Chapter 10 – It Looks Like I’ve Been Scammed. Let’s Go to the City

「Do you know that Arisa is ripping you off?」

Today, after receiving the payment from the death hawk from Arisa, the succubus Maria said that.

「I’m telling the truth. If we’re talking about death hawk….if you’re going to trade one to the adventurer’s guild, you’ll get 1500 gold coins.」

I received 750 gold coins.

She certainly said “I’ve deducted my commission!” like always…..however, taking half would be too much.

「Tatsuya-sama? What are you planning to do?」


I don’t want to doubt others too much.

But for the time being, it is necessary to clarify the facts.

「In that case, I’ll go.」

Just now, the hand-riding rabbits have hunted a death hawk.

「Where are you going?」

「I’ll check the purchase price at the adventurers guild of the nearest city. It’s a half-day walk from here, right?」

Then, Sonja, the queen of the hand riding rabbits, jumped in to join.

「Ufufu! The city, is it? I’m going too desu♪」

「Ah, if you’re going with me, you are free to do so.」

I currently have 750 gold coins….to be precise, I have 7 orichalcum coins and 50 gold coins.

Converting it to yen, it should be 7,500,000.

I also know what the city looks like and I kind of want to buy household goods and supplies.

「Shopping♪ Shopping♪」

Sonja began to happily skip.

This fellow tends to hop while waving her tail when she’s happy.

「Ah, then I’ll go too.」

「You can follow me if you want. If we have enough, I’ll even buy you clothes and accessories.」

Hearing me say that, Maria’s eyes change color and she wraps her arm around my arm.

「You’re really a gentleman….I like it. You’re not only fascinating at night.」

The way she looks at me….it’s kind of painful.

「Ufufu. I’ll bring thirty carrots.」

Oi oi, it’s only a day trip.

「Are you going to eat it all in one day?」

「Yes desu♪」

No matter how you think about it, she eats too many carrots….

And like that, we decided to go to the city.

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  1. Rinslet

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. laharl8080

    are, didn’t 1 Gold Coin equal 1 yen since when it become 10,000 yen?

    1. ncdxero88

      It’s his estimation of the worlds value for money. The 1 Gold=1yen rule only apllies to the offering at the ordering altar, well because the god apparently is stingy and hes getting ripped off by the god because of the god’s desperation for offerings.

  3. Lurking Reader

    Sonja reminds me of Bunnyblade(Technoblade Origin SMP)

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