Chapter 536 – Divine Water and Nyunyu-Daphne, Day 48

When I told them that the fairy queen was in her adult form, Loo, Tier, and Flora asked me about the divine water.

Nothing’s left.

There are no plans to produce it.

When I said those, they were disappointed.

It looks like divine water is a super valuable and important material for pharmaceutical research.

I asked Loo how precious it is….

「A-as important as dragon scales」

Is that so? I guess it’s not that important after all.

If we’re talking about dragon scales, they are all over the place.

Recently, Hiichirou’s scales are falling everywhere.

It looks like it’s his shedding period which means he’s growing well.

I’m glad.

But we have decided to throw all those scales to a specific place.

「The value of dragon scales is falling….」

「Loo-san is not wrong. It’s just this place has too much of it….」

「Oneesama is right. The only place where it’s not that valuable is here.」

Loo, Tier, and Flora are doing well together.

That made me smile.

Well, then, that’s all I need to….

I wasn’t able to escape.


As for the production of the divine water, it was stopped by the fairy queen. It was also decided that it should not be produced anymore because it uses too many leaves of the world tree.

 「According to the dwarves, you need at least 2000 leaves of the world tree to make a barrel.」

A barrel is around 4 liters. In short, 500 leaves are needed for one liter?

「I don’t need that much! One drop! One drop is all I need!」

Even with that request, she was still stopped by the fairy queen.

「For science, at least publish the recipe!」

「I will have the recipe published but you can’t take leaves from the world tree.」


「Because the giant silkworm of the world tree is already complaining that we have already taken too much leaves.」


「The oni maids took some when they made sakuramochi, how about getting their leftover?」

「I already checked, everything has already been salted….」

「I-is that so? Then, once the world tree growing next to the flower field grows, I won’t stop you no matter how much you take.」

「Really? Promise me!」


It is scary that there’s only one world tree so I planted another one by the flower field.

The first world tree grew quickly but the one by the flower field is taking its time to grow.

It’s still a young tree.

I don’t know how many years it will take before anyone can harvest leaves from it….

Let’s not tell her that.


Now, let’s stop talking about the divine water.

Let’s talk about the power of the newly risen fairy queen. Given the current situation, it should be easy to bear a child….

The wives’ meeting, or rather, the wife candidates’ meeting, has begun.

I’m waiting in a separate room.

And I’m under surveillance for some reason.

They are not thinking that I’ll escape, are they?

「We believe in you. The surveillance is only a countermeasure against running away.」

Running away….

I will not talk about the result of the meeting and what happened after that.


One day, I found Loo walking with a tree stump.

That tree stump is…


A nyunyu-daphne.

「Hello. Loo, are you taking that nyunyu-daphne somewhere?」

「There’s some trouble in Village Five. We need a nyunyu-daphne to solve that.」

「A nyunyu-daphne is the solution to the problem?」

「Yeah, do you want to come with us?」

「Can I?」

「It’s not like we’re doing something top secret.」


Village Five’s trouble was related to a mining site.

There are seven mining sites near Village Five.

Four of them hit water veins and flooded. They were judged to be impossible to mine but they are trying to resume mining using the chain-type freezing bullets that Loo made.

If it goes well, it is possible to mine not only those mines near Village Five but other flooded mining sites around the world too. The demon king and Beezel expect a lot from it.

The problem this time is not related to that but the safety in mining three mining sites.

There’s danger on the way to those sites.


「There is some kind of monster infestation so they can’t mine until it is resolved.」

I see. So that’s the problem.

And how can a nyunyu-daphne solve that?

Why don’t you ask adventurers?

「Because they are the kind of monsters that will haunt anyone.」

That’s not Loo but the nyunyu-daphne….she pointed her branch somewhere….that’s a normal forest, right?

「That’s a trent. It is a tree and no one will be able to find it out until it attacks.」

If we send adventurers, they’ll be destroyed?


Wasn’t there a monster called wood killer? A monster that mimics a tree?

Is it different from that?

「They are both similar and different.」

Trent is a tree monster that attacks anyone who comes near it.

Wood killer mimics a tree but approaches the prey and attacks it.

They look similar but their ecology, combat method, and weakness seem to be completely different.

Above all else, a trent can talk.

 「Because of that, I asked the nyunyu-daphnes if they could do something about it and we’re here. Please.」

「Leave it to me.」

The tree stump nyunyu-daphne transformed to her human form and approached a tree.

She’s naked as usual.

She’s a beautiful woman so it’s kind of poison to the eyes.

The naked beauty low kicks a tree.

「Ya got some guts to ignore meh! Ya looking down on me? Yeah? Ya’ll taking me lightly, aren’t ya?」

She sounds like a villainous thug.


They have never spoken like that in the village, right?

「We’re not taking you lightly. Please, forgive us.」

The trents seem to have no intention of fighting back.

「If yar not looking down on me why don’t cha come and say hello? Ya knew that I came here!」


「Talking back….」

The naked nyunyu-daphne pierced the ground with one of her legs.

「I’ll take all yer nutrients.」

「Hiiiiihhhh, we-we’ll wither, we’ll witherrrr!」

The naked nyunyu-daphne threatened, laughed, and ordered the trents to move.

「Loo-sama, where to do want them to move?」

I’m a little puzzled by her sudden change of attitude.

「There’s a plan to look for new mining sites in the north so it would be great if they can move to the east.」

「I understand. Bastards, move east!」

「B-but, there is a strong monster there.」

「Oh? Is that monster scarier than meh?」


「What monster is it?」

「War bear. It will scratch out bodies….」

「What shall we do?」

The nyunyu-daphne asked Loo.

「Since it’s just a warbear, I’ll get Gulf to take care of it. For the time being, tell them to not attack the carriages that will pass this place.」

「Y’all got that!」


Presently, the trents only damaged horse or cow carts so they are overlooked.

People are quick and sometimes use fire so it seems like they don’t dare attack a person.

If possible, don’t touch the horses or cows.


The nyunyu-daphne talks to the trents and has them move after ten days.

By then, Gulf should have already exterminated the war bear with the adventurers and the guards of Village Five.

But we didn’t ask Gulf about his schedule, will that be okay?


「Please, leave it to me!」

There’s no problem.

An anti warbear team was formed with Gulf as the center.

Pirika the security chief, Chelsea, who’s been training in Village Five, and even the white silver knight, bronze knight, and red iron knight participated.

I thought that the bronze knight would devote himself to the Bronze Café but he decided to participate.

If you don’t swing your sword occasionally, your physical condition will worsen.

I see.

I’ll also give you rewards for what you’ll exterminate so hunt more than just the warbear.

But don’t hunt the trents.

When you’re done, I’ll arrange a banquet for you at Niz’s Alcomeat.

Just before they departed, Daga joined.

No, I did not intentionally leave you out.

You can participate if you wish.


Village Chief: Are every one of you like that?

Nyunyu-daphne Igu: No, just her.

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