Chapter 4.15 – Apostle of God

God’s apostle, messenger, angel, and so on.

Since ancient times, their existence has been recognized and they have been called with various names.

What they have in common is that they look like normal people.

However, they have a feature that no humans or demi-humans have, wings on their back.

Color, number span, etc. differ from person to person.

However, their greatest feature is the power they possess.

They are absurdly powerful that it’s unbelievable and they have sometimes helped or judged the human race as a whole.

There are shrine maidens that received oracles from god and there are times where they are informed about the coming of an apostle but there are times that they are not.

The reason why an apostle descent has not been known up to this day.

Some say that they appear when the balance of the world is about to collapse while others say they appear on a whim.

In some cases, when god appears in the world, they appear beside the said god. That’s the reason why they are sometimes called the apostle of god.

Therefore, for the priests and shrine maidens of the temple, they are objects of both worship and fear.


When Kouhi suddenly reveals her identity, Laurel and Sylvia bow their heads.

For them, this is a matter of course since she’s an object of faith.

However, Kouhi frowned at Sylvia.

「Sylvia, you don’t have to treat me like that.」


「After all, my lord doesn’t want it.」

When Sylvia raised her face, Kousuke nodded.

Though Sylvia has only been together with them for a short time, she knows that Kouhi(and Mitsuki) are moving according to Kousuke’s will.

「I…..I understand.」

Sylvia nodded in agreement though she’s reluctant.

For Sylvia, if it is someone she worships, she won’t hesitate to offend anyone but she won’t dare to offend the one she worships.



Kousuke, who’s watching the two, now looks only at Laurel.

「I’ll ask again, are you seriously thinking of pointing your blade on her?」

「No, impossible. This is all a misunderstanding….」

「You, do you really think you can repeatedly lie in front of my lord?」

Laurel’s words were interrupted by Kouhi.

At the same time, Laurel thought of the legend, you can never lie to an apostle of god.


While being careful not to show it on her face, deep inside, she’s sweating cold.

It is true that Laurel herself did not arrange anything that would harm Kousuke’s party.

However, it is also true that as someone standing at the top of the temple, she has responsibility and knowledge of what’s happening.

While trying to think of any idea how she can escape that situation, Kousuke speaks.

「Maa, as long as you don’t do anything to us hereon, you don’t have to mind what has happened.」

「That, of course….」

「However, looking at the current situation, there’s no point in getting your assurance, right?」

Aside from the people inside the room, she doesn’t know how much the people outside the room have heard.

There’s no point in making the others withdraw now.

Kouhi has revealed her true identity after all.

Laurel understands what he means.

It is not hard for her to imagine what Kousuke’s concern is.

It is almost certain that one member of the temple will bother them.

The petty tricks she has thought of have become meaningless.

She can only sigh as she gives up.

「Do you want me to gather all the people of this temple?」

「Yeah. That’s for the best.」

Kousuke nodded to Laurel’s words.

—Scene Change—

In the end, before the high-ranking people of the temple, Kouhi decided to reveal her true identity again and say some quality words.

The content is that the temple officials must not bother Kousuke’s group.

If a person from the temple acts in a way that will harm them, all of them will take joint liability.

Alternatively, the superior is directly responsible for the subordinate that made a move.

And so on.

After various arrangements(?), the meeting was disbanded.

There were some who had a bitter look but Kousuke’s not bothered with it at all. That’s the temple’s problem.

All they have to do is pray that no one will do something stupid after seeing an apostle.

However, when someone really comes, Kouhi would only need to use her power to crush it.

When she said it earlier, she really meant it.


「By the way, Sylvia, don’t you want to return to that temple?」

When they were going from the temple to the inn, Kousuke suddenly asked Sylvia.

「….what do you mean?」

Sylvia frowned at Kousuke’s sudden question.

「I mean, weren’t you originally a member of that temple?」

It is obvious seeing how Laurel and Sylvia treated each other.

「Ah, so that’s what you mean. I’m fine. To begin with, I was banished from that temple.」

Hearing her saying that casually, Kousuke was surprised.

「Eh? Is that so?」

「It is.」

「Fuh. I see.」

Seeing that there’s no follow-up question, Sylvia stares at Kousuke.

「… that all desu no?」

「Well, yeah, for now….if Sylvia wants to talk about it, I’ll listen.」

「……….let’s stop.」

「Then, I will ask no more. Also, you don’t have to tell me anything…..I mean, no matter what Sylvia chooses, there’s no problem.」

In a sense, Kousuke is her strongest backer.

When Sylvia heard him, she wondered for a moment what’s the relationship between Kousuke and Goddess Erisamir but immediately removed it from her mind.

She thought that if he wants to talk, he’ll talk but if he doesn’t want to talk, no matter how much she asks, it is impossible to hear anything from him.

She had a feeling that she’ll hear about it eventually and it doesn’t have to be now.

Today, it is enough that she learns Kouhi’s true identity or rather, that itself already made her dizzy.

She thought of the divine tool that Kousuke created for her.

For now, her priority is to master it.

—Scene Change—

When Kousuke’s party returned to the inn, they saw an unexpected scene.

They rented a large room so that the four of them can stay in the same room but Shrine is at the center of the room along with another woman.

…..and the woman’s hands and feet are tied up and she even has a gag on her mouth.

「….etho, what is happening?」

Kousuke approaches the two to check the situation.

Shrine is still wearing the clothes she’s wearing when she left their group earlier. Though she presently has a mischievous smile, he let her be for the time being.

Next, he looked at the woman whose hands and feet are tied while sitting on the floor.

The moment Kousuke turned his eyes to the woman, he couldn’t help but be captivated.

She has a better body than any other woman around.

Her facial feature, though not as beautiful as Kouhi and Mitsuki, will be considered beautiful by anyone.

Her black hair reflects light which makes it give off a glossy luster and her red eyes are suspiciously charming.

It was already too late when he thought something was wrong.

Kousuke is already approaching her.


「….fumu. As expected, even Kousuke-dono wasn’t able to take his eyes off her.」

Shrine, who noticed what happened to Kousuke, said so, as she claps her hand loud enough to distract everyone in the room.

By the time Kousuke was freed because of that sound, there’s already an ongoing situation.

Kouhi is already pointing her sword at Shrine.

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