Chapter 545 – Elder Treant, Day 62

When I returned to my mansion with the branch given by the treant, Loo and Tier took the branch.

It looks like the treant’s branch is valuable.

If that is the case, why didn’t you took some from the treants near Village Five?

「This branch is not from an ordinary treant. It came from an elder treant. It’s super valuable.」

Loo said so while measuring the size of the branch.

You mean that treant is an elder treant?

When I was guiding it, I called it treant many times.

I’ll apologize next time.

「Given its size, it can be made to a staff.」

「Wait a minute. If you make something this big to a staff, it will be hard to gather other materials that can balance it.」

「I think this village has more than enough.」


「In short, there’s no problem even if I make one.」

Too and Tier talk like that as they are about to leave.

Wait, hold on.

That’s for my chess pieces.

「Can you leave that to me?」

That’s my timber.

Why don’t you just go to the elder treant in Village One and ask another one?

「If someone you don’t know suddenly asks you for your right arm, are you going to give it to that person?」

「I won’t. Even if it is someone I know, I still won’t.」


I see. So that’s why it’s super valuable.

However, when you explain it like that, the more I don’t want to give it to you.

No, it’s not that I don’t know how valuable it is.

I told the elder treant that I was looking for timber to make chess pieces and I think it gave me that for that reason.

It gave me something that is as valuable as my right arm so I have to use it for that purpose.


「Maa maa, Loo-san. Let’s give up using it to make a staff. Do you mind if we use the scraped woods once you made those chess pieces?」

If that’s what you want, I won’t mind.

And that’s exactly what’s happened.


I am sitting on a big sheet.

The sheet is there to make sure that no scraped debris will be lost.

And to make sure that no scraped debris will fly out, I have been surrounded by cloth walls.

They sure are restless.

Even so, I began working.

Once I started working, I wouldn’t notice these sheets.

From the branch of the elder treant, I carved out modified chess pieces modeled on the cats.


What is happening?

The king piece, which is modeled on the father cat Raigiel, gives off a divine aura.

The queen piece, modeled on the mother cat Jewel, is not.

By the way, the anenekos and the kittens are pawns.

There are also pairs of bishops, knights, and rooks.

The anenekos and the kittens are eight in total which is great since there are eight pawns.

The anenekos and the kittens are dissatisfied but….there’s nothing I can do about it.

As for the bishops, knights, and rooks, I carved them into cats too.

Persian cat, Siamese cat, and American shorthair.

Yeah, they’re cute.

I was attacked by the anenekos and the kittens saying I was cheating.


Since I cut out my chess pieces, the rest will be left to Loo and Tier.

I gather the scrap materials from the sheets and give them to them.

I don’t know what they’re going to use it for but I want them to treasure it.

As for the chess pieces, I decorate them at the entrance of my mansion.

Yeah, not bad.


「Hey Tier, these are ordinary chess pieces, why do they look magically induced?」

「They are magically induced now. Given that amount of magical power….it wouldn’t be a surprise if they move on their own.」


Move on their own?

「Yeah. However, they are created as chess pieces so even if they move, they are still chess pieces…」

Tier showed me the chess pieces.

….They’re not moving.

「That’s because they’re only one group.」

Loo brought the kuro chess pieces and arranged them as the cat pieces opponents.

Ah, they moved.

In addition, they move according to the rules.


After that, they stopped moving.

Ah, they’re waiting for the opponent’s turn.

Kuroyon, show them.


The cat chess pieces made from the branch of the elder treant are moving on their own.

However, their ability is weak.

Or maybe Kuroyon is just too strong.

The cats are shocked.

It’s strange seeing that the chess pieces modeled to them are consulting them.

It’s like a cat’s meeting.

If I knew that it would move on its own, I would have carved others and not just the cats….now it’s a little too wasteful.

「No, making chess pieces from an elder treant branch is too wasteful in the first place.」

Said Loo.


Loo and Tier crushed the scrapped material of the elder treant branch into small pieces, added some things, and turned it into a block.

The block is thinly shaved and made into plates.

Twenty plates were made that way.

After that, they draw letters using Guronde’s powdered scale on each board, and cast something.

It is now a magic tool.

「Each of them can cast powerful healing magic. Each can be used from five to six times.」

That’s amazing.

Can I use it?

「You can but it is more effective if the people who’ll use it can use magic.」

Mou, what a shame.

Twenty pieces of magic tools were distributed to each village.

Two each in Big Tree Village, Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four.

The remaining ten were sent to Village Five.

As for why, it’s because the population of Village Five is bigger compared to other villages.

If you want to distribute them using population ratio, you might as well send all twenty to Village Five.

They will be used during an emergency.


And thus, the branch was all used.

The elder treant who gave me the branch decided to settle in Village One.

Not in the village but in the forest on the north side of the village.

When the elder treant rooted itself, I plowed the ground around it with the AFT.

It was so happy.

It doesn’t want to leave that place anymore.

As an elder treant, is it okay for it to do that?

It looks like it won’t attack a prey if it can get enough nutrition from the land.

Also, it looks like it will shake its branches when monsters or demon beasts appear in order to make them leave.



What’s wrong, nyunyu-daphnes?

Are you against the migration of the elder treant?

That’s not it?

You are envious of the field prepared for the elder treant?

These girls.

That’s only a little effort.

I used the AFT to plow a new field for the nyunyu-daphnes in Village One.

It is around 200m X 200m.

Village One has become bigger.


At a later date.

In the field for the nyunyu-daphnes, there were a lot of small treants moving around.

They seem to be the children of the elder treant.

They look like that now but in the future, they’ll be elder treants too. The nyunyu-daphnes stood before me.

No, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Yes, they are on your field but….

Do you find them troublesome?

You should get along.


You want another field for the elder treants children?

….I guess it can’t be helped.

Just a little.

Village One has become even bigger.


AN: Elder Treant – any finished goods made from it can move.

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