Chapter 540 – Life in the Capital, Ridley, Problem Solving

The Dalfon Company has been responsible for food production and its price.

Food production has always been a kind of driven production.

As everyone knows, the demon king’s kingdom has long been short on food.

In addition, there is a war with a human country in the west so food continues to be scarce no matter how much is produced.

However, the food prices never jump up significantly.

This was because the Dalfon Company bought them at a high price from the producers and sold them at a low price.

Of course, that gives them a deficit.

A large deficit.

However, that deficit will be compensated with exemption from transport tax, land tax, and monopoly on some products.


The food shortage of the demon king’s kingdom was eliminated a few years ago when dungeon potatoes were discovered again and were planted in full swing.

The market was overflowing with food but the price never collapsed.

This is because the Dalfon Company continued to buy at high prices.

The food that the Dalfon Company bought was sold to the demon king’s kingdom as it was.

Of course, the Dalfon Company is not just a brokerage company that buys and sells food.

They’ll examine the crops needed and guide the lords of various territories to adjust the production volume.

Prices are also set for commoners of the demon king’s kingdom and they are not the profiteering type.

This is the reason why food production and price adjustment in the demon king’s kingdom has always been the Dalfon Company’s responsibility.


This time, the problem is the existence of the Goroun Company, which has a great influence around Shashaato City and Village Five.

Goroun Company buys crops at a higher price than the Dalfon Company.

Given that, of course, the price of crops in Shashaato City and Village Five will rise.

If it is only that, there shouldn’t be much problem since it’s only one area but Shashaato City is a gateway to move to various places in the demon king’s kingdom.

If prices move there, it will affect the whole kingdom.

Therefore, the Dalfon Company is currently negotiating with the Goroun Company.

If this is left as it is, it will cause food prices of the whole kingdom to rise and even affect the food production of various places.

That’s the current problem that the Dalfon Company is experiencing.


「To put it simply, the Goroun Company is buying crops at high prices so it will affect the whole kingdom negatively. It is okay to buy crops but they have to buy it at the price the Dalfon Company recommends, is that right?」

Tiselle-sama summed up what I explained to the dinner party participants for around thirty minutes in an easy-to-understand way.

Should I thank her?

「But why is the Goroun Company buying at a high price? Wouldn’t there be no problem if you buy it low from now?」

The one who asked is Demon King-sama.

「Because the seller of the crops is also the Goroun Company.」

That’s President Michael of the Goroun Company’s response.

I see, so that’s how it is.

Certainly. It will be difficult for the Goroun Company to agree to lower the price.

Their profit as a seller will be reduced.

No, is this an economic attack by the Goroun Company?

By acting as the seller and buyer, they can manipulate the price freely…


Why is President Michael here in the first place?

An important person like him coming to the royal capital will definitely contact us.

Why didn’t I hear that he’s here?

「We came here using the teleportation magic of Count Chrome but….where is this?」

The person who answered my question is the representative of the Dalfon Company, Derinted.

He looks like a man in his thirties but he’s a 150-year-old demon.

「Ridley, are you responsible for this?」

There’s no way that’s true.

I shook my head to the left and right.

It’s not my work.


「Let’s sit first.」

An unfamiliar maid girl recommended President Michael and representative Derinted to sit.


The little maid girl will sit too?


She probably didn’t understand what I’m saying but she introduced herself to me.

「My name is Miyo. I’m the chief of staff of Governor Ifrus of Shashaato City.」

Governor Ifrus is a celebrity.

He is evaluated as an excellent governor and is praised everywhere.

You can see his excellence by looking at the explosive development of Shashaato City.

Governor Ifrus’ chief of staff.

It seems like the only ones who met her for the first time are me and demon king-sama’s wife. She may be a considerably powerful person.


「Tiselle-sama, do you know Miyo-sama too?」

I asked Tiselle-sama.

Before Miyo-sama sat on her chair, she had a high five with Tiselle-sama so….

「She’s a resident of the village.」

「Ehto….Miyo-sama is a resident of Village Five?」

Miyo-sama answered my question.

「My original job is one of the servants of the chief’s family. Asa over there is my colleague.」

I see I see.

「However, I came here as Governor Ifrus’ representative, I hope you’ll keep that in mind.」

「I-I understand, Miyo-sama.」


While I was explaining the problems that the Dalfon Company was facing, Count Chrome went to Shashaato City and brought Michael, the president of the Goroun Company, Derinted, the representative of the Dalfon Company, and the chief of staff of Governor Ifrus.

In addition to the party attendees are the three of them.

Again, the attendees are Demon King-sama, his wife, Count Chrome, Minister Leg, Randan-sama, Tiselle-sama, Alfred-sama, Ursa-sama, and me.

Why am I here?

If I say anything, I’ll certainly get attention.

In short, I can only stay silent.

Be as silent as possible and leave this place as soon as possible.

Don’t stare at me Representative Derinted.

I’m not the one who brought up the issue about food production and price adjustment.

Yeah, it’s not me.

I’m not trying to usurp your leadership.

Ignoring us, demon king-sama started talking again.

