Chapter 8 – Karaage Party Night (II)


The sound of oil boiling echoes while the fragrance of karaage fills the hut.

「Here, thanks for waiting.」

I put the patter on the table and hurried back to the kitchen to make the second batch.

By the way, I did not only prepare karaage but fried carrots for the hand riding rabbits too.

「Carrot♪ carrot♪」

「Foooddd desu」

「Meat meat carrot meat carrot ♪」

「I love karaage desu」

「Seriously desu」

「Meat meat carrot meat carrot ♪」

Good good, it seems to be very popular with the hand riding rabbits.

I mean, where does food go in their small bodies?

「More desu!」

「More nano desu!」

「I want to eat!」

Arisa then put a piece of karaage into her mouth.

She opened her eyes wide—–

「Uwaaa…..this is…..!」

She closed her eyes and chewed again and again and again. After that, she swallowed it.

She had a full smile as she stuck out her right thumb towards me.

「Oi, niichan!? What’s this? This is so delicious! This is the first time I’ve ever eaten something this delicious!」

「I’m not niichan, I’m Tatsuya. I have a name so use that to call me.」

「Ah, I’ve been impolite again. Then, I’ll call you Tatsuya-ani from now on….however, why are the hand-riding rabbits so fond of you….I finally understood. 」

「Half carrots, half cooking. They even have an alias which is gluttonous slaughterer…. From a hand-riding rabbit’s point of view, this place is paradise since they have both.」

「Gluttonous slaughterer….」

I laughed a little instinctively.

Just like that, the first batch of karaage disappeared from the platter in no time.

After a while, I put the second batch of karaage on a platter and put it on the table.

However, the karaage disappeared fast and furious too.

「Oi oi, you guys….leave at least something for me to eat.」

「But it’s delicious desu yo ♪」

Sonja is smiling happily while filling her mouth with karaage.

Well, if everyone’s happy, anything’s okay.

The third and the fourth batch…..while I was cooking the fifth batch, everyone’s fork finally started to stop moving.

「…..I guess everyone’s good now.」

I was finally able to sit on a chair with the last batch of karaage.

「Itadaki masu」

I didn’t taste it when I was cooking so I don’t know what the meat of death hawk tastes like.

This is a luxury ingredient that everyone loves. That raised my expectations.

I stab one using a fork and put it on my mouth.

With just one chew, the juice full of umami overflowed in my mouth.

So this is the reason why Arisa was chewing it over and over again….the more I chew, the tastier it becomes.


I couldn’t help but smile.


I eat the second, the third.

This is truly delicious.

…!! I almost got burned because I just put it on my mouth.

—however, this made me miss rice.

It would have been better if there’s rice.

I feel like this karaage will be many times more delicious and reach the ultimate karaage deliciousness if there’s rice.

…..I planted rice but it feels like it would take a month or two before I can finally harvest it.

Or, it would also be great if there’s sake….I feel like this would make a great side dish.

「Thanks for the food.」

「It was delicious.」

「Tatsuya ani, in the future….if you can let me join your dinner again, I’ll be really happy. 」

And so, the karaage night party ended with great success.

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