Chapter 47 – Anferfurmi

-Giant Ant’s POV-

The evil eye magic that attacked the forest.

It’s not really threatening at first.

I still spent my time like usual back then.

However, the forest changed because of it.

The kings of the forest keep fighting against it while figuring out how to stop the changes of the forest.

However, the attacks of the kings failed and they have no choice but to stop.

Because of that, the forest continues to change over time.

Before anyone noticed it, the whole forest was already under the evil eye magic.

Monsters with weak will changed and became ferocious. They not only attack enemies but allies too.

A new type of monster appeared from nowhere too and that made the forest change from bad to worse.

The kings of the forests lost one by and they gradually lost magical power too.

When the power of the kings of the forest totally disappeared, the power of darkness increased along with the power of the evil eye magic.

The life in the forest only circled around that vicious cycle.

As for me, I fought to protect my companions.

However, I know that someday, my will will sink into the darkness too.

During my last struggle, I managed to tie myself up near the holy lake.

This can only delay the time of the deterioration of my will.

I know that this is nothing but delaying the inevitable.

After a long time, my consciousness sunk into endless darkness.

Then, I was suddenly guided by light as that warm light invalidates the effect of the evil eye magic that devoured me.

It destroyed the darkness that has nested in the depths of my heart.

The first thing I saw after that was a human.

I was surprised when I saw the Fenrir king standing up to protect the human.

I never thought that the Fenrir king would protect a human.

I checked around and found my perplexed children. Their number is quite small.

Even so, I still felt joy that some of my children were saved.

The human approached me and stroked my head.

… was the human that dares to touch me.

The human keeps on stroking me.

I’m troubled with how I’ll react.

However, I feel the warm magical power that I felt earlier flowing out from this human.

I finally understood that it was him who helped us.

I hate humans but this man is different.

I finally understand the reason why the Fenrir king is protecting this human.

Can I also do the same?

I decided to take his lordship to the holy lake.

Looking at its state, I can only describe it as horrible.

I felt so sad that I can’t help but close my eyes.

Then, suddenly, in front of me, a blinding light appears….

The lake returned to its former appearance.

It looks like his lordship protected this lake.

This is the lake where the dragon that controls the water of this forest lives.

I can’t see the dragon but…I believe it is there, somewhere.

When we got out of the forest, I can see that the forest was the same as before, still affected by the evil eye magic.


She is the guardian of death. It is not an exaggeration that anyone who sees her will definitely be killed.

She is also one of the kings that protect this forest.

She’s full of bloodlust.

When his lordship said something, her bloodlust instantly disappeared.

I was surprised. For that to happen…..I think his lordship is the only one capable of doing that.

I can’t believe that there will come a time where I will talk with chuarenier.

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