Chapter 501 – Fish Head and Fallen Island

I load the heads of pacific sauries on a trolley and bring them to the dog area.

As for the reason, the kuros want it.

I naturally want to give them body parts but given the limited number of pacific saury, that is something impossible.

They said they wanted the heads of the pacific saury that were left over after we ate.

A pacific saury is around 80cm so its head is kind of big too….

I gave it to them thinking that they would eat it and they really eat it without problem.

After that, they asked for another one with sparkling eyes.

And so, all the heads of the pacific saury will be given to the kuros.


Seeing that there are only pacific saury heads is kind of grotesque.

Well, the kuros don’t care. Their tails are even wagging while looking at the heads.

Don’t play with the heads of pacific saury.

Don’t make it roll.

Show respect to food.

Ah, don’t pick for sizes.

Don’t fight over it.

If you do, I’ll dig a hole somewhere and bury the heads of the pacific saury there.

I’ll let it rot.


After I finished giving them the pacific saury heads, several oni maids came.

They are also pushing trolleys like me but what’s on their trolleys are not pacific saury heads.

They are salmon heads.

The salmons are also big, around 150cm so their heads are kind of big too.

They look like tuna heads.

The oni maids give the salmon heads to the kuros.

Is it because they are holding back that they only asked for the heads of the pacific saury?

Hahaha, don’t mind it.

Yeah, you shouldn’t hesitate….I’ve already noticed it with the head of the pacific sauries but their biting power is amazing.

They’re eating them crisply without worrying about bones.

The salmon heads are not soft…..

It’s pretty hard.

Oh, my bad.

I’m not going to take your salmon head so don’t look at it with lonely eyes.


When the kuros finished eating the salmon heads, I led them to the water hole in the ranch area.

Even if they ate carefully, they still smell fishy.

I’ll wash them.


I was attacked by a goat and was pushed in the water.

I was caught off guard.

The kuros seriously chase after the goat.

Don’t be angry, just be moderate.


After washing the kuros, it’s my turn to take a bath.

I got wet after all.

I will not catch a cold because of my “Healthy Body” but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take care of myself.

I thought about going to the hot spring but the beast girls have already prepared hot water for the bath so I’ll use it instead.

Thank you.

However, don’t try to get in with me.

The sun is still up.


While soaking in the bathtub, I thought of the new ghost sorceress in the hot spring area.

She seems to have lived in a certain place in a human country until a few months ago.

That certain place is a bit strange since it is a floating island in the sky.

It doesn’t move like the Sun Castle. It stays floating in the same place.

She’s a ghost sorceress whose only passion is to continuously research magic without being disturbed by anyone. However, something caused the floating island to fall.

In addition, the place where it fell has a large river and the island dammed that river.

It was an important river in that area so when the water level of the river dropped, it wreaked havoc on the cities and villages downstream.

Many adventurers were sent to the fallen island to investigate the cause.

The adventurers destroyed her island as it is and she can only use teleportation magic to escape.

However, she’s not an expert in teleportation magic so she can only leave her destination to luck.

The destination where the ghost sorceress was teleported to was the mountain in the north of the hot spring.

She’s teleported halfway up the mountain but it seems like her body was buried on the ground aside from her head.

She can’t use magic given her situation so she was in despair thinking that she’ll rot there as she is. It’s a good thing that she was found by a lion and the lion called the ghost knights to rescue her.

As thanks for her rescue, she decided to work in the hot spring.

It seems like she’s doing what she can.

I comforted her since she’s been through a lot.

And of course, I let her continue to work at the hot spring.

After all, she’s not thinking of making another magic research facility anytime soon.


I listened to the story of the ghost sorceress but in fact, I already knew about it.

The adventurers that made the ghost sorceress escape via teleportation magic used a large-scale destructive magic that made the island fall, totally destroying that island.

As a result, it dammed the river making the water rise.

Naturally, the flood caused damage to the cities and villages near the river.

Are those adventurers or a bunch of morons?

Or did they not think that their magic would actually destroy the island?

It’s a good thing that the people noticed that the river was dammed so they immediately fled in advance. Though there’s no human casualty, the damage to properties is terrible.

It was the Korin religion who took charge of relief and rescue.

That’s the reason why ancestor-san was so busy that he looks like he’s dying.

Ancestor-san already met the ghost sorceress in the hot spring area and it seems like he’s not interested in catching her.

He’s right to do so.

However, he spoke with her about the cause of the fall of the island.

It seems like there are several other floating islands so they’ll take precautions on making sure that those won’t fall as well.

「If the adventurers did not destroy the fallen island, I could have examined more….」

The adventurers who destroyed the island were caught and imprisoned.

The damage that their action did was too big to be forgiven when they were put under trial.

「They have no malice so they will be released in six months.」

That’s what ancestor-san said.

At the time of their release, he told me that both the Korin Religion and the adventurers guild will jointly watch over them.

They’ll probably have a hard life then.


When I got out of the bath, I returned to the mansion and went to find ancestor-san.

I’ll give him donations to the flood-damaged areas.

Ah, I can’t donate scales?

Then, cash it is.

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