Chapter 45 – Curse….Scary!

This is the first time that purification did not work.

My heart throbbed a little.

The curse might fight back ….「Barrier. Strengthen」

I have to protect myself first before anything else.

The ant’s whole body has black pattern.

Did it change because of the curse?

Speaking of curses…..could be a binding curse, vengeful spirit, or possession.

… it possessed?

I look at the giant ant.

I look into its eyes….I don’t know.

Let’s just do what I can do this time.

Before I knew it, Koa was already in front of me.

She prevented the giant ant from attacking.

Koa’s whole body shines. After that, the giant ant was blown away.

The vibration echoes through the cave.

When the giant ant stands up, Koa groans to intimidate it.

Soa and Hio lined up next to Koa.

And the giant ants has….children?

They are fairly smaller compared to the giant ant but there’s a number of them.

Though all of them have black patterns too.

They gave me a feeling of disgust.

For now, let me try what I can do.

They are probably possessed so exorcism.


….impossible. I can’t imagine anything related to exorcism.

Let’s try something else.

The sound of giant ants clasping their tusks echoes.

Gachi gachi gachi.


Ah, their state is definitely abnormal.

Could it be that their mind was being controlled?

It means that they are in a state where they can’t do what their heart desires.

I think I can imagine something for them….

I imagine the ants being tied by something and all I need to do is burn those binding things or cut them.

Cut them and let them be free.

「Binding curse cancellation」

The giant ant and the smaller ants were surrounded by rings of light.

As it covers them and as the light amplifies, their black pattern gradually becomes thinner.

When light disappears from the giant ant, the black pattern also disappears.

The smaller ants also lost their patterns.

Did I succeed?

Will their binding curse be transferred to someone else…..scaarryyy.

When I looked at them, the giant ant was looking at me.

It is not intimidating like earlier. It’s just plainly looking at me.

When the giant ant tried to approach us, Koa intimidated it.

The giant ant stopped….I feel like it is somewhat puzzled.

When I’m with Koa’s group or boss-san’s group, I can at least read the atmosphere a little.

However, I still find it difficult to communicate with them.

I approached the giant ant.

Somehow, I find myself patting its head….ah, it’s cold and slippery like pottery.

Though it looks rough, I still pat it.

I don’t know why but the giant ant looks more puzzled now.

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