Chapter 4.13 – God Conversing Tool

Sylvia can feel an unusual power from the sacred tool.

That power is something she never felt from the pendant however, that power existed because of Sylvia’s continuous prayers.

That is something that is necessary for Kousuke to create something like the crown card.

Depending on an individual’s skill, a craftsman who makes magic tools or holy tools should be able to feel the power of the tool first.

However, it is just something that can be felt.

When making magic tools and holy tools, they need to make it that the magic power or holy power can be used.

Presently, Kousuke is trying to make the tool that uses that power but that power is neither magic nor holy power.

Using divine power, he’s trying to make a “path” that connects directly with Eris from the “Garden of Eternal Spring”.

Until now, it was impossible for him to make something similar because there’s no “path”.

However, Since Kousuke was able to connect with the “Garden of Eternal Spring” earlier, he finally was able to find it.

Unfortunately, the “path” is not always connected so Kousuke has to create the sacred tool immediately.

This time, Kousuke, who immediately stood up, put the sacred tool on his right hand and presented it to Sylvia.

「Sylvia, put your hands on it.」

「Eh? Y-yes….is this alright?」

As she was told, Sylvia clasps the tool with her right hand together with Kousuke’s right hand.

He’s trying to adjust the tool to Sylvia using divine power so the sacred tool must be sandwiched between them.

As he planned, he made Sylvia’s divine power pass through the “path” he made earlier and made the sacred tool the connection point.

Maybe because he just got connected earlier with the “path”, it didn’t take much time this time.


Sylvia, who suddenly felt divine power, staggered.

As if he’s already expecting it, Kousuke supported her.

「Are you alright?」

「I-i-i-i-I’m alright!」

Sylvia, who is being supported by Kousuke, turns red.

「? Really?」

The red Sylvia is currently resting her head on Kousuke but Kousuke still continued.

「Then, you’ll find it easier to understand if you close your eyes, can you close your eyes?」

「Y-yes. I can.」

Sylvia closed her eyes as Kousuke suggested and followed her way to the “path” as Kousuke told her to.

At the end of the “path”, Eris was waiting.

『Were we able to connect?』

『Yeah. You’re properly connected.』

『Great….Sylvia, can you hear us?』



『Ye-yes!? I-I can hear you!』

『You don’t have to be so surprised.』

『I-i-i-i-i-mpossible! How can you even talk to a god casually!?』

『No, even if you say that….I just got used to it?』

『Don’t you think it would be better to tell her right away?』

『Ah, right. Sylvia, from now on, you can always connect with Eris.』

『Of course, I won’t be able to respond if I’m busy but if I’m not, I will respond.』

『Is……is that so?』

『Yes. Of course, there are questions that I can answer or can’t answer, okay?』

『There anything that you can’t answer?』

『Unlike you, she knows how to be shy. Don’t you think you should learn from her?』

『Uwa, you’re brutal.』

『I’m only saying the truth. By the way, that sacred tool can also be used in the tower.』

『Eh? Is that so?』

『As the person who made it, what do you think?』

『No, I thought it can only be used here.』

『If that is the case, what’s the point in making it?』

『Wh-. Right. You’re right.』

『Of course….well, she can’t take any more than this so it’s time to cut the connection.』

『Okay. As you wish.』

—Scene Change—

After the conversation with Eris, Kousuke found that he’s hugging Sylvia, and Sylvia’s head is leaning on his neck.

「What’s wrong? Did you use too much power?」

「No, that’s not it! It was too sudden so I wasn’t even able to greet her. What should I do!?」

Sylvia panicked a little.

For Sylvia, Goddess Erisamir(Eris) is an object of faith. Suddenly parting without being able to say anything is something she finds unacceptable.

「No, it’s okay. You should calm down first.」


Sylvia said that fearfully.

「Of course. She knows the circumstances so it’s okay.」

「……I see.」

Kousuke said those to comfort Sylvia.

「So, do you know how to use the sacred tool?」

「…..I somehow understand.」

「Good. I can only teach you through my senses. You have no choice but to use it many times to properly learn it.」

「I understand.」

Seeing Sylvia nodding with enthusiasm, Kousuke can only smile wryly.

「No, you don’t have to be that enthusiastic.」

「No, this is a sacred tool that you made with great effort, if I don’t master it, what’s the point?」

「Ah, yeah. Maa, do it in moderation.」

Kousuke gave up admonishing her and just nodded instead.

「By the way, can you introduce me now, Sylvia?」

The temple chief, who was watching what’s happening from the side, barges in between Kousuke and Sylvia’s conversation.

Hearing her, Sylvia finally remembers and looks at the temple chief in a panic.

「My apologies, temple chief. These people with me are Kousuke-san and Kouhi-san desu wa.」

「Nice to meet you, I’m Kousuke.」

「Nice to meet you, I’m Kouhi.」

「Kousuke-san and Kouhi-san, she’s the temple chief, Laurel Alfaid-sama desu wa.」

「It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m the temple chief of this temple.」

Kousuke and temple chief Laurel bowed to each other.

「Sorry for troubling you but, I have a lot of things I want to ask you. Could we talk to a different place? Do you mind having a tea with me?」

Laurel suddenly invited him but Kousuke agreed.

「It’s okay. Let’s do that…..are Kouhi and Sylvia included?」

「Yes, of course.」

The fact that someone with the position of temple chief has invited him to talk away from the public’s eyes means that she wants to talk about something inconvenient for the public to hear.

For Kousuke, the temple chief’s offer is like a ship that will save them from trouble since he doesn’t want to deal with all the people around them so he agreed.

「Good. Then, please come with us.」

Laurel said so and as she began walking ahead.

Kousuke’s party followed after her.

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