Chapter 527 – Ranch Expansion and Letters From Ursa’s Group, Day 30

AN: The title will include how many days have passed since Alfred and the others leave. There will be different POVs which will make the time go back and forth. The day will make it easy to understand the timeline.


It has been a month since Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle went to school.

Aside from me, the villagers have already gotten used to the life without those three.

But as expected, there are small changes.


First, the children’s leader position was taken over by Nutt from Ursa.

She was not officially nominated so I thought Ririus, Riguru, Ratte, or Torain would do what they could but they followed her without question.

Maybe because Nutt is a little older than everyone else.

Nutt is working hard as everyone’s elder sister.

In fact, it was determined that she has enough talent to go to school.

At first, it was decided that Ursa, Alfred, and Nutt will bill the ones who’ll be sent to school but later, she was changed to Tiselle per her request.

I thought she’s holding back because she’s not one of my children but it seems like there’s another reason.

Ursa and Alfred thought that they would no longer be able to stop Tiselle.

It looks like only Ursa or Alfred can stop Tiselle.

In other words, Nutt insisted that it will be dangerous if those three are not together.

I said that there’s no way things will be like that but when I asked Alfred for his opinion, he agreed. And thus, Nutt was replaced with Tiselle.

Given what happened, I feel sorry for Nutt who now won’t be able to go to school.

I have to do something to make up for her even a little.


Next, the ghost sorceress came to be part of the children’s education.

The ghost sorceress will be the crying Hakuren’s replacement and will continue her role as their teacher.

Since the ghost sorceress can’t speak, the intelligence sword Quentin will speak for her.

Because of that, the ghost sorceress was called sword sensei and she’s even popular with the children.

She mainly teaches magic.

Since magic is convenient, it is best to teach that to the children.

However, I would prefer if you focus on simple magic called life magic.

For some reason, all other teachers are teaching the children large-scale destructive magic.

I think it’s still too early for the children to learn those and I think it’s difficult for them to learn those too.

And even if they manage to learn them, they don’t have any use for it.


Finally, it seems like the communication time between me and the children has become longer.

I didn’t even notice it.

I only noticed it when the oni maids pointed it out to me.

Maa, as long as the children are happy, there’s no problem.

If there’s something that I consider a problem, every time Hiichirou comes to me, Raimeiren would be shaken up.

I feel a little bad for Raimeiren who has been taken care of Hiichirou since birth but….Hiichirou is my son.

I will not hold back.

But, will it be okay if I have Hiichirou go to school in the future?

I have to talk to Hakuren and Dors about it.


I wonder if this can be considered a small change.

In detail, there are changes in the shift of the oni maids and the amount of food they cook….

They’ve got used to it now too.

Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle going to school was a big incident in my heart but its impact on the village is minimal.

That’s relieving but I also feel regret and disappointment.

In order to sort out my state of mind, I expanded the ranch area.


The ranch area, which had been 12 X 36 until now, was expanded to 16 X 52.

And it is no longer a simple plain, there are now hills, slopes, meadow, forest, etc.

The pond on the north of the ranch area was also incorporated into it and it looks like no one has a problem with it.

I planted various long and short grasses in it.

Though it has become difficult to know where they are now, the cows and horses were delighted.

By the way, I did not expand the ranch area just because of the state of my mind. The number of cows, horses, sheep, and goats has increased too.

Therefore, there’s also the need to expand the goat shed, barn, stables, and sheep shed.

For some reason, I went to the barn at night and found that even I can live there.

With the expansion of the ranch area, the place that the kuros need to guard has expanded but it seems like there’s no problem since they can easily cross the ranch area.

Sometimes, the kuros and spiderlings are even relaxing in the ranch area.

The kuros will be fine but the spiderlings might get trampled by the goats.

They are safe with the cows, horses, and sheeps.

Those guys are smart.

They will not step on them.

The goats are smart too but they are mischievous.

They might step on them on purpose.

I know that something of that level will not kill them but let’s plant some tall trees where they can take refuge.

Until they grow up, you’ll have to use this table as a refuge.

To reply to me, the spiderlings raised their legs cheerfully.

Good good.

On the other hand, the kuros are looking at the spiderlings on the table enviously.


Okay okay, what do you want me to make for you?

You don’t need me to make anything?

You wanna play with me?

Alright, let’s play fetch the ball.

Their eyes flashed as soon as I said that.

The kuros who were at a distance also came running.


This is the ranch area. Let’s not bother the cows, horses, sheeps, and goats.


I played with the kuros until the sun went down.

While we were playing, I was surprised when a cow brought the ball back to me. I praised it.


While I’m expanding the ranch area, Malbit’s group has returned to the angel’s village.

Malbit always does something to the last minute but she’s obedient this year as if there was some kind of discussion behind the scenes.

Malbit, Ruincia, and Suarurou left.

Gran Maria’s mother, Raz Maria stayed.

She’s taking care of her granddaughter Roze Maria.

She stayed at the angel’s villa with her granddaughter.