「Now….Michael. You are both the seller and buyer, why are you buying at that price? Why can’t you work it out together?」

President Michael did not even move to answer the question of Demon King-sama.

「It involves that.」

That’s not even an answer.

That’s not even an answer desu yo.

And a really bad reply.

Even if you’re the president of the company that can rival us in the future, that’s so disrespectful.

「It can’t be helped then.」

Demon King-sama?

Why did you back down?

「Demon King-sama, it’s true that it can’t be helped but we have to do something.」

Count Chrome pointed.

That’s right but, why can’t it be helped?

「Umu. You’re right. Then….I command everyone in this place. The content of what we are going to discuss next must never leak. You will only tell the result.」

Demon King-sama declared so.

In other words, we’re going to talk about the something top secret “that”.

And if you say anything else, you will be erased without question.

I want to escape desu.

However, it is already too late.

President Michael nodded and talked about that.

「The crops of the field are only managed by the Goroun Company. They are all property of village chief.」

…..excuse me but, I didn’t understand a thing.

What village chief?

「The transaction between my Goroun Company and village chief was supposed to involve money but the outflow of gold and silver coins has become a serious problem. As one of the measures, we are now paying with agricultural goods like the crops and others.」

You’re paying with crops?

No, rather than that, since the Goroun Company has come to that point, that means that the outflow of gold and silver coins is intense.

Miyo-sama continued.

「In other words, all the sales of the crops in the fields near Village Five and Shashaato City that are owned by the Goroun Company, are used to pay village chief. The problem is that the selling price is not what is suggested.」

「Do you mean that if we lower the selling price of the crops, the Goroun Company has to make up for the deficit?」

I see. Is that the reason why the Goroun Company can’t accept the price reduction of our Dalfon Company?

「That’s not it.」

Miyo-sama denied.

「Village chief has all the rights to the crops in the fields. It will be village chief who’ll lose if the price falls.」

Is that the reason why President Michael can’t accept the price cut?

「You should just cut the price. It’s just a little loss of one person after all.」

Representative Derinted said what I have in mind.

However, President Michael’s reply was shocking.

「Shut up or die.」


Those words came from the president of the number 2 company of the whole demon king’s kingdom.

How barbaric.

What’s more, did he even consider who are around him?

There’s even demon king-sama and his wife.

How can he say those kinds of words here….

「Dalfon Company representative, excuse me but please keep your mouth shut for now. This is a very important matter. Keep that in mind.」

Demon king-sama told representative Derinted to shut up without saying anything to President Michael.

What is that important matter?

I don’t understand.

President Michael explains what demon king-sama means.

「To put it simply, it is impossible for the Goroun Company to reduce the price without making village chief lose. We made it like that in order to be able to pay him conveniently but any price cut will make him lose.」

「Can’t you change the contract so that village chief won’t lose?」

「I don’t know if I can do that. I don’t even know if that’s possible. No matter what we do, it will only end up him giving way and losing profit. 」

「Can he? 」

Demon king-sama looks at Alfred-sama.

「Since we’re talking about father, he’ll follow what’s written in the contract even if he incurs losses. Though I’m not sure if he would agree to the change of contract.」

So, the trading partner is Alfred-sama’s father?

In other words, the village chief they are talking about is the village chief of Village Five?

If the other party is willing to take the loss, we should impose it.

That’s what I would like to say but I did not do so after seeing what happened with representative Derinted.

「In addition to that, I don’t think father would want the demon king’s kingdom to suffer. 」

Ursa-sama says so as she looks at Miyo-sama.

Miyo-sama continued.

「I think so too. So, I have this proposal….let’s have village chief lose in food market. However, you should make up for that loss. 」

Hearing Miyo-sama’s proposal, Demon King-sama thinks a little.

「Are you sure it’s okay? 」

Miyo-sama sticks out her chest and answers demon king-sama’s question.

「For this matter, I’ll apologize to village chief first. It will be okay. Once I tell him my experience of fighting alone in Shashaato City, village chief will give in. 」

「I understand. I’ll leave it to you. As for the compensation…..」

「That will be the job of Randan-sama and Minister Leg. So, Michael-sama.」

Miyo-sama urged President Michael.

「The Goroun Company will follow the Dalfon Company’s suggested prices and contribute to the development of the demon king’s kingdom.」

Thus, the purchase price of the crops of the Goroun Company fell.

That’s great.

However, representative Derinted, who has been negotiating with President Michael for a long time, was a little depressed.


Let’s just be happy because the Dalfon Company is safe.


Summary of this story.

Goroun Company: If the price drops, village chief will incur a loss. We can’t lower the price.

Demon king: Village chief will incur a loss? That might cause the destruction of our kingdom.

Alfred: Father won’t mind losing a little.

Ursa: Yeah, he cares about the demon king’s kingdom too.

Miyo: I’ll apologize to village chief and bring out past matters so let’s reduce the price. However, you should think of how to make up for him, okay?


Since the Goroun Company can’t say “Village Chief”, the discussion with the Dalfon Company never moved forward.

Michael-san is already thinking of bringing that matter to the demon king-sama after a baseball match.


Michael-san was furious because he already bet the company’s future to village chief.

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