Chapter 503 – Grudge Furnace

The family of Suiren, Mark, and Helze came over after a long time.

Long time no see.

The appearance of the three of them…did not change much.

They can freely change their appearance so I shouldn’t worry about that.


The reason why Suiren’s family came is because they were called by Raimeiren.

It seems like she’s serious with the group flight of dragons.

Probably because of Hiichirou.

Raimeiren even forced Girar, who should have left already, to stay.

Because of that, I won’t disturb her.


For now, let’s introduce Girar and Guronde to Suiren’s family.


Hey, don’t use me as a shield.

You’ve met Girar at the village once.

Also, didn’t you meet at other places before?



Girar is the dragon Mark admires?

Is that so?

He’s really a normal dragon who’s sweet to his wife and daughter…..

By the way, Mark.

When Dors heard the part “the dragon you admire”, he reacted a little so follow up later.


So, the one you’re using me as a shield for is Guronde?

What did Guronde….ah, Mark was almost killed by Guronde once.

Well then, this is your chance to get along.

Good luck.

Are Suiren and Herze scared of Guronde?

You’ve only heard rumors, haven’t you?

It’s okay.

She’s also a dragon who loves her husband.

Guronde, don’t be shy and stop beating Girar.

Girar looks happy but Suiren and Herze are scared.


After that, I invited Suiren’s family for a light tea to hear about them more.

That’s the plan but they requested salmon meals.

It looks like Dors and Raimeiren boasted it to them.

I don’t mind.

That aside, there are only a few people who eat salmon roe which is salmon’s eggs.

I’ve only seen it in Shashaato City before and not in a banquet but… a trial for solving the dispute with the seakins.

And so, there are only a few people who eat salmon roe in this village.

It was only me, an oni maid, and a mountain elf who can eat them with pleasure.

I and the oni maid had no sense of repulsion to salmon roe while the mountain elves did not even know what a salmon roe is.

Maa, I know that it is bad to force someone to eat something that person doesn’t want to.

Those who only want to eat should eat.

That’s why since Suiren’s family requested salmon roe, I’ll serve it to them.

Recently, Dors and Raimeiren have been eating salmon roe too.


When it is time for us to hear about what each other has been doing, the topic shifted to the floating island in the sky where the ghost sorceress once lived.

To be precise, we are talking about how the number of floating islands in the sky has decreased by one.

There were 20 big and small islands floating in the sky before but now, there are only 19.

It started when Suiren’s family were discussing where they came from.

There were two lines that should be investigated.

One is Mark’s line.

「Grandfather said there were only 19 of them a long time ago and before anyone noticed it, it has become 20.」

The other one is Suiren’s line.

「I was attacked when I was flying around that place recently. I just evaded it and didn’t fight back, I was in a hurry back then.」

Actually, I did not notice them when they said those until ancestor-san, who’s been eating salmon roe, reacted.


After hearing the detailed story, a conclusion is drawn.

The floating island where the ghost sorceress was living was not an ordinary floating island.


I left ancestor-san’s discussion with Suiren’s family and asked Loo a question.

What is an ordinary island floating in the sky?


It seems like there is a substance in this world that floats in the sky.

And that’s a floating island.

It is stable at a certain altitude and almost doesn’t move.

Even if it is moved by a typhoon, it will return to its original position as time goes by.

They are islands that float in the sky normally.

Their number will increase if there’s a new island that will emerge from the ground due to a major earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Their number will decrease when they are destroyed by dragons or something similar.

Their number will definitely not decrease by falling.


「In other words, the fallen island is an island that floats artificially like the Sun Castle.」

It was ancestor-san who said that.

Is that so?

For that reason, ancestor-san decided to go and listen to the ghost sorceress for detail.


I should accompany you?

Well, okay.


I left Suiren’s family to Hakuren and left with ancestor-san to the hot spring.

First question, when did the ghost sorceress start living on the floating island?

She doesn’t remember much.

However, according to ancestor-san’s analysis, he guessed from her answers that it should be around a thousand years ago.

What were you researching over there?

It seems like she’s researching a thing called grudge furnace.

This is the first time I heard about it but ancestor-san showed a visibly disgusted expression.

It seems like it’s a device that converts a person’s grudge to power.

And it’s a very dangerous device.

Loo doesn’t look interested.

As for me, I thought the grudge furnace got out of control that’s why the island fell but I was wrong.

The ghost sorceress has a deep-seated grudge so she’s been buried in studying the grudge furnace for revenge.

However, it seems like her deep-seated grudge disappeared about six or seven years ago.

After that, she was just researching at a leisurely pace.

A sample of her research is how to make the color of flowers more vivid.

Loo doesn’t look interested.

 The ghost sorceress claims that the grudge furnace is not related to the fall of the island.

Ancestor-san also agreed with her claim.

「If you had sealed the grudge furnace properly, it wouldn’t go out of control, right? Then, what has caused the fall?….」



Hearing ancestor-san’s mumbling, the ghost sorceress was very upset.

And seemed to have remembered something.

No way, could it be….


It looks like she just left the grudge furnace alone.

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