Chapter 2.5 – My Aneesama is a Charmer

「Then, next, I will explain this country touring toy, Pteranodon.」

As soon as Cornelia said so, Eseria, who was sitting on a chair, leaked a strange voice.


「Eseria-sama, is something wrong?」

Milan, who reflexively turned his gaze to Eseria, asked her with a whisper. For some reason, Eseria’s holding her mouth using both of her hands. She finally removed her hands and answered after calming down.

「My apologies, it’s nothing. My nose just got a little stuffy.」

「Is that so?」

Milan thought it was strange but thinking that it is normal for Eseria to be strange, he just returned his gaze to Cornelia.

(Dangerous dangerous. I almost burst into laughter. I did not name it “kendama” since other people don’t know what it means and I will surely be questioned about the origin of the name.)

While thinking that, Cornelia looks towards them and calls Milan.

「Milan, can you please show how it is used?」

「As you wish.」

The meeting continues. Eseria only looks at the very tense Milan standing up.

( When I first showed it to aneesama, I said “This doesn’t have a name yet so can aneesama name it?”. However, I never thought that she would name it like that.)

Cornelia keeps explaining while Milan is preparing the kendama demonstration.

「This Pteranodon has a very simple structure where a handle and a sphere are connected. Movement is restricted because they are connected by a thread. It is played by manipulating the ball as you wish.」

「What do you mean by manipulating the ball as you wish?」

One of the invited guests, who seemed to can’t imagine what Cornelia is talking about, instinctively asked that question. Cornelia smiled at Milan.


「Yes. Let’s start….Jest!」

For some reason, Milan shouted the name of a city as he threw the ball for some reason. The ball almost perpendicularly fell on the big cup making a faint sound.

The watching peanut gallery was surprised.


「Eh? What’s that? Why didn’t he just lift the ball using the tread?」

「Why did he make it ride that part?」

Eseria smiled at them and left the explanation to her devoted elder sister.

「Everyone, please calm down. He pulled it up using recoil and put it on that part. Aside from each tip of this handle, there are parts of it that have shallow depression. If you put the ball there, it will stabilize.」

After hearing Cornelia’s explanation, the surrounding nodded as if they were convinced.

「Is that so?」

「I didn’t get it for a moment.」

「But of course, that’s not the end of it. Milan.」

「Leave it to me.」

Perhaps his tension was relieved when he succeeded in his first try. Milan began to continuously perform tricks.

「Yoh…..Aspera! Hou…..Ejir! Wah….Raguard!」

At the end of his performance, the crowd cheered as he inserted the ball on the spike on the end.

「Ooohhh! Amazing, the ball was stuck!」

「Maa, to be able to do that!」

「Wonderful desu wa!」

Everyone claps their hands aside from the wryly smiling Eseria.

(When I was teaching Milan, he was not good at all. To think that he’ll be showing off here. It’s really hard to decide who’ll take the production number.)

Seeing that the applause has naturally subsided, Cornelia continued to explain with a straight expression.

「Everyone, the technique he has shown is truly amazing but what should be noted is his body movement. If his hand is shaking, it will be impossible to control the ball. Therefore, one’s arm should be steady, back should be straight, and movement should be flexible including the lower body movement. In other words, like this lady, this is a good way to practice courtesy.」

(To be honest, I was joking when I told that to aneesama….)

Although Eseria instinctively looks elsewhere, the adults around nodded as if they were convinced when they looked at Milan.

「It is as you say….」

「It looks like you certainly can’t do it if you bend your upper body.」

「Of course, it is the same for men. In the knight’s ritual, posture is important. It is true that it is a toy but it can also train your posture while playing!」

Cornelia declared that with force and it immediately raised voices of approval.

「Right! That is certainly a revolutionary toy!」

「As expected of Duke Sjogren’s house desu wa!」

「The way they see things is clearly different!」

The invited guests praised not just the duke’s house but also Cornelia but she continued to talk.

「Actually, there is still a benefit in using Pteranodon. Milan, please.」

「Yes. Then, here I go…..Ejir! Waah!…..Meltore!」



Then, after Mian dropped the pierced ball down, he put it on the big cup again, and then dexterously put the ball on the shallow depressions all over the handle and whenever he puts it on one, he’s shouting something. The people noticed it so Cornelia continues to explain when they were distracted.

「Everyone, have you noticed? From a while ago, every time Milan catches the ball and stops, he’s saying names of places. By the way, what he has said until now are the names of the central part of the country around the royal capital of Raguard. The places where the ball is place has names stamped on them.」

「I see. So there’s that.」

「So, you’re saying that it can also teach something.」

Cornelia smiles and nods to the speculation of the invited guests.

「Yes, that’s right. And the place where the names are written and decided depending on the scale. The main cities are stamped on the big cup. The distribution centers and post stations scattered around the hard to place places like the part of the handle itself. However, if you don’t understand the location and the true worth of that place, can you truly be called as a true intellectual!?」


Everyone in the large hall listens to Cornelia’s loud claim. Then, she softened her expression and beckoned Eseria in her usual tone.

「Though I seem to have said a lot of great things, in fact, these are designed and developed by my little sister, Eseria. I’m really proud of my little sister who can make such epoch-making articles.」

As soon as she said that, startling gaze of astonishment from all over the hall pierced Eseria that made her stand up.

「Ah aaahhh no! Designed and developed, those words are an exaggeration! And it was aneesama who proposed to inscribe the name of the places on Pteranodon!」

「My little sister is humble and always wants to put me up. I’m really happy to have a talented little sister.」

The moment Cornelia said that, the loudest applause and cheers were heard.

「Truly wonderful desu wa!」

「Ojousama is overflowing with talent.」

「And their sisterly bond is great, truly impressive desu wa.」

「I envy the duke and the duchess desu wa.」

「Then, my apologies for saying a lot of things. Please relax and enjoy. There are five kashis and one Pteranodon for each region which are central, east, west, south, and north. I think it will be fun to enjoy it and check whether you can conquer your favourite place.」

When Cornelia said that, the whole venue waved. The nobles close to the duke’s family greeted them in order and after a while, moved towards the kashis and Pteranodon installed by the maids on the wall before anyone noticed them.

While looking at the situation, Eseria whispered to Milan.

「Ufufu….they are worried about whether the city in their territory was included.」

「To divide it into regions so that the territory of domestic nobles in various parts of the countries will be included can only be said to either be horrifying or shrewd….」

In response to Milan’s dismay, Eseria replied as if she’s a little offended.

「That Pteranodon, I’m certainly the one who brings up the idea but it was aneesama who increased the concept.」

「I know. It was during that time that I clearly understood that the two of you are both not in the category of noble ladies.」

「You’re saying as if we did something bad. In the meantime, work more! If you don’t teach them how to use it, they can’t enjoy it.」


Then, towards the confused guest, Eseria walked triumphantly while Milan followed her at the state of resignation.

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