Chapter 2.7 – A Scene at the Wallace Company

「Father, I’m back.」

When Milan returned from the residence of Duke Sjogren, he did not return home immediately and went directly to their store. Wallace greeted his son in a good mood.

「Ah, you’ve worked hard. How was the party at the mansion?」

「It was a great success. Kashis and Pteranodon were really popular.」

「I see. Though they were already available at the store since yesterday, the customers will only react now. They are probably already coming.」

Wallace nodded satisfactorily to the report of his son. Then, asked something again in a low voice.

「So? What about the other thing?」

And Milan responds with a whisper like his father.

「I managed to tie it up. He’s already expecting father to write a formal letter.」

「Great! That’s the best outcome!」

「I don’t know what will happen if only me, a child of this house, spoke with him. However, since he made that remark in front of Duke Sjogren’s daughter, wouldn’t that request unnecessary?」

Milan said that with a wry smile but Wallace nodded with a deep smile.

「We are really indebted to Eseria-sama this time. Her profit percentage share aside, we have to thank her some other way.」

「But father, are you really going to give those precious saplings to someone else? Since you know that it will bring huge profit once it grows well, won’t you make more money marketing it yourself without involving them?」

Milan was quite uneasy so he asked why. Wallace, on the other hand, just replies casually.

「If we outsourced the sapling to the viscount, it will be his responsibility to handle it properly. “All products of this variety can only be sold to the Wallace Company. If someone else managed to buy or sell it, it will be deemed that the management was insufficient and the viscount will have to pay the equivalent of the profit from the illegal transaction to our company.”」

「Ehto….in short?」

After hearing Milan’s reply, Wallace can only smile wryly.

「Viscount Soratia is famous for his honest and respectful character. He will surely not pass any sapling entrusted to him to someone else without talking to me first. However, what would happen if there was a greedy idiot who could only see the short term profit…」

Milan, who finally realized what his father is trying to say, said what he thought.

「The viscount has been valuing his relationship with the local traders and if that happens, it means that the traders are not giving him face which will make him review his relationship with them.」

「That’s right. Once that happens, we can get compensation for the fact that our seedling was spread and even tear the trust relationship between the viscount and the local traders. That will lead to the possibility of him directly trading with us. No matter what happens, we will incur no loss.」

Wallace laughs evilly and Milan can’t help but sigh.

「….father, you’re so vicious.」

「What are you saying? That was proposed by Eseria-sama when I consulted her about the sapling. She’s really a one-of-a-kind consultant.」

After hearing that, Milan became gloomy and seriously held his head.

「That girl is truly….is she really a duke’s daughter? A noble princess should be more….humble and modest, elegant and refreshing….. 」

(No no no, what am I thinking about! That person is a legit ojousama!?)

When Milan noticed that he had been unconsciously saying what he had in mind, he was upset. Wallace saw it and called him out with a smile.

「Fuuhn? Did anything happen at the party? 」

「W-what is, what will! Nothing happened!? 」

When Milan replied with a slightly red face, Wallace continued to talk with an unconcerned expression.

「Hou? Is that so? By the way, I’m going to Viscount Soratia’s house to ask about the other party’s circumstances in the near future, do you want to go with me? 」

「Go! 」

「Hou? I see I see. To think the guy who said “I don’t want to get involved with nobles” would say that.  」

「….! 」

Looking at the state of his son who answered reflexively, Wallace’s smile deepens. When Milan saw that, his face blushed more.

「Maa, you have to put your spirit. Your chance is not zero. 」

Milan’s head was stroked wildly but he can’t open his mouth and even has a troubled expression.

(It looks like he already noticed it….as expected of father.)

When Milan arrived earlier, the store operating hour was about to end but when they were about to close the store, a man rushed into it in a hurry.

「Ano, excuse me! Is there a product called kashis here? 」

The man looks like he’s working for a noble house so one of the clerks politely leads the man to where the products are displayed politely.

「Yes, the thing you’re looking for is here. 」

「That…..I also heard that there are limited items with different colors…. 」

「Then, please wait a minute and I’ll bring them out for you. 」

Wallace and Milan are watching them from a distance. They whispered to each other.

「Hou? Someone came immediately. 」

「As expected of nobles. They will drop by at the store on the way home but they will not personally buy and leave it to their servants instead. 」

「Looking at this….it means the real thing will start now. 」

「You think so? Then, father, let’s move the inventories from the back. Also, let’s contact the craftsmen and have them increase the production tomorrow. In addition, like today, we might need to extend our closing time. 」

「You have a face of a full-fledged merchant. 」

When his son enumerates all the things that need to be done, Wallace gives off a smile of satisfaction. He immediately began giving instruction to the clerks.

「Excuse me! I would like to buy a toy called Pteranodon, the central region and southern region editions! 」

「Kashis for me! Can you customize it? My lord asked for details. 」

「Good! It’s still open! My apologies for coming up late. I need to buy something! 」

Customers suddenly flocked to the store. Given that situation, it is impossible to close the store before satisfying everyone. After some time, the clerks finally had it easy with no additional customers coming in. When the store closed, only Wallace and Milan were left.

「Father….no one will come anymore, right? 」

「Yeah, the others will come tomorrow. Perhaps those who sent their servants here earlier are only those who talked about it during dinner. The advertisement at the party is pretty effective. There will be an increase in purchase for a while.」

While looking up at his smiling father, Milan asked something seriously.


「What is it? 」

「Eseria-sama is scary after all. But I respect her. 」

When Wallace heard that, he couldn’t help but smile more.

「You finally realized it. From now on, watch her every move. 」

「Yeah, got it. 」

Milan nodded with a serious expression agreeing with his father’s words. Thus, the connection between the Wallace Company and the Sjogren Duchy has become more solid.

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