Chapter 4.17 – Succubus?

The woman who was brought by Shrine introduced herself as Peach Train and told them why she was following them.

「Eh? Divination?」

「Yes~. In my home village, there’s an old lady who’s good at fortune-telling. According to that old lady’s divination, I’ll meet my fated one in this city.」

「….divination, that’s ambiguous….fated one?」

「I didn’t get it when she said that to me but now, I seem to get it.」

Peach says so as she looks at Kousuke.

「…..? What do you mean?」

「That is~. You are my fated one desu.」


Kousuke was at loss for words.

(No no, this can’t be. This kind of development only happens in 2D.)

Surely, he did not think that such development would befall him.

Sylvia, who’s been listening on the side, turned her confused gaze to Kousuke. Shrine and Mitsuki, on the other hand, turned their gaze with interest on him. Kouhi is acting normal.

「Ah, please wait a minute. When I said my fated one, I don’t mean my destined person but someone who’ll be greatly involved in my life~…..Well, I don’t mind if you’re my destined.」

「…..What do you mean by greatly involved in your life? 」

Kousuke asked Peach as if he did not hear the last part she said.

「Eehto, you’re already greatly involved in my life~. Mitsuki-san is the only one who can seal it for me. But if that is the case, you can say that my fated one is Mitsuki-san. However, rather than Mitsuki-san, I think that my fated one is Kousuke-san.」

「No no, wait a minute. Before that, why do you think I’m the one who’ll be greatly involved in your life?」


「….no no, intuition is…..」

Kousuke can’t help but shrug his shoulders.

「Ah~, you’re joking with me, aren’t you? Our race is famous for our intuition, are we not~?」


「Ano….is your race, are you perhaps a succubus?」

Seeing that Kousuke has a question mark above his head, Sylvia asked that.

「Right desu yo~」

Hearing Peach’s answer, Sylvia nodded as if she was convinced.

「Ehto, what does that mean?」

「The succubus, it is a race that is famous not only for sexual things but also with their good intuition.」

「Rather than good intuition, it is more appropriate to say that they can sense the future.」

Shrine supported Sylvia’s explanation.

「That’s right desu wa~. Thanks to that ability, their race produced a lot of excellent fortune tellers.」

「Yeah~. That’s right.」

「In general, because they are famous sexually, they are targets as slaves in that area instead of being exploited with their fortune-telling abilities.」

Kousuke was surprised by the unexpected history of succubus.

Well, the only succubus knowledge Kousuke has is from stories on earth.

「Areh? Then, how about your covert ability?」

「That is, an ability I gained from training~. In my case, I never actually never used my covert ability until now since I can just charm anyone around me, no questions asked.」

「I see.」

Peach said that to Kousuke with a smile, and Kousuke was convinced with her explanation.

「It’s alright desu yo~. The only ones I charmed are my fellow succubus and we know how to treat it. Also, I’m forbidden to leave our village until I’m sealed with the secret technique.」

The succubae were surprisingly careful with her power of charm.

「I see….areh? I was joking when I asked about your covert ability but given your answer, it sounds like it is your main profession!?」

「You’re right desu yo~. Well, we are mainly fortune tellers but we also have a history of doing covert things.」

「Heh, is that so…..areh? Is it alright for you to tell me that?」

「Originally, no desu yo~. However, you are my fated one.」

Though Peach charm power should have been sealed, Kousuke felt something but he managed to shake it off.

「No no. I’m not your fated one nor your destined person, okay….!?」

「You are both desu yo~」

「That’s not what you said earlier!!」

Seeing Kousuke like that, Peach giggles.

「Ara, regrettable desu~. I can do whatever you want. By the way, even though I’m a succubus, because of the circumstances I mentioned earlier, I have protected my chastity.」

「Yo-you don’t have to tell me that…..!?」

Peach is a succubus after all so it can’t be helped if Kousuke thinks of her like that.


「By the way, why did Mitsuki and Shri say that she’s mixed?」

Kousuke, who managed to calm down, turned and talked to Mitsuki.

「Ah, I’m interested in that too~.」

「Right, about that, how about Shrine explain it to you?」

「Ah, okay.」

Shrined turned her gaze to Peach.

「You already know that you have siren blood in you but have you heard of any other bloodline that you possess?」

「Any other~? I haven’t heard anything in particular.」

「Fumu. I see.」

「Shri, she won’t be convinced with just that so explain it to her.」

Shri nods to Mitsuki since she also noticed that Kousuke is beginning to be impatient.

「I know I know….Peach, you definitely have vampire blood.」


Peach looked stunned.

「I don’t feel that you’re bounded by any blood contract so I think you should be related to the vampire ancestor.」

「This is the first time I’ve heard of it~. That means, Shrine-san, are you by chance?」

「Yeah. I’m a vampire princess.」

「Eh~, is that so desu~. This is the first time I see one.」

「Eh? What!? Aren’t vampires rare?」

「If you want to talk about rarity, there are as many as us as there are succubae.」

As Sylvia was told with that, Kousuke looked at her since she’s the one with the best common sense among them.

The shocked Sylvia can only nod.

In short, though everyone knows that there are demi-humans like vampires and succubae, they are rare.

「So, you think that it’s unusual for her to have a vampire bloodline?」

「No no, that’s not it. However, Peach bloodline seems to have originated from the ancestor or someone close.」


Hearing what Shrine has just said, Peach and Sylvia are stunned.

「Moreover, it has not faded even with each passing generation as if it was reverting back. It was very powerful.」

Kousuke, who noticed Shrine’s subtle wording, tilted his head.

「…..was? Past tense?」

「Umu. With Mitsuki-dono’s technique, that power is now sealed.」

「Is that so~」

Peach, whose ancestor power got sealed, was convinced.

「Fumu. It looks like you have an idea about it?」

「I mean, it was my village’s problem that my power can’t be sealed. If there’s really a power like that inside me, it would all make sense.」

「I see. Can’t anyone detect it?」

Shrine’s doubt was directed at Mitsuki, the one who sealed that power.

「Yes. The power of succubus, siren, and vampire was mixed in a very good way so it will be difficult for anyone who has no idea about it to seal it.」

「I see~ I’m convinced~」

「By the way, what is an ancestor? 」

Kousuke, who has never heard about it, asked that question.

「What? You didn’t know? Another name is “Vampire Origin”, the source of all vampires. 」

「Then that means there’s only one? 」

「It is said that there are 13 of them. 」

「Eh~ 」


「Now that Peach’s power is sealed, is Kouhi relieved? 」

When Mitsuki changed the topic to Kouhi, Kouhi had a very sour expression.

「…’s not just her charm. 」

「You’re such a worrywart. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand how you feel. 」

Mitsuki laughed at Kouhi’s answer.

「What are you talking about? 」

The two are talking in a subtle way so Kousuke asked them directly.

In response, Mitsuki dropped a new bomb.

「Peach’s close combat and dagger skill level is close to us. 」

After hearing that she has skills that can match the skill of his two apostles of god, Kousuke stared at Peach in surprise.

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