Chapter 42 – Leather Processing….Additional Rock Doll

I was looking forward to eating at the dining area.

I decided to not care about the growth of the rock dolls since they are improving in a good way.

There are too many things that I don’t understand so I won’t bother myself with something so trivial.

Don’t mind, don’t mind….absolutely don’t mind.

I don’t mind whether they were able to make cups and plates.

I was able to eat, that’s it!

I don’t mind that my bed has a headboard too.

There are handrails on the stairs now….was it because they saw me slip and fall?

One day, they urged me to make boards so I processed a big tree for them.

That same day, when I went to the bath….it is already made of wood.

Aren’t you going too far?


As for processing leather, there’s nothing but failure.

I realized that it was important to clean off the excess fat from the skin.

I made four additional oni rock dolls for it.

I put 1 horn on their foreheads.

They asked me to give them rock knives.

They were able to remove fats and they are on a different level compared to me.

I’m not good with fine-tuning magic so a considerable number of beast skins have already rotted.

It’s good that these onis can remove the fats from the skin beautifully.

Next, remove the dirt using water.

The skin was quite dirty.

It is good that I only need to watch the onis cleaning them.

Until now, every time I tan the skin, it becomes so hard that I couldn’t use it.

No matter what I do, that supposed to be tanned leather is so hard.

Nothing changed even if I soak it in water for a few days.

In other words, there’s another step that I don’t know that needs to be done.

And I discovered it accidentally!

When I was soaking it in water, I happened to use a stick.

I’ve always been using magic but that day, I picked up a wooden stick.

They suddenly brought me a prey so I left processing leather there and of course, I also left the stick in water.

I forgot about it in a few days.

I still remember that day. When I washed it and dried it, it became softer than ever!

It’s still a little hard but it is certainly softer compared to my previous failures.

The only difference is the wooden stick I used.

I thought there might be something on the sap of that tree.

When I checked the tree, I found that there’s a crowd of them in a place a little far away from my residence.

I collected some sap and prepared animal hides that I asked from the little onis.

After that, I left it for the little onis since they should have a better success rate….

The onis soaked the beast skins in sap water.

I’m only watching over them.

After a long time, I had them wash and dry the soaked animal hide.

If we fail, I’ll be really sad.

I want to succeed.

A few days later, there’s a leather rug laid on my bed.

It is warm and comfortable to sleep on.

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    The secret ingredient to tanning leather is urine. Prior to the ability to synthesize chemicals in the lab, urine was a quick and rich source of urea, a nitrogen-based organic compound. When stored for long periods of time, urea decays into ammonia. Ammonia in water acts as a caustic but weak base. This is what makes leather soft and pliable. Although the method he found also works, it’s called vegetable tanning using tannins in plants.

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      Yes, and the Romans also used urine to wash their clothes.

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    Thank you!

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