Chapter 4.16 – Charm

When Kousuke saw Kouhi pointing her sword against Shrine, he stopped her in a hurry.

「Kouhi, wait wait.」


「This is truly a not normal situation but it’s not too late for her to explain what’s happening, right?」

As soon as they entered the room, they were distracted by an unfamiliar woman and they finally thought about the situation now that they gained their consciousness back.

Kousuke doesn’t know what has been done to him but he wanted to at least hear an explanation.

In response to Kousuke’s gaze, Kouhi reluctantly sheathed her sword.

Kousuke was relieved with what she did so he looked at Shrine.

「So?….what’s with this situation?」

「Fume, when I was walking with you earlier, I felt signs of something sneaking around us.」


「Maa, if it’s just that, I would have left it alone but I felt a rare presence from that person so I personally look at her.」

That was the reason why Shrine left Kousuke’s party in front of the temple.

「rare presence?」

「Umu. Well, to put it simply, it’s charm.」

「Is that….what’s that? Is it attracting the other party unconditionally?」

「Maa, you’re not wrong.」

The moment he saw her, Kousuke’s consciousness was stolen as well.

By the way, it looks like Sylvia got affected too.

When he looks at Sylvia, she nods as if affirming that she was affected.

「… be able to charm someone of the same sex….isn’t she amazing?」

「Right. Even I. Though it’s only when I saw her the first time.」

Kousuke looked at the woman again.

As he’s aware of the charm, he was not charmed like what happened earlier but he still feels like he’s being attracted which is terrible.

「So you tied her because of that?」

「My lord, that’s not it. In spite of our current situation, things would have gotten worse if she’s not tied up.」

Kouhi butted in with a sour face.

When he heard that, Kousuke understood what Kouhi was trying to say.

「….you mean, if she’s not tied up, her charm power would have been greater.」

「I’m sure it is.」

Shrine nodded in agreement.

After hearing that, Kousuke finally understood why Kouhi acted like that.

No matter how you think about it, she’s a very dangerous person for Kousuke(or rather, for all the men in the world).

At that moment, Kousuke suddenly wondered.

「….areh? If she has that much power, how can she be in the city?」

Until Shrine caught her, she should be following Kousuke’s group casually.

「Right. Maa, I’m also like her. It is some sort of racial characteristic or even a skill of a certain profession. It is a special skill that makes people around not notice your presence.」

「I see, so….wait a minute….a skill of a certain profession….」

Kousuke can only think of the word “assassin”.

「Actually, there are a lot of people who train that skill. I have yet to hear from this lady though.」

「You haven’t talked to her yet?」

There should have been plenty of time before Kousuke and the others arrived.

「I don’t want to listen. This person’s voice also has that power. I also have similar power but I was surprised that it almost worked on me.」


All of them are speechless.

Kouhi felt it earlier too which means her power is really terrible.

It was only after Shrine said that that Kouhi got interested in that lady.

「Then, that means it won’t be possible for us to hear why she’s following my lord?」

「That’s what I want to say.」

Hearing Shrine’s reply, Kouhi started thinking.

They need to hear information for her but the problem is they can’t allow her to talk.

「That’s why I think it is a good idea if we entrust her to an expert.」


Kousuke was puzzled about who she was talking about.

To be sure, he looked at Sylvia but Sylvia only shook her head.

When he looked at Kouhi, Kouhi said something.

「It’s Mitsuki, right?」

「Umu. She’s able to summon me. Perhaps she’s someone with similar skills.」

Kouhi did not deny her claim.

On the other hand, Kousuke nodded.

「So, can I leave this place to Kouhi-dono while I bring Mitsuki-dono?」

「….it can’t be helped. That’s the only thing we can do now.」

The only ones who can teleport to the tower are Kouhi and Shrine. It is impossible for Kouhi to leave Kousuke’s side so there’s no choice but to let Shrine leave.

「I’ll be back when it’s time for dinner. 」

Shrine said so and left the room.

Although the woman looks pitiful since she’ll stay that way until the Shrine brings Mitsuki there, it can’t be helped because her effect on Kousuke is too much.

There’s no way Kouhi would unbind her.

In the end, Kousuke spent his time not looking at the woman as much as possible until Mitsuki arrives.

—Scene Change—

Just like what she said earlier, Shrine came back before dinner.

It looks like she already explained the issue to Mitsuki, Mitsuki immediately looked at the woman and nodded in understanding.

「Heh. I see. This is amazing. 」

After saying so, she approached the woman.

Seeing her, the woman seems to have felt something and tried to step back.

「Don’t run away. I’m trying to help you. 」

Mitsuki, who approached the woman, put her index finger of her right hand in between the eyebrows of the woman and muttered something.

When the woman heard it, she was surprised.

「Okay. That’s it. You can untie her now.」

The moment Mitsuki said that, Kousuke felt that the pressure he sensed from the woman disappeared.


Hearing Mitsuki, Shrine unbound the ropes.

The restraint that bound the woman was not only the rope tied on her but also the magic casted by Shrine.

「Ano….thank you very much.」

The woman, who was finally freed, bowed to Mitsuki.

「Ara. To thank me like that, do you know what I did?」

「Hai~. That is a technique that’s also transmitted to my hometown….however, there’s no one that can do it for me….」

What Mitsuki did to the woman was to seal her charm power.

Of course, her race also has that kind of technique but it is necessary to have the corresponding power in order to use that technique with someone.

Her charm power is too strong so there’s no one that can seal it for her.

「Right…..looking at it, it looks like you have siren blood?」

When she said that, the woman was surprised.

「That….you noticed it?」

「Yeah, well, somehow.」

「I see. So that’s why.」

When Shrine heard their conversation, she nodded as if she finally understood something.

「Her blood has a very good mix.」

「Right. The person herself is probably not aware of it.」

「You’re probably right.」

Mitsuki and Shrine’s conversation left everyone behind.

「It is good that you two found out something but why don’t you share it with everyone?」

「That’s right but there’s something that needs to be done first, right?」

「What is it?」

Kousuke was puzzled by what Mitsuki had said.

「To begin with, we have to confirm why is she following Kousuke-sama….you’re going to tell us, right?」

When Mitsuki said that while looking at the woman, the woman nodded.

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    「Right. Maa, I’m also like her. It is some sort of racial characteristic or even a skill of a certain profession. It is a special skill that makes people around not notice your presence.」

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