden of Eternal Spring”.

『Asura, Eris, can you hear me?』

『Yeah, you’ve connected successfully. You finally use Eris’ teaching.』

『I am relieved that you did not do something absurd like what you did last time.』


『….Ara, my apologies. I don’t think you can handle more than this. See you next time.』

『Yeah, see you later…you seem to be as busy as ever.』


『So, you answered my call and replied with one word.』

『It’s because it was you who called.』

『Is that so?』

『Other than that, is there any other reason?』

『No. So, what can you say?』

『Haa….Maa, good. Did you finally understand how to make a connection here?』

『Yeah. Maa….I only somehow find this place.』

『Then, it would be better to have a connection of your own. Surely, you don’t plan on staying at that place, right?』

『I will do as you advice, Goddess Erisamir-sama.』

『….what are you talking about? Calling me like that gives me goosebumps.』

『Uwa, you’re harsh.』

『Joking aside, don’t you think that you’ll run out of time?』

『Oohh, thanks for reminding me. Okay, I’ll take my leave then?』

『Yeah, please.』

—Scene Change—

It has been 30 minutes since Kousuke closed his eyes.

Of course, Kouhi and Sylvia are with him but aside from them, there are also other people who are observing what’s happening to him.

Those who are observing him are mainly priests and shrine maidens that are members of the temple.

Sylvia noticed that there are more and more high-ranking people coming.

She did not think that it was impossible.

Kousuke might not be aware of it but what he’s currently doing is the goal of all clergies.

Kousuke’s state, attitude, and approach are not the things that have been taught by the temple.

However, that’s not important.

Even the methods passed down to the temples vary in different ways.

Touching it has always been a mystery.

As long as it is achieved, the clergies won’t mind the means and methods.

And currently, Kousuke is showing that off in front of Sylvia and all the clergies there.

The atmosphere that Kousuke gives off is definitely the atmosphere of someone who achieved it.

The higher ranking you are, the more obvious it is to you.

When Kousuke showed signs of movement, the clergies watching began to rumble.

Of course, they are only rumbling in whisper level voices in order to not get in Kousuke’s way.

Sylvia, who was watching over Kousuke, naturally noticed it too.

Suddenly, everyone looked in a certain direction.

Sylvia immediately noticed it too.

Which is obvious.

Because that someone is approaching her.

Looking behind to check the identity of that person, Sylvia was surprised and hurriedly bowed.

「To think that showing up after a long time, you’ll bring someone unexpected, Sylvia.」

「Temple chief-sama.」

While greeting Sylvia, the woman’s eyes never left Kousuke. She’s the chief and the person in charge of that temple.

Until a certain time, Sylvia was a member of that temple so they are naturally familiar with each other.

However, the temple chief showed a slightly sad look at Sylvia.

「….It looks like you still can’t forgive me.」

「That’s not it. I’ve already left my past self…..for that reason, I left the temple. I’m sure the people around you wouldn’t have allowed it.」

The temple chief sighed after hearing Sylvia.

「… always, you’re still the same….anyway, I’m glad that you are doing good.」

「Yes, temple chief-sama.」

「Good….by the way, can you introduce me to this outrageous person?」

The moment Sylvia was about to answer that question, she felt Kousuke’s gaze.

She immediately shifted her gaze to Kousuke.

Sylvia immediately understood what that meant.

「…….No. I’m sorry. If possible, can you wait until he wakes up?」

The temple chief was surprised for a moment but immediately smiled after.

「…….Right, that might be better. Till then, I will watch over him too.」

The temple chief said so as she sat on a bench nearby where she could clearly see Kousuke.

「Why don’t you sit too?」

「No, thank you. I’ll stay as I am.」


The temple chief said so as she put her eyes on Kousuke.

The way she looks at him clearly tells that she’s a high-ranking clergy.

Kousuke finally opened his eyes 1 hour after closing them.

When he opened his eyes, he was kind of dazzled so he asked Kouhi who’s waiting next to him.

「How much time has passed?」

「Approximately one hour.」

「….the passage of time feels completely different. Maybe because it took me time to connect?…..oh」

Kousuke, who tried to stand up, stumbled so he was supported by Kouhi.

He took the same posture for an hour and he also barely moved so it is not surprising.

「Are you okay?」

「Yeah….I’m fine.」

Kousuke said that as he looked at Sylvia.

「Sylvia, do you have the sacred tool?」

A sacred tool is similar to a cross and clergies wear one all the time.

Sylvia, who was suddenly asked of that, looked puzzled.

「Of course I have….however, there’s someone I want to introduce to you…」

Sylvia said that and looked at the temple chief.

Kousuke saw a shrine maiden who’s wearing the uniform of the temple chief. He thought that it was definitely a high-ranking priest.

However, there is something that Kousuke wants to do first.

He looked at the temple chief and bowed.

「… apologies. Can you give us some time before our introduction? I have something that I need to do first.」

Seeing Kousuke’s expression, the temple chief nodded.

After working at the temple for so many years, her instinct tells her to agree.

「Of course, I don’t mind. Rather, can you show me what you want to do?」

「Yeah. If you can wait, I don’t mind.」

Kousuke nodded and looked at Sylvia.

Sylvia took out her sacred tool that’s hanging on her neck in a hurry.

Sylvia’s sacred tool is in the form of a pendant.

After receiving it, Kousuke put the sacred tool between his hand and closed his eyes again.

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