Chapter 543 – Aegis Day, Day 60

The phoenix chick Aegis seems to be transversing the shadow on the ground.

It dodges the attack of the opponent and attacks.

Of course, not with a punch.

Given the reaction of the eagle watching over him, it looks like Aegis is not doing bad.

On the other hand, the world tree leaves eating giant silkworm had to get supported by the other giant silkworms along with the dwarf Donovan.

It wasn’t able to take it alone.

This is probably a rude thing to say but, that was the regular battle between Aegis and the giant silkworm.

But, what exactly happened?

Earlier, I thought they were going to fight immediately but their battle hasn’t started.

When I was thinking why, Hakuren came with the children.

Aegis is waiting for them.

Did you call them?

So that’s why you’re only warming up.

In other words, he’s pretty confident today.

Is the giant silkworm going to be okay?


It was a quick match.

Aegis charges in flame along with his bunshin.

In anticipation of that, the giant silkworm made a shield made of thread.

It is not a simple thread shield.

In addition to a defensive magic casted on it, there’s also an offensive magic casted.

It is both offense and defense.

I thought it would be the giant silkworm’s victory again but Aegis surprised us this time.

He spews a fireball that explodes as soon as it touches the thread shield.

And took that chance to dive into the shadow.

The shadow of the giant silkworm.

It was surprising.

「He used the fireball as a decoy in order to jump into the shadow? Impressive.」

The civil servant girl who’s watching next to me said so.

Is diving into shadow some sort of magic?

What kind of principle….no no.

Even if you explain it to me, I won’t understand.

Aegis won.

Aegis, you have already won so stop pecking the giant silkworm.

Look, even the giant silkworm obediently accepted its loss.

Better luck next time.

Aegis was delighted to have won in front of the children.

The children seemed to be impressed too.

「Even with bad compatibility, you still managed to perform shadow transit….I’ll do my best too.」

Nutt, don’t.

That shadow transit thing….only the kuros and spiderlings are using it.

Is it easy to do?

According to Hakuren, it’s not that difficult…no matter how easy it is, it is impossible for me to do it.

However, shadow transit is like swimming on the ground so you’ll definitely get dirty.

I see.

Aegis, take a bath.


Aegis doesn’t hate taking baths.

He likes bathing and has no problem with hot water.

I put him in the hot spring before.

However, prolonged exposure to water raised the water temperature.

You can’t let your guard down if you’re with him.

It will be okay if you keep it in mind but….if you find yourself soothed by the water too much, you might not notice that you’re already being cooked.

A while ago, Aegis bathed in the place where bathwater was taken and the water became too hot.

That time, I struggled to dilute it.

Because of that, I made an exclusive bath for Aegis.

It is a one-meter bath with a depth of 10cm.

When I installed it in the courtyard, it was taken over by the chickens.

There’s no way Aegis can rush into a place where there’s a flock of chickens so I made another one.

The second one is on a high place.

It is three-meter high.

There’s no way the chickens can take over it so Aegis can use it all by himself.

The eagle can watch over him there too.

It was a bit troublesome but I had to install a dedicated water pump to it but I think it’s not a waste.

「Given how high it is, just a little movement will make boiling water splash…」

The oni maids banned Aegis from using it.

By the way, I don’t know how they managed to do it since it is already three-meter high but the chickens were able to use it.

Thus, Aegis was prohibited from using it while the chickens were okay.


Now, Aegis is bathing in the bath I use.

「It saves you the trouble of warming bathwater but it takes time to cool it down.」

The water of the bath is being warmed by the beastgirls in turns using magic but it seems like they are used to cooling water now.

There was also a concern about Aegis taking the bath first but I don’t particularly mind.

It’s not like he’s polluting the bathwater.

Before going to the bathtub, I trust that Aegis has cleaned himself in the washing place.


When Aegis comes out of the bath, the sun has already set and it is about time for dinner.

Aegis eats at the same table with me.

Be courteous with your pecking.

However, there’s a limit to eating only with his beak so he has to use his talons.

And even his wings….

He’s so dexterous.

It’s kind of surprising since Aegis is still small.


After eating dinner, Aegis heads to a bedroom.

Aegis has his own bird hut but he recently stopped sleeping there.

Aegis made a nest on the roof of my mansion.

It’s a normal bird’s nest.

To be honest, I thought Aegis would make something outrageous for his nest but I was surprised that it’s a normal bird nest.

He began sleeping there but he’s not always there.

Especially on rainy days.

Also, on the day after a rainy day.

When he’s not there, he’s on my futon.

….don’t go inside the futon, it’s dangerous.

I guess it’s okay as long as eagle is there.

 Also, you’re a bird, how can you lie on your back?

No, you can sleep the way you want.

Though I said that, one of the oni maids gently hugged Aegis and placed him on Kuro’s back who’s waiting outside my room.

If it was winter, he’ll stay in the kotatsu.

The eagle chases after Aegis who’s now leaving the room.

After I said goodnight to Kuro, Aegis, and eagle, one of the oni maids closed the door. 

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