While Gran Maria is working, Raz Maria is taking care of her.

Roze Maria also seems to be fond of Raz Maria so there’s no problem.

The pregnant Kuudel and Corone are also spending their time leisurely there.

The two of them are moving around after overcoming the early pregnancy illness so it was hard to make them not do something vigorous.

Raz Maria managed to stop them.

They have been with Gran Maria for a very long time so they are also close to Raz Maria.

Did they expect this to happen? Is that why they left Raz Maria here?

I have to thank the three for that.

It seems like Tier, Aurora, and Kierbit often visit Raz Maria.

It looks like they are discussing problems that only angels experience.

I’m worried about what they are talking about but I’ll refrain from listening.

There are problems that only angels experience.

For example, wings itch when they are flying. How can they gracefully scratch their wings?

No, I think they are talking about something deeper than that.



Recently, Loo is often discussing something with the demon king and Beezel.

I thought it was about Ursa and the others but it seems like they’re talking about something different.

They are talking about opening new businesses, economy, and logistics.

According to Loo, what they are talking about doesn’t have that much impact on the village so I did not listen. She’ll summarize it for me later after all.

Other than that, I’m more interested in the letters that Ursa and the others sent to us that Beezel brought.

Zabuton is already waiting for me to read them with her.


I also want to read it immediately.

I give them a large amount of paper and ink in order for them to be able to write to us in detail.

Also, they will be sending us letters at a steady pace which is once every five days.

This time, we received letters from Ursa, Alfred, Tiselle, and….Earth.


Let’s read Ursa’s letter first.

There seems to be no problem with her school life.

Gol and the others have already prepared things for them so there’s no inconvenience.

Her new friends have increased but it looks like she’s a little bored.

She also wants to register in the adventurers guild but….Is that okay? Zabuton, who’s reading the letter with me, said that it’s okay so I guess I’ll reply okay.

 This letter is so Ursa-like.

I’ll give it to Hakuren later.


Next is Alfred’s letter.

He wrote that every day is fun with new discoveries.


That’s it?

Also, my son, don’t you think it would be much better if you wrote more?

No, wait.

Isn’t this the content of his last letter?

Zabuton quickly brought the last letter.

Yeah, he just changed the wording but the content is the same.

Is he not aware of what he’s doing?

He’s right in not making unnecessary stories but he should be able to create a simple letter.

I’ll give this to Loo later.


Next is Tiselle’s letter.

This is Tiselle’s first letter.

I wonder what she wrote….?

This is not a letter but a report about the demon king’s kingdom.

Organization chart of the demon king’s kingdom, human relations, movement of funds….

How did she find out?


Ah, she got acquainted with a merchant?

I see I see.

Even if she got acquainted with a merchant, this is too detailed information!

Is she okay?

That merchant is not a strange man, is he?


Woman, good.

No, that’s not good.

Michael-san’s acquaintance?

….I guess, it’s okay?

When I meet Michael-san, I’ll talk to him in detail.

She did not write any closing.

Ah…there’s more.

Malbit and the others went to school?

It looks like they stop by on their way home to check how they are doing.

That’s a little sly since I also want to know how they are doing there.

For the time being, Tiselle’s letter….No, this is useful since it is detailed, right?


Let’s just reply while saying not to cause that merchant she got acquainted with trouble.

I’ll give this letter to Tier later.


Last is Earth’s letter.

He opened a store in the city and requested some coffee beans and tea leaves.

No, I don’t mind if he started a business but, is Ursa okay?

When it was decided that Ursa is going to school, you strongly wanted to accompany her since you wanted to stay by her side, right?

The answer to my question was also written.

Asa and Metora are reliable so everything will be okay.

He wrote that he wants to help Ursa by doing something himself.

And that’s by starting a business?


He wrote that the coffee beans and tea leaves don’t need to be of very high quality.

Is he holding back?

We are increasing their production since they are necessary for the store in Village Five so there’s no problem even if I send him the best quality….

But that’s what he requested so let’s send him some second-class products.

I’ll send him funds too.

If he has enough money, the trouble he’ll encounter will be minimized.

Zabuton said that I should send seasonings too so I’ll prepare it.

I feel bad for Beezel since he’s the one who’s going to bring them all.

If he can’t, I’ll ask ancestor-san….

I haven’t seen ancestor-san recently.

He seems busy.

I heard why.

It has something to do with the flying whales that Dors’ and the others subjugated.

Because of those, it seems like various disasters struck several places.

The scale of the disaster is minimal because they exterminated them quickly but it seems like there were too many of them.

Local churches are providing relief and rescue operations.

Ancestor-san is not making a move himself but it seems like he’s packing goods in the church headquarters.

Next time ancestor-san comes, let’s give him a reward for his hard work.

For the time being, I can only ask Beezel.

Of course, I will compensate him accordingly.

Let’s keep Earth’s letter in Ursa’s room.


Spiderling: Are you going to step on me?

Goat: There’s no way in hell I’m going to do something that dangerous!

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