Chapter 516 – Dinner Banquet in Village Five

I greeted Gol, Sil, and Bron’s brides-to-be.

After that, it should be a normal dinner according to schedule but it was delayed.

The residents of Village Five prepared a parade in celebration for their marriage.

It was led by Loo, Tier, Flora, Youko, Yuri, and the holy maiden Celes.

The two former four heavenly kings worked hard for it too.

They stayed inside Kuro and Yuki as regular customers in order to report what’s happening inside in coordination with the preparation outside.

Thinking about it, when I tried to drive them away, Loo, Tier, and Youko defended them.

They should have just informed me sooner.

It’s a surprise for Gol and the others and you were scared that I will be against it?

You thought I would hate it since it’s kind of flashy…..

I see.

I certainly dislike it in a certain meaning.

However, it is a parade to celebrate their marriage so I would have helped you.

Ah, I’m not lying.

It’s not like it’s my first time to participate in a parade.


However, why should I ride a carriage that’s more flashy than the carriages that Gol and the others will ride on?

Shouldn’t Gol and the others have the leading role?

Ah, No, Loo, I’ll ride it with all my heart so don’t make a sad expression.

It’s an open-type carriage.

Since the demon king and Youko are with me, I won’t stand out.

I think they’ll think of me as the secretary of the demon king.


It was the demon king and Youko who acted as my secretary.

Isn’t it weird?

Ah, I should wave over there?

Got it.


I thought the parade would be just the route from Kuro and Yuki to Niz’s Alcomeat but it took two and a half laps in Village Five.

Most residents of Village Five watch the parade.

And enjoyed the stalls around.

I’m glad that they welcome us but does it really need to be this grand?


First, it means that their marriage is recognized by everyone making it valid.

So it seems like marriage is not just a promise between the couple.

After this will be asking for divine providence in the church of Village Five.

Certainly, god’s blessing is important.

It was Ancestor-san and Celes who prepared the church.

It was in a full wedding mode. It is beautifully decorated with flowers even though it’s winter.

Most of the flowers are artificial flowers.

If possible, I would have preferred to do this in spring.


Next reason, Gol and the others are treated as my children.

If it is a marriage of the children of the village chief of Village Five, it is necessary for all the residents of Village Five to know it.

Considering the population of Village Five, it is impossible to inform everyone but they have to do something that would at least show the populace that they tried to inform them.

To be honest, I find it hard to understand but Youko explained it to me in an easy-to-understand way.

「Wouldn’t it be a shame for the people if they don’t even know that the son of their king is going to get married?」

I finally understood.

However, even if you say that, can you stop comparing me to a king?


Finally, the biggest reason.

At the tail of the parade.

Couples will be walking.

They are residents of Village Five who are thinking of getting married.

Today, they can participate in the parade for Gol and the others.

And they will also be blessed in the church for free.

Well, it’s not really free but the cost will be shouldered by me.

Supporting the people who are hesitating to get married because they can’t afford it.

Happiness is one goal of marriage.

Because of that, I even had the stalls give away food for free.

However, it was surprising that more couples participated in the parade than expected.

Is the church’s blessing expensive?

No, it seems like people who just got married also participated.

If that is the case, why don’t everyone who is living in Village Five participate? Make it grander.

You don’t have to feel anxious, everyone who wishes to participate will not be rejected.

I would like to reduce the attention of the audience to me by reducing the audience and increasing the participants.

Of course, I’m not forgetting what we are celebrating.

So stop shouting village chief.


At the end of the parade, Gol and the others were greeted by the children of Big Tree Village led by Alfred, Tiselle, and Ursa.

Gol and the others were surprised.

Even I was surprised.

No, I never meant to exclude the children from participating.

However, today is only for greetings.

I was just thinking that the ceremony itself would be grander and I will have the children join us then.

That’s right, today is supposed to be dedicated for greetings.

Now it became something like a wedding parade….

Are you telling me that we’ll do this on the day of the ceremony?

Let’s consult Gol and the others before deciding.

For the time being, Ursa, Tiselle, and Nutt.

I understand that you want to ask them various questions but don’t ask them now.

They are already in trouble.


The dinner at Niz’s Alcomeat proceeded without problem.

Not only food and alcohol from Niz’s store were served but dishes from the other stores as well and it made the atmosphere….lively.

However, the smells of the food mixed. There are sweets on the right side, yakiniku on the left side, and ramen in front.

Children, no alcohol.

For Gol and the others…..I think it’s still too early but in this world, it is already okay for them to drink.

They said there shouldn’t be any problem since they are even going to get married soon.

But don’t drink too much.

Some of them are wary of the trouble that will be caused by alcohol and did not drink too much.

There’s no need to be that anxious.

But that’s a good thing.

Even Hou did not drink that much.


Hang in there!


After dinner, the marriage partners of Gol and the others will be teleported back to the royal capital via Beezel’s magic.

Gol and the others will return to the capital too.

Gol and the others want to stay in the village until they get married but Alfred and Ursa will attend the academy next year so they’ll have to continue living at the royal capital for a while.

The demon king, Beezel, and Glatts, also requested to have them stay at the royal capital.

I’m happy that they want to return to the village but you should consult your brides to be first.

Life in the city is completely different.

I don’t think that everyone wants to live in the village and I don’t think they are even familiar with village life.

Also, they have jobs of their own.

Like Hou, she promised to continue her job.

Well, it’s not for me to decide.

It should be the husbands and wives.

I’ll think about it as soon as they consult me.


For the time being, we should start cleaning up….but the number of people did not decrease.

As soon as someone leaves, another one enters.

The celebration is still ongoing outside.

How long will this last?

Maybe all night?

Are you serious?


Maa, let’s just be thankful that I was able to spend some of the too much accumulated money.

I’ve been hearing a lot from both Youko and the Goroun Company for some time already.

Children, you can’t stay up all night.

You should go home.

If you want to stay, stay at Youko’s mansion.

You’ll just be annoyed if you stay here.

Hakuren, take care of the children.

I don’t mind you drinking, Doraim and Dors, but don’t cause trouble.

Release the demon king.

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  14. Slouch

    Spoiler up to chapter 703 which is currently the latest:

    Ch514 and 515 are the last POV chapters for the three beastboys’ married life

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