Chapter 43 – Plow the Forest….I’m not Scared!

It became possible to process animal skin but there’s a problem.

There’s no place to dry the skin.

It is forest everywhere.

I already cut some trees around my residence but that’s only a little.

A big tree will be able to produce lots of boards after all.

The number of trees I cut until now is less than 10.

However, since the trees I cut are big trees, just cutting one greatly improves the viewability of this place.

Since I’ve only cut big trees, trees that are not that big are still around.

In order to create a place where I can sun dry animal skin, I need to open up an area around the rocky mountain.

I look around the area.

It looks like I don’t have to cut down all the trees around.

Let’s secure some space in front of the entrance of my residence for the time being.

I cut a tree and process it.

Cut, cut, cut….

I’m tired.

A large number of processed boards were stacked up.

I moved those boards to the 1st basement and the 3rd floor which are not being used.

That’s the first one.

How about the others?

 I chose the trees to cut by listening to the little oni and Koa’s group suggestions.

Trees in an area were cut in no time.

Now, this place is full of tree stumps.

It’s funny since I never planned to make it so wide in the first place.

After listening to Koa and the others, a huge tree stump field was created.

Looking at the left and right, it looks like the rocky mountain is now the center.

The cleared area is about 100m to the left and 100m to the right of it.

Isn’t it too much?

Hahaha, it is.


I take a break because I’m tired.

Upon entering my residence….the entrance now has totally become wooden.

It looks like the first group worked hard to turn my residence to a wooden one.

I won’t say anything but you did well!

However, what are you trying to achieve?

At least the dining area has become cozy.

There are shelves where you can put the tableware and there’s also space for Koa and the others to relax.

The chair I can sit on is so well made that it looks like a rocking chair.

All of the furniture looks familiar to me though.

I’m sure they are designs from a magazine I’ve seen.

However, I don’t even remember their details so….it’s a bit scary.

No, it’s because the golems worked hard.

Yeah, it’s okay to have a hanging chair from the ceiling.

I remember wanting to have one when I saw it in a magazine when I was still in high school.

And it is now in front of me….I’m not scared.

Sitting on a hanging chair is very comfortable.

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