Chapter 12 – As Soon as We Arrived at the Guild, It was Decided that We’ll Hunt a Disaster

「Ano….there’s no way this guild’s vault has that much money…..we have to get money from nearby guilds in order to get that much so, can you wait for it until tomorrow?」

「What time tomorrow?」

「Around early afternoon….probably.」

Maa, it can’t be helped. I mean, there’s no point even if I complain.

「I understand. Oi, Sonja? Maria? Do you mind if we stay here tonight?」

「Then, let’s take a room where we all can stay.」

「Yeah, I have no problem with that.」

「…..then please consider others. Don’t make too much noise later…..」

They’re at a level where any inn we’ll go to will surely complain.

When I was thinking how to make their voices at night lessen a little—-

「In the forest of no return….I met a disaster! Call the guild master!」

The strong-looking adventurer, who opened the door of the guild vigorously, shouted that with a pale face.

「Disaster….what disaster!?」

「Oi oi, are you serious!」

「What specific monster did you meat!?」

The strong-looking adventurer screamed again while running to the counter.

Evil cyclops….! An SSS class!」

Those words made the whole guild silent.

Then, a sorcerer screamed and chaos broke out.

「Impossible!? Don’t talk with the guild master, run to the king right now!」

「No, even the king can’t deal with it! Send someone to the imperial capital!」

The receptionist, who’s already pale because of the arc dragon, turned paler.


With her face turning blue, she immediately left the counter and went to the place that looks like the guild master room.

「Oi, Maria? Is an evil cyclops really a bad news?」

「It’s around 50 meters tall. Maa, that’s it desu wa.」

That’s terrible.

That’s already gigantic, right?

And at that time, all the gaze of the adventurers inside the guild turned to a swordsman in his fifties drinking tea at the table in the corner of the room.

「—Adventurer King Marx-sama!」

「The world’s best S rank adventurer is actually in this city, we’re saved! Please protect our city from the evil cyclops!」

The man who was called Marx shook his head.

「Are you telling me to die?」

「But you’ve already defeated an evil cyclops once—-」

「At that time, I have companions so we still have some leeway….but now, I’m alone. If you hunt it solo, given that you have the same ability as mine, you’ll only have 50% chance of subduing it.」


Then, Marx smiled.

「—if you have the guts to subdue the evil cyclops with me….I’ll think about it.」

「No, but….」

「You bastard don’t even have the courage to put your life on the line for others. I’m sorry but I love my life too. Well, if I can team up with someone with the same level as me….」

「How about someone with a higher level than you….」

And Maria walked to Marx—-

「Please excuse me for being silent all this time.」

「You are…..Maria? Did something happen in the demon world?」

「Well, some things」

Maria nodded emotionally.

「It is probably the reason why we were able to reunite here. Let me join you in subjugating it.」

「No, even if we team up, it will still be hard….we surely can beat it but there will surely be damage too….」

Then, Maria looked at Sonja.

「She’s the queen of the hand riding rabbits. We’ll take her with us.」

「Hand riding rabbit….seriously….? No, but….then….!?」

Then, Marx smiled.

「Let’s divide the reward into three equal portions.」

「Okay nano desu」

That’s amazing.

I don’t know what’s happening but I think it’s great.

And, well, what’s really—-

—-we just came to the guild to verify our suspicion on Arisa….now it turned into something outrageous.

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