Chapter 522 – Perks of a Certain Oni Maid?

I’m an oni.

I serve as a maid at the residence of Hiraku-sama….I mean village chief.


One winter day, there was an inferno wolf lying down in the hallway not moving an inch.

It’s still morning desu.

I asked it if there’s something wrong but it just shook its head telling me not to worry.

It will probably answer the same even if it was Ann-sama who asked it.

Magic was casted all over including the hallway so it’s impossible for it to be unable to move because of cold.

Honestly, I’m a little worried.


Though it already replied that there’s nothing wrong, there’s no way an inferno wolf would do what it’s doing.

It looks like this inferno wolf has already stayed there since dawn.

It was previously lying on its back.

The inferno wolves have horns in their foreheads so there should be a specific position that they must do if they want to lie on their back.

Unfortunately, this inferno wolf did not do it that made its horn pierce the floor.

It managed to get out using its physical ability.

It was relieved that its horn was not broken but the floor got damaged.

That’s bad.

Ann-sama will surely be furious.

And if you make Ann-sama angry, you won’t be able to eat.

After thinking of what should be done, the inferno wolf decided to lie down over the damaged floor.

So that’s how it is.

Then, what will you do after this?

I thought the inferno wolf was smart but maybe it’s not.

For now, I think I’ll just look over it.

Of course, in between jobs.


That night, the inferno wolf asked for village chief’s help while grieving.

Village chief seemed to have accompanied the inferno wolf to go and apologize to Ann-sama.

A good boy.

Ah, after that, the inferno wolf rushed to the toilet.

Of course.

It has been lying over there for a long time.

Ah, watch out.

It is already night and I’m already at my night rounds.

I’m checking if the windows and doors are locked and checking the lights.


Right right, there is someone who did not from noon just like the inferno wolf.

Malbit-sama desu.

She hasn’t moved out from the kotatsu since noon. Is she alright?

She’s not dead, is she?

I asked Suarurou-sama, who’s in the kotatsu with her.

She was shocked at her loss from the chess tournament the other day… that so?

Kierbit-sama did not support Malbit-sama and cheered for Kuroyon-sama instead so she’s sulking.

I see.

Kierbit-sama lost to Kuroyon-sama.

If the opponent who defeated her wins, she’ll feel a little comfortable so she cheered for Kuroyon-sama.

I think Malbit-sama understands her…..

As a mother, you want to be supported by your daughter no matter what.

I guess so.

I don’t have a child yet but I understand how you feel.

However, kotatsu time has already passed.

It is already night and my apologies but I have been instructed by village chief that the use of magic tools like the kotatsu must be stopped….

No, it’s still safe to use desu yo.

Loo-sama, the one who made it, proudly said that it’s okay to keep it running continuously for 10000 hours.

The futon on the kotatsu is also made by Zabuton-sama so even if you put it on fire, it won’t burn that much.

The reason for village chief’s instruction is because there are a lot of people who sleep in the kotatsu.

Yeah, it seems like sleeping in kotatsu is not good for the body.

I’m sorry but I have to turn the magic tool of the kotatsu off.


Malbit-sama grabs my arm not letting me press the stop button of the magic tool.

Ehto, Malbit-sama?

Would you like to turn it off yourself?

You won’t?

I see, I understand.

I can’t do it after all.

Since it has come to this, I’ll call Ruincia-sama.

Problem solved.

Ah, my apologies if that will drive you out too, Suarurou-sama.

You’ve been trying to figure out when to get out?

If you can leave now, that would be great.


I continue looking around that night.

During winter, guests and villagers often sleep in the mansion and along with it are troubles.

Ah, dwarves, please stop drinking in the hallway.

I know, it’s an alcohol tasting event.

However….this is the best place to look at the moon and snow?

Ah, I see.

The moon and snow are certainly beautiful.

However, you’re a hindrance to traffic.

I ask you to leave.

No….I’m currently working.

Even if you say that…

….that is, I understand.

I’ll just drink one cup and you’ll leave.


A little more won’t be a problem.

Hey hey hey….


This is quite good.

It would probably be a great partner with grilled fish.


You’re grilling fish?

You brought a brazier here?

You’ll be scolded.

I’ll overlook it today.

Okay, just a bite.


It’s really a great match.

Try the other one?



The next morning, the dwarves have been scolded harshly by Ann-sama.

I already asked them to stop but it seems like they continued to drink.

It’s their fault.

As for me, even though I drank a little, I did my job well.


Ann-sama, is there anything you want with me?

Yes, it was my turn to look around the hallway last night.


Yeah, I overlooked them.

I’m sorry.

I won’t say anything else.

I will just be scolded more if I do.


I’ll clean up the dwarves’ alcohol tasting event.

They sure drank a lot.

You’re getting in the way wine slime-san, can you move over there?

Ah, you’ll help me out.

Aegis-san, don’t eat the leftovers.

Kittens, you can’t fool me with your sweet meowing so don’t act spoiled.

It looks like they know it won’t work on me so each kitten took the leftover grilled fishes.


Should I chase them and get the grilled fishes back?

Because they suddenly bite them and run away, it is already too late.

However, I cannot allow such lawlessness.

Discipline is important.

The moment I tried to chase them with everything I have, the kittens’ mother, Jewel, got in the way and took the grilled fishes from them.

Well done.

No no, you did well.

However, make sure you’ll discipline them.

Ah, there’s no point in returning those grilled fishes.

Let them take those.

Also, it seems like the anenekos did something over there….please take care of them too.


Hall of the mansion.

Various things are decorated near the entrance.

The ones that are standing out are the mini trophies.

Also, the mahjong achievement board.

There is the new name Yakuman on the achievement board.

I’m not envious.

Anyway, at the top of that achievement board was the name of the very first one who achieved something, my name.


Ah, no, I don’t mean anything.

Every time I stand in front of this board, I’m so happy that I forget the time.

So, you are “yakuman”, right?

Even so, you have to do your job properly.

After I said that, the team Yakuman responded by waving their legs.

Yeah, let’s do our best.

Right, let’s play mahjong.

Let’s invite Beezel-sama too.

He said he won’t lose next time.

It will not end like the previous one.

Everyone from team Yakuman is enthusiastic as if they can’t wait to fight.

Of course, I won’t lose.


Well well, I have to work hard.

I won’t aim for perfection though.

I’m not being lazy.

I’m just doing my role.

I’m aware that us oni have gone too far seeking for perfection that village chief, who’s the lord, feels suffocated.

What I’m doing is a countermeasure.

I mean, a black sheep is a role itself.

I’m a cute oni maid after all.

Maa, it’s not like I’m doing it intentionally….

But my reputation with the villagers, including village chief, is not bad.

Ask anyone who’s the oni that is easiest to talk to and they’ll say it’s me.

Maa, they’ll also say that I’m the one who always screws up….

Well, I don’t care since there are perks like being able to drink alcohol and being able to play while working and village chief is also kind to me.

Oh, mountain elves.

If you want to play, use that room over there.

Ann-sama will be around here soon.

Be quiet until she leaves.


I will do my best today too.

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