Chapter 2.2 – This is Also Awakening in a Sense

After getting a new spark from her conversation with Milan, Eseria has been doing something on her desk. She only leaves when it is time to eat or sleep.

At first, her family was perplexed seeing her like that so they immediately had her maid Misty ask but she said “My appetite is better than usual and I sleep well every night which is something even others will be envious of. There’s nothing to worry about.”. Thus, they left Eseria alone.

That situation changes during the fifth day. Eseria who was only in her room went to Cornelia’s room.

「Aneesama, I have a request….」

「Ara, what is it, Eseria?」

Cornelia tilted her neck to the fact that her little sister, who has been shutting herself in her room, has visited her. She finds her attitude more polite and stranger than usual. Then, Eseria appealed to her while presenting a bunch of papers.

「Aneesama, I want you to read this desu. It is interesting according to me but I want a frank impression of a third party.」

Cornelia received it with a smile and asked casually.

「I don’t mind. So, what did you write?」

「Novel desu」

Cornelia was seriously puzzled hearing her brief answer since it is a word she’s unfamiliar with.

「Novel? Is it not a poem or an essay? Did you write a sermon from the scriptures or a parable derived from it?」

「It’s not that rigid and it is not that stereotypical! It was written with more freedom and imagination!」

Eseria already threw her politeness from a little while ago. Cornelia was pressured by her younger sister so she can only nod.

「I-is that so? Then, allow me to read it.」

「Yes, please.」

While sitting on the sofa, Eseria watches her elder sister read it with a smile across the small round table.

(“Written using imagination” is something I have said but in truth, what’s written on it is the storyline of “Crystal Labyrinth” itself. I think there’s no problem because I changed the names.)

Like that, Eseria waited for her to finish reading it. There’s only silence in the room.

It has been a while since the only sound that can be heard in the room is Cornelia flipping to another page. Alana, Cornelia’s personal maid, who seems to be unable to stand the silence in the room, started to ask something politely.

「Ano, Cornelia-sama, would you like some tea?」

「….no, I’m fine.」

「Then, Eseria-sama, would….」

「I do.」

「Please wait a moment.」

She was surprised by Cornelia’s reaction because she did not even raise her face. Eseria, on the other hand, demanded tea with a smile. (What kind of thing is Cornelia-sama reading!?) is what she thought while being terrified. Alana prepared tea and sweets for Eseria and presented them to her.

Then, more time passed by. Even the sunlight that comes through the window has changed a lot. Finally, Cornelia took off her gaze from the papers and slowly raised her face.


「Yes, aneesama, how is it?」

「It’s wonderful. At first, I thought it was just a biography but there are not so many people who live such a strange life. Also, since it is not completely absurd and the setting is not far from reality, I can read it with empathy to the main character.」

Eseria was preparing for the worst comment like “I can’t read such an idiotic and impossible story.” But after hearing her sister’s very positive review, she sighed in relief.

「That’s good. Aniisama is always saying “Aneue is an exemplary lady even among the noble ladies I know so you should follow her example, Eseria.” Because of that, I wanted to hear aneesama’s opinion first if the other noble ladies will like this.」

「Maa….so, that’s why you showed it to me first?」

Cornelia can only give a wry smile upon hearing that but after a moment, she showed her true expression.

「Eseria, upon reading this, I was shocked at how narrow my worldview is.」

「Eh? Aneesama?」

「Cause I’ve never said anything myself. All I do is report and record. All I know is what’s written. The only time I express myself is with simple private letters or poems.」

「Ehto….but, isn’t that how everyone’s common sense works? If you…」

Eseria wanted to calm down her shocked elder sister by Cornelia’s cry blocked her.

「Right! You’re exactly right! And yet you easily broke that common sense!? You are wonderful, Eseria! From you, at this very moment, a new culture has bloomed! There is no one who deserves to be called a “Sage” other than you!! You are the pioneer of a period! Ah, to make such a wonderful person my sister, why did God give me this luck!?」



「Ah, to think that Cornelia-sama will become a weirdo too….」

Behind Eseria, whose face is twitching, is the crying Alana, and the murmuring Misty who’s looking at a distance. Disregarding the murmuring she heard, Eseria is sweating cold.

(Ehto….I want you to be impressed but aren’t you exaggerating things….isn’t it just a novel? By chance, did I turn aneesama into an idiot elder sister?)

Then, Cornelia looked at her shocked little sister with a serious expression.

「Eseria! This should be known to the world! Using your own words, replace the current world’s entertainment with this!」

「O-okay….Since I received praise from aneesama, when Milan comes by next time, I will hand over the manuscript and have him bound it. I still have several manuscripts but I’m still in the process of writing them.」


「Y-ye-yesss! Aneesama, is something wrong?」

「Aaahhh! Alana-san, are you okay!?」

Cornelia suddenly grabbed Eseria like a devil. Eseria was surprised but not as surprised as Alana who’s heart almost stopped at what she saw. She collapsed that instant and Misty hurriedly nursed her. Under such circumstances, Cornelia asks her little sister in a low voice.

「How many books are you talking about? Does that mean that this is not the only one you have?」

「A-ano, desu ne! The one aneesama read was the “Crystal Labyrinth” series’ “Crown Prince of Dawn Arc”. As for the others, well, the main character is the same but her partner will be different. I basically wrote them in various patterns. As of now, I’m currently writing “Suffering Apostle of God Arc” and “Faith of the Holy Knight Arc”.」

「I don’t care what you are writing just bring them here right now!!」


Eseria, who was given with strict order with full power by her elder sister, who’s completely different from usual, left Misty on the spot, went out of the hallway as if rolling, and ran to her room.

(It was good that she not only accepts the concept of novel but likes it too but this is not what I have in mind! The personality of my gentle elder sister suddenly changed!)

While remembering the intense bad feeling, Eseria fearfully handed over the manuscripts to her elder sister but as she expected, her elder sister frequently demanded manuscripts from her since that time.

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