Chapter 2.3 – Moe Has No Age Limit

Every day, the store of the Wallace Company, which’s along the main street of the royal capital, has customers coming until dusk. For some reason, Wallace’s wife came to the store running from the back of the store. She whispered something to Wallace, who’s tending the store, that made him shiver.

「Eseria-ojousama is here!?」

「Cornelia-sama came with her too. Hurry back to the reception room!」

「Okay! I’ll be there in a moment so call me immediately if something happened!」

「Got it.」

Even their father, the duke, has never visited his store nor his house. While thinking of what to do, Wallace, left the store to his close aid and headed to the back of their store where his house and wife are.

「To come here without notice, do they want something urgent? Do they want to ask me anything?」

「We don’t have time to talk about that! We can’t be rude so let’s prepare the room and tea for them! 」

「…..Ah, right. My apologies, Lamia. 」

Because of two high-ranking noble’s sudden visit, the teary-eyed wife of Wallace became more upset with Wallace’s questions. Wallace hurriedly headed to the reception room where the two were waiting.

「Cornelia-sama, Eseria-sama, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. 」

However, Cornelia apologized to Wallace who bowed deeply to them.

「No, we were the ones who acted disrespectfully by suddenly barging in without sending a notice so you don’t need to do that. We are also very sorry for causing inconvenience to you and your wife. 」

Cornelia bowed her head while sitting down and Eseria followed her silently. Lamia responded by waving her hand.

「no no no, you’re not disrespectful in any way! To be visited by the two ojousama is an undeserved honor of our dilapidated house! 」

「Maa, dilapidated house….Certainly, it is smaller than our house but compared to the surrounding houses, it is clearly bigger. The interior and decorations can only be called fine and elegant. Though it is already expected, I’m deeply impressed with the residence of the representative of the Wallace Company. Eseria, what do you think? 」

「Ye-yes! I think it is an excellent house to live in! 」

「Maa….to think that ojousama feels that way…. 」

When she was suddenly called, Eseria hurriedly agreed to her sister. Hearing their comments, Lamia burst into tears as if she’d been deeply moved. Seeing what’s happening, Eseria can’t help but secretly look at her elder sister, who’s sitting beside her, with admiration.

(Wow, oneesama, are you sure you’re only 12 years old? You’re so good at influencing people’s hearts! Or is this the natural charisma of a noble daughter?)

While thinking about such a thing, as if it has been arranged beforehand, Eseria just kept silent while leaving the initial negotiation to her sister. Then, Cornelia slightly looked back and received a bundle of paper from Alana who was diagonally behind her. She handed it to Wallace.

「Then, Wallace-dono, this is the reason for our rushed visit. 」

「Yes….what’s this? 」

「It’s a manuscript of a novel. Would the two of you look at it? 」

「Then, please excuse us a little. 」

Wallace received it without hesitation although he has a suspicious expression. After reading the first page, he gave it to his wife. As Lamia begins to read, Wallace reads the second page. After repeating that process for around 20 times, he put the last remaining page of the manuscript on the table with a troubled expression.

「What do you think? I’m thinking of turning it into a book. You bought a printing house the year before last and you’ve started printing and selling books since last year, right? 」

「Yes, that is certainly true but…. 」

Responding like that to her proposal, Cornelia smiled back without getting angry.

「Then, please make 500 books before Najek’s birthday celebration next month. 」

「Ah, half of those will be sold to commoners so in order to lower that cost, you don’t have to upholster their binding and just make a simple thick paper cover!」

「Right, and the first 20 books should be delivered to our house. I’ll distribute them myself.」

Leaving the sisters talk alone, Wallace felt a sense of crisis and interrupted their conversation in a hurry.

「Ano! Cornelia-sama, Eseria-sama! Excuse me but, even if we make 500 books, I don’t think anyone will buy it!?」

Hearing what he said, though she already expected it, Eseria is still disappointed.

(Much less sold, no one has ever written a novel before so having him do what we asked will indeed puzzle him. How can I persuade him?)

Eseria began to think of how to persuade Wallace calmly but Cornelia seemed to have been offended and kind of asked him in a considerably challenging tone.

「We’ve already said this much and you’re saying that that little amount can’t even be sold?」

「No, ano….I’m not opposing ojousama’s opinion but there’s no book like this that has even been sold before.」


「Yes? What’s wrong? I’m still talking to the young ladies so can you please wait a moment?」

When his arm was suddenly grabbed, Wallace talked to his wife as if he’s irritated but Lamia met his husband’s gaze straight without letting him go.

「This book, we’ll make it.」


「We’ll make and sell it. This will absolutely sell!」

「Huh? No, wait a minute, Lamia!」

He tried to appease his wife but Lamia and Cornelia’s partnership that transcended generation and social status has been built.

「I’m so happy! Does madam understand the significance of this book?」

「Of course, ojousama! This is a revolutionary book that will overturn all of common sense! Free idea, free form, something that no one has achieved in history. Wonderful desu wa! Is this written by Cornelia-sama?」

「No, I don’t have that much talent. Today, I’m here as an escort and spokesperson for my little sister.」

「Whhaattt!! I can’t believe that such a little lady can write this groundbreaking story! I’m not speaking as a sensible adult but as a merchant, I will support you with all my might!」

「We are very happy and assured to obtain you as a supporter.」

「Your words are wasted on me! Please use all of our resources to your heart’s content!」


The conversation of the two ladies continued for a while and their excitement did not diminish one bit leaving Wallace, who was supposed to be the head of the family and representative of the company, on the side. Eseria, though a little rude to Lamia, thought that “Moe has no age limit.”.

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