Chapter 11 – While Hiking to the City, a Dragon was Killed

After eating lunch and a little commotion….we finally went hiking.

That’s right, we just walked through the forest like that.

On the way, Sonja hunted down two death hawks we encountered in the forest.

The hand riding rabbits are already good but Queen Sonja is on a whole new level.

She took down a death haw, which is a high-ranking monster, with just a hit from the back of her hand.

We’re walking through the forest for three hours.

We’re halfway to the city….

「Ah! That is….we encountered something unexpected!」

Sonja found a ten-meter-tall dragon.

Sonja and Maria worked together and after ten seconds of battle….the dragon died.

Yeah, it’s true, the dragon was indeed defeated easily.

The terrain is lightly destroyed, the surroundings are charred, and it is obvious that a fierce battle happened here….

Well, let me explain the details.

The dragon attacked first using breath. The two of them evaded it.

After that, Maria grabbed the front leg of the dragon and shoulder throw it to Sonja. Sonja meets the dragon in the air with an attack.

The dragon fainted and my eight companions beat up the dragon. The battle ended in ten seconds.

—-how do I say this….their f*cking strong.

By the way, this dragon seems to be called an arc dragon.

「Maa, I’m the duchess of the succubus race. I have lost my position in the demon world but thanks to Tatsuya-sama’s grace every night, I’m now in perfect condition.」

「ufufu. Are dragons delicious desu yo?」

Of course, we’ll take the meat.

As for other materials like bones, skins, and fangs, we’ll sell them in the city.

I want to know if the death hawk is really worth 1500 when sold….if so, the errand business costs too much.

By the way, the death hawk is as big as an ostrich.

As for the arc dragon, it’s about 10 meters.

To be honest, we’re already trouble on how to transport the death hawk—-

Pirorirorin ♪

Skill: Item Box Level 10 has been activated】

And I heard god’s voice.

Maa, item box is probably “that” skill that doesn’t need an explanation.

By the way, since the skill level is the highest, that means I don’t have to be worried about space.

In addition, it seems like there is a quantity limit of up to one ton. Time is also not flowing in it so everything is preserved.

Well, it’s great.

—–I wanted to taste dragon meat at least once.

Well, everyone who likes fantasy will surely understand how I feel.


And we arrived in the city.

By the way, the city was like a medieval fantasy world city….well, it’s a medieval fantasy world city.

There were also skewer stalls. We’re already hungry so I brought some.

「ufufu. Very bad desu yo. Very very bad desu yo.」

「It is certainly bad. I feel like I’m eating garbage.」

I also ate but compared to the meat of death hawk…..well, it’s edible but it tastes so bad.

I feel like they grilled rotten meat and sold it to me.

The two ladies can’t eat it so they pushed their skewers to me making me eat three sticks of garbage.

It would have been better to throw it away but I was educated to not waste food by my mother.


And we arrived at the adventurers guild.

I tried to observe the surroundings immediately after entering. This is indeed how I imagine what an adventurers guild of a fantasy world looks like.

There’s an elf receptionist at the counter so we head there without hesitation.

「Can you purchase materials….」

「Purchase materials? What do you have?」

I called the item box.

By the way, its size is 1.5 meters in height, width, and length. I can put anything to it and I can naturally pull them out.

I took out a death hawk and put it on the counter.

「……..death hawk?」

The receptionist opened her mouth wide in surprise.

「By the way, I want to take the meat back home.」

「Then, we will purchase it for 1500 gold coins….15 pieces of orichalcum coins. Ah, we’ll also deduct the dismantling fee. However, since you can hunt an S rank monster….you shouldn’t be just anybody.」


This confirmed how much commission that fox eared beastkin Arisa takes.

She said that she already deducted her commission from the death hawk and passed me with a mere sum of 750 pieces of gold coins.

Well, let’s think about that later. For now, let’s sell them.

「By the way, there are two more death hawks….」

「….eh? No, customer-sama, that’s not a good joke. Even ultra-high rank adventurers can’t hunt several death hawks…..eeehhh!?」

Seeing the two additional death hawks, the elf receptionist turns blue.

「45 orichalcum coins….I have to go….to the guild vault….?」

「Wait, we still have to add the arc dragon.」

When I said that, the elf receptionist’s face was cramped.

「Please, don’t joke around. Even if you can hunt several death hawks, an arc dragon is on a whole new level….the only one that can return alive after hunting one is a group of heroes…. In the first place, it is impossible to put something that big into an item box….」

Then, I took out the dragon’s head out of the item box.

Maa, it is better to say making it peek than actually taking it out.

Anyway, there is a huge dragon in my item box….the dragon head, which is about a meter big, shows up.


The receptionist froze.

Pakupakupaku…..The receptionist opens and closes her mouth several times then hyperventilates for a while.

At the same time, the adventurers in the guild all pointed at the dragon’s head and became nervous.

Then, after a while, the guild lady finally regained her composure a little and talked into a mosquito-like voice.


The guild lady is very surprised.

That probably means that the arc dragon is something very dangerous.

However, the two killed it in no time. That means they’re worse…..

「……arc dragon is 10000 gold coins. Death hawk is 1500 gold coins. The total is 14500 gold coins.」

That’s 145 million yen….this is totally unexpected…..

However, if I put them in the offering box, it will be 14500 yen. It doesn’t feel that much because of that zenigeba god.

TN: Zenigeba is someone that clings to money

—when I get back, I’ll buy a 500ml can of beer in the offering box.

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