Chapter 9 – Dream Demon: Succubus Came Over. Of Course, “That” Will Happen

「My long-cherished garlic….I finally got it!」

I’ve been riding a rabbit every day….Sonja has been pushing me to the limit.

I feel like my cheeks have become deeper and I’ll fall if I still can’t eat something that would bring me stamina.

Today will be garlic steak.

The hand riding rabbits will eat too so I have to serve it with carrots.

By the way, I shouldn’t give garlic to Sonja. If she gets more stamina, things will get worse.

That time — the door opened after a sound of knocking.


A super beautiful woman was at the door of the shed.

Looking at the size of her chest, she should be a G cup and she looks like she’s in her late twenties.

She’s wearing something like a high-exposure bikini armor. She has silky pink hair that falls to her shoulder.

She’s also incredibly sexy.

Sonja looks like a junior high school student or a high school student so she could be considered as a young one.

However, this person is an adult and the only word that can describe her is bewitching.

「I smell something delicious…..I am a dream demon succubus—- Maria. I was deprived of my power when I was expelled and my stomach is rumbling.」

Even though I didn’t ask her, she started talking about herself.

I mean, she said she’s a succubus, and given her sex appeal, it’s quite convincing.

The words “lewd pink” can’t be more suitable for her.

「Maa, since your belly’s rumbling, do you want to eat?」

It can’t be helped. I gave her garlic steak.

After a bite – Maria’s eyes opened wide.

「This taste is impossible to achieve….even the demon world’s chefs can’t cook something like this. The only one capable of producing this kind of taste is a god…..I get it desu wa!」

Then, Maria ravages the garlic steak like she only has a minute to live.

「If you eat that fast, won’t you choke?」

She pushed all the meat into her mouth in a flash.

「The power of meat and garlic….! It filled up my power!」

「I don’t think you can digest it that fast!?」

Maria shook her head a little.

「Garlic is a symbol of energy. It is also a source of magical energy of succubae. It won’t be digested by physical activity….moreover, it will become another form of energy upon intake. To be more specific, if you put it in your mouth, magical power will be replenished. Maa, of course, the nutrition will also be absorbed but much later….」

「I see.」

And so, Maria turned to me….and she’s looking at me with flirtatious eyes.

「I ate garlic for the first time in a long time….it has been painful without it. Also, night activities are important for the recovery of a succubus’s magic power.」


「With me being deprived of magical power, I will not recover in a day or two.」

「….in other words?」

「Ano….that….for a while…..can I trouble you in various ways….or do you dislike it….nano desu?」

So, I said my honest feeling.

「No, I don’t dislike it at all.」

Thus, the number of residents increased.

—by the way, a real succubus was more amazing than those legends.


Three days later, during the morning farm work—

「Tonight, you’ll go to bed with me!」

Sonja clings to my right arm.

「Ara? Do you know what you are saying, lass?」

Maria is entangled in my left arm.

I still have to do my farm work so give me a break….then, the two of them said something outrageous.

「Then, tonight is a threesome….」

「Uhuh! Let’s close the deal!」

I coughed heavily.

「Oi oi, you two….aren’t being unreasonable?」

Hearing that, the two replied with teary eyes.

「…you hate it?」「…you don’t like it?」

And so, I honestly said what I feel.

「I don’t hate it at all.」

Yeah, I totally don’t dislike it.

However….I’m already worn out….I think.

My body won’t last no matter how I think about it. I already have a steady supply of garlic for energy but it can’t catch up.

When I thought that unpleasant thing, the voice of god echoed in my head.

Pirorirorin ♪

Skill: King of the Night Level 10 has been activated】

「Why only now!?」

No, I really appreciate it….

So, a lot of things happened that night—-

—the conclusion, it seems like it will be their turn to be worn out in the future.

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