Chapter 505 – Quentan, Move!

My name is Quentan!

A sword with ego, intelligence sword Qentan!


The current me!

Is in charge of the grudge furnace!

I’m a sword that was created to kill all enemies but I have an ego!

Because of that, I won’t die!

I’m also not affected by the grudge furnace!

A convenient tool!

Well, I’m indeed a tool so I don’t have any complaints if I’m used as one!

However, there’s a problem with how I am used!

 I’m a sword so I want to cut something!

Ah, no, don’t want to be used like a rope cutter!

I want to cut enemies!

But I’m on a floating island in the sky, is that the reason why there’s no enemy?

It might be the case but….ah, yes, I’ll just do my job.


How many years has it been?

I think it’s over five hundred years.

Is it a thousand years?

There has never been a problem with the grudge furnace.

It’s always in good shape.

It continues to generate huge amounts of energy and pour it into the preservation tank.

The preservation tank is almost full.

Ghost sorceress-sama, it will be dangerous if you don’t change the preservation tank soon desu yo.

She’s not replying.

Did she go somewhere?

If this continues, the gathered energy will not go anywhere and it will cause an explosion so I have no choice but to discard it.

It’s a waste but it’s better than letting it explode.

Sooner or later, ghost sorceress-sama will come.


She did not come.

It has been five years.


Wait, what does this mean?

So far, no matter how busy she is, she’ll check the state of the grudge furnace once a year.

Is ghost sorceress-sama dead?

No, she’s already dead so she should be purified….I don’t care which term it is!

Given her determination and how deep her grievance is, she can be considered as a sorceress of madness so it is impossible for her to purify herself!

In other words, she was purified by someone else!

Or sealed!

Something big happened!

However, given my body, it’s impossible for me to move!

What should I do?

What can I do?


It can’t be helped.

All I can do is use the grudge furnace.

Now, let me use the energy of the grudge furnace.

Ah, I almost hit a dragon.

This is bad.

It may get angry and attack this place!



The dragon just left.


That was dangerous.


This is?

I should make something angry, not a dragon, and have it attack the island.

As long as it touches me, I can do what I want.


Good plan!

Well, now….

There’s nothing flying around.


It has always been peaceful.

It was strange that a dragon passed by.

And I should never go against a dragon.

I’ll just leave it to swords specialized in dragon extermination.

Therefore, I’m not frustrated at all.

For the time being.

I should prepare for anything that will come.

First, I’ll collect energy from the grudge furnace and….absorb it.

It’ll be fine.


It’s not fine.

It exploded.

The island fell too.

That was a terrible scene.

At least I’m safe.

I’m confident in my sturdiness.

But I’m in a pinch.

In front of me is the preservation tank that stores the energy generated by the grudge furnace.

There’s a crack in the tank because of the fall.

Once it breaks, it will explode.

If this explodes like this, I will die….I wonder if it is good to die?

Can I even die?

I may die.


W-w-wh-wh-what should I do?

When I was panicking, a strange man came.


Touch me touch me!

Ah, if a sword suddenly talks, won’t he be suspicious?

No, I’ll be in trouble if he didn’t see me.

Let’s bet everything!

「Look, an expensive sword fell here-」

All right! I succeeded in catching the man’s attention!

Touch….touch me!

Consciousness, taken over!

Hold me and run!


There are other people?


This place is going to explode!

「This place is going to explode! Hurry up and ruuuunnnnnn!」


I got caught for some reason.

It seems like the man I have taken over has been considered as the person who induced that explosion.


I have been taken away from the man’s hand but I can still control him.


Let’s escape for the time being.

I did my best.

But got caught right away.

The force sent by Korin Religion is too strong.

What should I do?


When I was thinking of what to do, a great priest came.

Just seeing him for a moment, I can see that he has great power.

He’s like a dragon or even more powerful.

It would be impossible to take over his consciousness.

I can’t do anything.

I just watch over what’s happening while pretending to be an ordinary sword.


What’s this?

Did he find out that I’m an intelligence sword?

I was strictly stored.

No, are they keeping me as a magic sword?

Ah, probably because I’m expensive looking.


I was taken to a village in a forest.

Where is this place?

No, what is this place?

The people around are….no good.

Everyone’s fierce and there’s no way I can take over anyone’s consciousness.

Is there someone here who is more vulnerable?

There might be.

If no, then I can only despair.

Should I start praying to god?


What the!

I can’t even make a villager go away!


Don’t touch m….what’s with this cat?

Don’t just touch me.

It doesn’t make sense to take over a cat’s consciousness.

Ah, to hold the cat, a villager carelessly touched me….fuhahahahahahahaha!




I can’t take over?

「What’s happening?」

I instinctively spoke.


The priest asked me questions.

I’m sorry but I’m not willing to cooperate.

I have a purpose.

Yes, it is to avenge ghost sorceress-sama!

Until then, I will not cooperate with anyone!

Yeah, if I can’t take over, then I can’t take over.

That villager, decorate me in a proper place.

Don’t put me in just any place.

You’re going to hang me on the wall?

Well, okay.

Don’t put me on a corner.

Decorate me in the middle.




I pretended to be dead.

Idiot, don’t talk to me.

I’m just a sword.

That other sword on the wall is overwhelming.

It is presumptuous even to approach it.

Ah, wait.

Villager, what are you doing?

Pardon me?

You’re going to replace that sword with me…..

Wait a minute.




Please, listen to be!

Don’t do iiiiiittttt!


I decided to not avenge ghost sorceress-sama and commit suicide.

I shouldn’t be able to do it with my own power but I did my best.

I couldn’t bear it.

What the villager tried to do is the same as asking a king to give up his seat.

Do you understand?

You don’t understand……

I see.

As expected of a man who called the guy playing with a cat demon king.


I broke my own blade but I’m still alive.

However, I’m only a handle now.

Please, just leave me somewhere and cover me up.

Yeah, I don’t mind even in the garbage box.


There’s a small box that I can surely fit on?

Don’t be so mean.

Even if you say that…..

Are you saying that as long as I promise that I won’t take over someone’s consciousness, you’ll have me repaired?

I can promise you but it’s not easy to repair me.

You have a skilled blacksmith here….great.



I did it!

And the village….he’s not a villager but a village chief.

And that village chief said he knows where ghost sorceress-sama is!


She’s alive….not technically not alive but, she’s alive!


Truly great.

Yes, as long as I can meet ghost sorceress-sama, I can talk about anything.

Please take care of me from now on.


Thus, I was able to return to ghost sorceress-sama’s hand.

I’m happy.

Ghost sorceress-sama’s atmosphere changed.

Ah, I’ve changed too.

Did you notice it?

They use powdered dragon scale to power me up.


Try me and see that I can cut anything.

Ah, I can’t cut the forest trees.

The shield made of dragon scale too.

I just got depressed.



Village chief, village chief, what’s sword duty will you bestow me?

「You will be Ursa’s body pillow. She’s still banned on carrying weapons so I thought….」

Body pillow?

「Your scabbard is special but make sure she won’t be able to take you out.」

I see….

Even if you’re on a scabbard, anyone can tell that you are special just by looking….

No, I don’t want to be a pillow.

But….didn’t you say since you’re a sword, you want to be used as one?

Yes, but this is not what I mean.

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