Chapter 2.4 – Director of the Advertising Department

「Everybody, I would like to thank you for coming today for my birthday celebration.」

That day is Cornelia’s birthday celebration.

Lords from all over the country were invited and came to celebrate the Duke and Duchess Sjogren’s eldest daughter and it is a great success.

In the hall where the invited guests were gathered, the host, the duke and the duchess, express their gratitude to the guest, and Cornelia’s greetings begin. The front-most position belongs to Cornelia and for some reason, Milan, who’s already blue, is sandwiched between Najek and Eseria.

「Ano…..Eseria-sama. I know that you asked me to dress like this but, don’t you think it’s strange that I’m standing here with you!?」

He is wearing Najek’s clothes from several years ago. Milan is very uncomfortable even though he looks like a legit noble child while wearing those clothes. He never expected that when she said “Help me on the day of the party.”, she means he’s going with them like this. Never in his dream did he thought this would happen and it is already too late for him to cry. However, Eseria just cuts down his complaint without mercy.

「Milan, repress your belly. Today, you are the third son of a relative of Duke Sjogren family. Make sure the nobles attending won’t have a bad impression of you.」

When he was told to not rattle anymore, Milan can only put his head down in disappointment while listening to Cornelia’s greeting.

「These young ladies are already getting out of hands….When they went to our house last time, my mother became strange. Now, every time I come back from this mansion, she’ll always ask me “Have you got any new manuscripts of Eseria-sama?” with a very scary expression…..」

「My apologies Mila. They even managed to put anxiety to a little boy like you.」


Milan, who was comforted by Najek, who was standing diagonally behind him, turned to him in a hurry. He felt warmth in his heart enough for him to tear up. He wiped his blurry eyes with his hand and bowed.

「No, Najek-sama is only three years older than me. Since you are always with them, compared to you….I apologize for being upset even though we should be celebrating.」

「Yeah, let’s both do our best today.」

「Yes. Since it has already come to this, we can only do our best.」

That way, a friendship between men was established. Cornelia’s greeting ended so she called out the maids waiting around.

「We have prepared a little entertainment for everyone to enjoy so we would be glad if you give it a try….everyone, get ready.」


「Maa, what kind of entertainment would Duke Sjogren’s family show?」

「Should be something large scale or something really luxurious. I’m looking forward to it.」

While watching the maids prepare things, the guests are whispering with each other full of expectations. However, the things arranged betrayed the expectations of most of the invited guests.

「We have kept you waiting. This time, our house prepared those things for you to enjoy.」


「What are those? Do you know?」

「Very poor looking…..I mean, fairly simple things….」

Looking at the things placed on the tables, the guests started whispering with each other. Eseria can only sigh with their comments.

(Yeah, I understand that everyone’s confused. If you don’t have any prior knowledge, you won’t have any idea how to use them.)

Then, Cornelia continues to explain in a calm tone.

「Everyone, I think this is the first time you’ve seen one. This is a newly devised toy that everyone can enjoy regardless of age and gender.」

Some invited guests who heard her raised questions.

「It’s a toy?」

「Ano, how do you use it?」

「Good question. Let us demonstrate it to you. Eseria, Milan, please.」



Eseria is smiling brightly while Millan stutters with tension as they move to a table nearby.

「Everyone, if you can’t see it, please move forward.」

Even if Cornelia said so, no one dared to get too close or go ahead to someone superior to them. The front row, the area around Eseria, was occupied by high nobles.

(Yeah, exactly like I imagined but this is more convenient later.)

When Eseria sat in her chair while thinking that, Cornelia resumed her explanation. She pointed at the product that looks like a chessboard.

「This is “Kashis”. It can be played by two. As you can see, a piece has two different colors on the front and back and that’s what the players will fight for. The two will put the pieces on the board one by one, one after another and the one with the most color will win. So, both of you, start.」

「Then, Milan, are you ready?」

「Yes, please go on.」

Instead of explaining things for a long time, the two started Kashis immediately. Cornelia explained the key points while pointing at the board.

「Basically, you have to put your piece somewhere that makes your pieces pinch the opponents colored pieces and make them your own like that. You’ll have to flip your opponent’s pieces’ color to your own.」

「I see….」

「I have no idea what will happen.」

While the surrounding people are curiously watching the game, the two finished putting all the pieces in a heated match.

「That ends with that.」

「Yeah, then the outcome is…」

「Please wait. Ah, Eseria has two more pieces, it’s her win.」

「Uwaaa, that’s impressive. I thought that the other one would win easily. Did he hold back?」

「Right right. He’s been winning since the start, how can he lose?」

Milan, who quickly moves pieces and looks like he’s dominating the match, can only embarrassedly respond to Eseria’s victory. After seeing Mila’s wry smile, Cornelia returned her gaze to the invited guests and began speaking again with a smile.

「Everyone, have you seen it? This is the best game I’ve ever played since no one can actually predict how the match will turn out. Moreover, you can learn a more profound lesson with this, don’t you agree?」

「Eh? Lesson?」

「What do you mean….」

Then, facing the confused guests, Cornelia suddenly started talking with a serious expression.

「Looking at the arrangement of pieces in series, you would understand. I think you’ve seen it several times already. Being caught in greed and placing a piece in those with immediate profit only to be overturned in the next move or two.」

「Yes, indeed…」

「There’s also that huh.」

After being pointed out, some voices of approval rose. Cornelia nodded lightly and developed the topic more.

「That also applies in real life. I will refrain from speaking specific examples because it is inelegant. However, in the royal palace, in the office, or even at your own home, you probably experienced being suppressed with your belief in but still fighting against it with all your might. Wouldn’t that makes you look like someone unreasonable or someone who can accept things?」


When she said that while pressing her hand on her chest, the room became quiet as everyone started thinking of something. Seeing that, Cornelia continues.

「Even I, who is not yet recognized as an adult, can understand the absurdity upon hearing such situation much less being placed in such position.」

Then, Cornelia stopped talking again. She clenched her right fist the next moment and strongly appealed to everyone.

「However, you must endure your frustration or any immediate desire you have and ostensibly give up your place to the opponent while devising a secret plan to reverse the situation. This is the best toy to cultivate the “Important things before small things” spirit and “lose to win” for children in order to survive society. I, as a fellow child, would like everyone from my generation to seriously think about life like how this game is played.」


Despite the serious content, Cornelia continued to appeal with sincerity. Looking at the quiet hall, Eseria can’t help but be secretly impressed.

(Amazing….aneesama somehow looks divine. Although she did not shout like what I did when I said that, her convincing power and intimidating presence are off the roof. I’ll present aneesama the position director of the advertising department.)

While Eseria is sending her envious gaze, Cornelia starts mentioning the other thing she prepared.

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