Chapter 7 – Hunting an S Rank Bird Monster, Karaage Party Night (I)

Side: Arisa

On my way back to the city, I feel like my feet are lighter than usual.

I’m carrying a bag in my back but it’s the first time that I’m returning to the city feeling too light.

It’s because I feel like I’ve found a gold vein.

—the fur, fangs, and bones of an A rank monster, devil boar.

The adventurers guild will buy them on the spot with 800 gold coins….however, if I sell these directly to the weapon or armor shop, I’ll at least get a thousand gold coins.

But those hand riding rabbits…..

That niichan that managed to tame them is really something…..

—-they are the worst fighters that live in the forest of no return.

One time, there was a king of a country that accidentally trampled a carrot that the hand-riding rabbits are keeping near their burrow when he was hunting…..the bloody battle that comes next is still fresh in my memory.

It was a war between 200 hand-riding rabbits and one country but no one expected that the war would spread to the surrounding countries.

No matter what kind of carrots the major countries offer, they’ll only answer “The only palatable carrots for us are the carrots of the forest of no return” and kick their offer. They don’t even look at the carrots the major powers offer…..

Maa, in any case, this means I’m really lucky!

While feeling light and not even short of breath, I run all the way back to the city.

「To think that I’ll have the chance of getting close to that niichan! Thank god!」

—Scene Change—

The hand-riding rabbits caught a bird.

Given the size, it should be an ostrich and it looks like one too.

The face is somewhat fierce or rather, it looks like a hawk.

This is definitely not the ostrich I know of given its very wide wingspan. It looks like it can fly too.

「How did you hunt a bird?」

The hand-riding rabbits are an ethnic group of hunters but I’ve never seen them fly.

「We put nets between trees desu yo♪」

「We put lots of nets desu ♪」

「Then, we drive the bird there desu ♪」

「Once caught, we’ll beat it out desu ♪」

So, they induce the bird to go to a place where they set up a trap.

I’ve thought about it before, though they look like a bunch of idiots, they are highly intelligent.

They can process metals too.

Maa, let’s not think about it and start dismantling this ostrich-like bird.

Take out the internal organs and cut meats into parts.

The meat looks like duck’s meat and looking at its fat, it should be delicious.

Ah, that moment—-the fox-eared Arisa appeared.

「Oooniiichan! I brought the money from the other da……yyyyyyy….eeeeh?」

Her mouth opens and closes many times while pointing out the ostrich-like bird.

「That…..that’s a deathhawk!」


「Only super high-rank adventurers can kill that S-rank monster! Its meat, talons, and beaks….they can be traded with super high price!?」

「Ah, is that so? I don’t know much since it was the hand-riding rabbits that hunted it.」

「To be able to tame them….you’re really absurd.」

Arisa said that with a terrified expression….or rather, didn’t you say that before?

Also, why do you have to be like that? The hand-riding rabbits are hunters but they are a really good race.

「So, why are you here?」

Then, Arisa brought out a pouch.

「Here’s the money from the sales of the devil boar earlier. I’ve already deducted my commission….these are six hundred gold coins.」

By the way, according to what I heard from Arisa before, the starting salary of a city guard is around 20 gold coins.

Comparing its value to japan, one gold coin should be around 10000 yen.

That means that boar sold at a high price. Well, Arisa was obviously happy the other day.

「600 gold coins? How were you able to put them all in that small pouch?」

「Ah, orichalcum coins. One hundred gold coins are equal to one orichalcum coin….so there are six pieces there.」

「Orichalcum coin?」

When I untied the pouch, there were six small shining plates.

—-Orichalcum…..this is so fantasy-like.

Yeah, I shouldn’t get too excited.

If I put these in the offering box, that would be six hundred yen….

The money I’ve received from Arisa before and the remaining money from the yakiniku sauce I ordered plus these, I now have around 700 yen.

「What a great deal. Arisa should join us for dinner. You can stay in the warehouse if you want.」

It is almost evening so I can’t let a girl camp in a forest full of monsters alone.

「Okay. Thanks for the offer but…what’s for dinner?」

I replied while nodding.


That said, I prayed to god and ordered vegetable oil and karaage powder.

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