Chapter 4.19 – Divine Engraving Machine

After letting Peach join their party in Mixen, they went to the city of Kenelsen at the northwest of the continent using the tower.

However, nothing major happened in Kenelsen.

Well, every time they go to a city, something happens and that’s something that should be considered abnormal.

Compared to other cities on the continent, there’s only a small number of monsters around Kenelsen.

It has become an agricultural area taking advantage of its characteristics which is a wide flat land.

Even so, it is just a city with a vast agricultural area compared to others. It doesn’t change the fact that the number of monsters increases as you go deeper.

Naturally, there’s also the demon for adventurers which are mainly monster subjugation and patrolling around the fields.

They planned to build a gate in Kenelsen but their main targets are not the adventurers but those who work on fields (farmers and others). They’ll be a good addition if they can do the same in the tower.

Of course, there’s also the reason that there are also gates on the northeast, southeast, and southwest of the continent.

With those four in operation, the Tower Village will become the foothold of logistics.

Kousuke told Schmidt that not only those merchants registered as members of Crown, who are the only ones who can freely use multiple gates, can profit but those who are not members.

—Scene Change—

On the day Kousuke returned from Kenelsen, a meeting took place in the temple of the tower Tower Village.

The participants are Kousuke, Kouhi, Wahi, and Schmidt.

Kouhi, however, will not participate in the meeting and is only there as Kousuke’s guard as usual.

Kousuke took out a card and presented it to everyone.

It is a crown card.

It is already decorated by the igrid so he brought it with him.

「The result is great, isn’t it?」

That was Schmidt’s impression of the card.

Wahid nodded.

「If we were to issue a crown card, should we assume that it will be similar to this one?」


Wahid nodded while looking at the card.

「However, isn’t this expensive? Can we supply it in number?」

Schmidt asked a plausible question.

「I think we can. There shouldn’t be any problem. As for the price….it wouldn’t be good if we started charging for them now. Let’s show sincerity to them first, and charge them later.」


Schmidt has not heard how this card was made.

However, he’s not so dull to get that he shouldn’t ask.

They are about to build a human village in the tower.

He wouldn’t find it strange to find other races.

「Then, should I expect it to be delivered like this?」

He’s the head of Crown’s Commercial Department(Unofficial name since it’s not been decided yet) so purchasing will naturally fall to him.

「Of course.」


Kousuke nodded to Schmidt’s reply.

「ah, about the crown’s card maker, I decided to call it Divine Engraving Machine for the time being, what do you think?」

「Divine engraving machine….?」

「Yeah, well, if we call it guild card maker or something, it sounds like it covers other guilds which is not something we want.」

「I see. That makes sense.」

This time, Wahid nodded.

Schmidt is just the head of the commercial department.

The head of Crown is Wahid.

「Let’s go with it.」

「Thank you for thinking about the future. As for the gates, there’s no problem with Kenelsen so you can proceed.」

They already know about Nansen and Mixen.


「….still, are we really going to open three at the same time?」

Schmidt has thrown his doubt after hearing the Kousuke and Wahid’s exchange.

「Yeah, is there a problem?」

「Rather than a problem….our impact is too big.」

「You mean like when we opened the gate in Ryuusen? 」

「….yeah 」

If the three other gates are opened, it will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the distribution of goods in the entire continent.

There is no way that merchants guilds of different places will not notice.

「Yeah….maa, I’ll leave it to Schmidt-san and Wahid to deal with. 」

When the time comes, it might be necessary to use force.

Depending on the circumstances, Kousuke might even let them borrow Kouhi or Mitsuki.

But before that, there is Wahid’s group.

「The best thing we can do is to make sure that the only thing that will get out of the tower are goods that can’t be found in the place where it will go out. 」

As long as others will benefit too, they won’t do unreasonable things.

They don’t have the power to capture the tower after all.


「Ah, right. Schmidt-san, I just remember this, dragons are considered as luxury goods, right?」

「Of course, it is…..why are you aski… way!?」

While answering Kousuke’s question, Schmidt suddenly got why he’s asking that. He looked at Kousuke fully astonished.

「Yeah, I wonder if it can be used as the centerpiece product during the foundation of Crown」

「….you have after all…..」

Schmidt put his hand on his head instinctively.

Dragon materials, that’s not something you can buy anywhere and no one’s going to sell them.

That’s normal since there’s no way to subdue a dragon in the first place.

Of course, the monsters called dragons also have upper and lower ranks but there’s no news of even a lesser dragon being subdued in the last few decades.

「I have, or rather, it is impossible to capture this tower if you can’t beat a dragon in the first place….」

Schmidt agrees.

In the first place, the Tower Village was created because Kousuke’s party had captured the tower.

「…..maa, it will be more of advertising.」

「By the way, since we have a few of them, it is possible to feed it to the merchants guild, right?」

Hearing Kousuke’s confirmatory question, Schmidt completely sunk on the couch he’s sitting on.

It is not necessary to feed it to them since they will surely do everything to get it from them.

However, it is almost impossible for the other party to rob them.

On the contrary, the fact that there’s someone that can defeat something like a dragon among the members of the Crown is its greatest defense.

「…..maa, rather than feeding, you should call it baiting.」

Schmidt, who’s completely stunned, finally squeezed it out from his mind.

To be clear, he can’t even imagine how much profit it would make.

However, he knows that it will be enough to fund the formation of Crown.


After that, they had a small talk like details on when to formally form Crown and what to do with the publicity until the day was over.

Since there are still problems with staff, they can only plan it for now.

For the time being, they decided to put out a small amount of dragon materials first. Only the head will be put out.

It was decided that Crown will be formed a week before the opening of the three other gates.  

By then, they should have decided the detailed rules for the guild but that’s for Wahid and the others to decide.

As for the operation of Crown, once it gets on track, Kousuke will hardly get directly involved in it.

However, until they are able to put it on track, they will have to work hard first.

Even after Kousuke left, Wahid and Schmidt continued to discuss further details.

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