Chapter 44 – Three Eyes Production…Cave Discovery!

The search for seasonings continues.

No progress has been made on this aspect.

Today, I’m checking out the clothes made by the three eyes.

Clothes for my whole body are finally completed.

Moreover, what they did was not white from head to toe.

The pants are black, the t-shirt is pale green, and the underwear is white.

When I was checking them working, I was surprised to see that there are colored yarns.

It looks like the giant bugs can produce colored threads depending on what they eat.

Are the spiderlings instructed by three eyes? They were collecting flowers and leaves.

Does this mean that the three eyes can think by themselves?

What the three eyes brought me this morning is satisfying.

The comfort level is also different from what I have been wearing until now.

It feels good to touch. It’s smooth and slippery.

However, there’s something I don’t like with the pants.

Please make the cloth thicker if you’re going to use it to make pants.

I handed over several needles I made from the silver ore.

They instantly used it with pleasure.

The best thing they did for me is the underwear. I finally have a new one.

However, I feel embarrassed when the three eyes are examining my underwear closely.

But I didn’t say anything about it.

Unfortunately, there’s no rubber.

So, both the underwear and pants don’t go down with the use of a rope tied on my waist.

It can’t be helped.

Nevertheless, I feel fresh while exploring the forest.

I found a big hole in a place a few minutes away from the place I reclaimed in front of the rocky mountain.

Checking it out, it slowly goes downhill.


Just looking at it from the entrance, I see that it’s kind of deep.

I don’t know how deep it is though.

This place is only a little away from the rocky mountain which is my residence.

Not too far, not too close.

However, it can be said that it is a place where if something happens, we will be affected.

It looks like I need to check what’s inside.

I proceed inside while illuminating the path using light ball magic.

The path is always downhill.

I’ve been walking quite a bit but it is still ongoing.

However, the size of the path is kind of worrisome.

The entrance was so large but it became narrower as I went down.

I don’t know how long I walked but I finally arrived at a big space.

….this is.

Looking at the width of the path, I’ve felt that this cave is “that” and it seems like I’m correct.

In front of me is an unusually big ant with intimidating tusks in its mouth.

It is twice as big as Koa.

The giant ant has a bright red body with mysterious-looking black pattern.

The black pattern emits strange light.

It gives me the same feeling as a shadow.

Though it is not a shadow, is it a curse too?

Since it gives me the same feeling as a shadow, “Purification”.

The whole body of the ant shines but the black pattern negates the light.

It was not purified.

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